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Mad Muslums
Mad Muslums seek to destroy ALL Christians and non-muslums.
Behead those who insult inslam
Behead those who insult islam!

This fanatic CULT, NOT A religion, a CULT, is Hell bent
on World Domination, Sharia Law, slavery of all woman, pain
and DEATH to all non-muslums!!!~!
SalvationCanada predicts that 2016 and on will see huge Bombings,
suicide bombers, terrorist attacks, by Mad Muslums!
Look out Europe, U.S.A., Canada, and the world!!

Muslims beheaded this small child
Muslims beheaded this small child in Southern Thailand.
Her crime? She was not Muslim

more to come…

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It was bad enough when Red Cross LIED about Blood Contaminated with HIV,
Hepatitis C, and many other infectious diseases! Covered up! LIED!!
We have met and talked to and did what we could for innocent people that
needed life giving blood and received death sentences – but worse,
they suffer wicked pain and symptoms for what little life they could live.
Horrible! Terrifying! Tragic! Unreal!
So many lives destroyed! By RED CROSS.

NOW, in 2015, The American Red Cross has been found to embezzle donations,
fraudulently misuse donations, and Only Built Six (6) houses! Yes, SIX!!!
For HALF A BILLION DOLLARS in Donations!!!!!
Haiti could have been rebuilt 100 times over with that amount of money!!!!
Beware, People. BEWARE! The World has changed for EVIL and is set
spinning on it’s top! God said the days of Sodom and Gomorrah were coming.
SalvationCanada knows, and has seen much that cannot be revealed here.
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We try to bring some good news, and do, but this latest Hurts! Study Hard!
TISA, TTIP, TPP. Swear Words. Words that mean the End of Democracy.
2/3rds of the “Western” World will soon “kick out” most trade with the rest.
Gone will be BRICS countries Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.
This could easily lead to loan defaults by U.S.A., Canada, EU. Then WAR.
More News: China leaves over 400 elderly tourists to die in capsized boat!!
43 Murders in May in Baltimore as police fail to carry out their duties in
protest of the arrest of 6 officers indicted in the Murder of Freddie Gray.
Game of Thrones video editor Katherine Chappell eaten alive by lion!!!

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Tubes of plasma 3D image seen for the very first time ever! Credit: CAASTRO
Enough good cannot be said about Australian Academics! Great Work Cleo Loi!
These “tubes” are the magnetic lines of force given off by planet Earth.
All kinds of new research opens up because of this new discovery by Cleo Loi
undergraduate student at the University of Sydney! Congratulations Cleo Loi!

Canadian Claim to Fame: Hoverboard Video a Must See!! Amazing!!
*HERETIC LIST is updated on side Topics. Very important link. It is a CRISIS, PLAGUE, in Canada, USA, world! https://salvationcanada.wordpress.com/bed-bugs/
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“Jesus, who is God, Loves a cheerful giver”! Allah is All ah Lie!

Draw Moham mad Contest. Veterans protest CultKoranIslam and MadMuslums!
1/4 of U.S.A. under Flood Warning/Storm Warning/Tornado Warning. Dozens Dead!
Police Video Shows ‘Horrifying’ Arrest of Pregnant Woman in Barstow: ACLU
Pregnant Black Lady dropping off her child at school illegally arrested for arguing
with a white woman. Pushed to the ground by white cops, onto belly hurting baby.
This is so sick. Cops in EVERY Country are Thugs, Goons, and Brutes. Cops LIE.
All police LIE! Do you understand? Uniform. UNIFORM. Militarized. Get it?
I thought not. ONE Commander gives the order and all in uniform must obey.
The ONE is told what to do by corrupt government or the rich. Understand?
I doubt you do. You have been warned. NEVER trust police. Never call them.
Matthew 10:21 “And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death,
and the father the child: and the children shall rise up against parents,
and cause them to be put to death.” (King James Version Bible)
Thousands of examples and evidence PROVE this! Where is “Serve and Protect”?
The cops shot it DEAD!!! BEWARE!!! NEVER TRUST police! What do you do now?
Prepare yourselves, People! SalvationCanada has been warning you for Years!
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White Police officer assaults black 15 year old girl in bikini at community pool.

Outrageous Video of white cop Assaulting black girl for NO REASON!!!
Longer version of youtube video has been viewed over 10 Million Times!
Officer also pulled his gun and almost shot 2 concerned teens.
Police have placed Officer David Eric Casebolt, 41, under investigation
after thousands cry out against more Police Brutality.
This girl did nothing wrong, was never charged, yet is scarred for life.
Girl's Father Speaks out
Girl’s Father Speaks out
*Update: The McKinney, Texas police chief Greg Conley concluded Casebolt
was “out of control” and that Casebolt’s actions were “indefensible.”
Casebolt has resigned (before he could be FIRED) so he can Abuse elsewhere.
NOTHING changes in procedures, investigations, charges, LAWS, against cops.

White Virginia Cop Forced to Resign After Tasering and Pepper Spraying
a Black Man Having A STROKE!
Officer Shaun Jergens of Fredericksburg, Virginia police was shunned by
Captain Rick Pennock stating Jergens FAILED to follow Department Regulations,
FAILED to render medical help, and FAILED by arresting with excessive force.
Unfortunately, that does NOT help the man having the STROKE!
Bad cops just move from city to city and do the same damage again.
There is no justice anymore. We are all “slaves” to rich Dictatorships.

U.S.A. 137 Bullets into 2 unarmed blacks, surrendered, sitting in their car!!
Michael Brelo
An IDIOT cop LIED, and called in “shots fired, shots fired”, wrongly, illegally.
62 cop cars, helicopter, 104 cops chased 2 blacks in a car because it backfired!
Cleveland Ohio, U.S.A., reeks of Police Corruption Abuse, Brutality, Racism!
The Department of Justice investigated and found serious corruption and abuse.
But that does not bring back the dead! Protesters are Upset, Angry, Furious!
Killer, Murderer, officer Michael Brelo, acquitted of involuntary manslaughter.
Brelo had jumped on top of the stopped car, and emptied an entire clip into
Malissa Williams, and Timothy Russell. Other cops shot the unarmed blacks too.
A “Cease Fire” order was shouted repeatedly. All cops except one, complied.
Brelo pulled out another clip, reloaded, and emptied a 2nd clip into the alive,
and unarmed, surrendered, Blacks. This cowboy cop is guilty as SIN of Murder!
However, in Court, Brelo could “not recall” the shooting. WHAT?! LIAR! SINNER!
The Judge, law, court rules, are all corrupt in that cops are always “presumed”
to be telling the truth. Ya, the courts are FIXED! Rarely will any court case
find a cop guilty of anything. TRUTH! It is a double standard. Unjust. Unfair.
You cannot win, because the “system” is Fixed!!! “NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!!!”
No Justice No Peace
Protest, People! Protest!! 2015 will be filled with Protest Marches! Join one!
*Update: Protesters growing by the thousands in Cleveland Ohio, U.S.A.!!!
hundreds of military Humvees
National Guard and Military are being called in. Video of Hundreds of HumVees
armed with machine guns being shipped to Cleveland PROOF of the WORST!
*Update: DOJ finds Cleveland Cops Guilty, threatens arrests if no change.
Cops agree to over 100 changes, and re-training, immediately. (We will see!)

Grand Jury has Indicted all six police officers who Murdered Freddie Gray!
2 Las Cruces Police Officers Going to Prison after this video leaked!
Protest Marches scheduled throughout 2015. Fight for YOUR Rights!
#BreloVerdict, #BlackLivesMatter, #NoJusticeNoPeace.

Pray for Pro-Russian Ukraine. Kiev “suspends” debt payment to pay for
Billions more Military Hardware, Tanks, Bombers, Ammunition…the list goes on…
Support the Freedom Fighters and Pray against the U.S.A. Nazi fighters!!
Kingdom-of-the-Cults, Dr. Walter Martin. A MUST READ!
“Vitamin” Topic Page Updated. New Topic added – Jade Helm
Warning* Lt. Col. Mark Listoria caught LYING about Jade Helm

33 Million Birds in 16 States have H5N2 avian flu virus! State of Emergency!
Baltimore police officer Vincent Cosom GUILTY of ASSAULT on Kollin Truss
received Prison Sentence of half a year, and loses job!
The TRUTH about UKRAINE!! click UKRAINE in side topics
Video: School brainwashing kids into Islam with vocabulary exercises.
MadMuslums going after your Children! Beware the MuslimHateCult!

WHO: City of Winnipeg causing CANCER by fogging for mosquitoes with Malathion!
“The Prophet”, Brother Stair, stated Donations hit $100,000 USD in one week.
And most websites consider him a kook. Salvation Canada is scrutinizing him.
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A supremely DISTURBING VIDEO – Warning, Shocking Content!
This is going on Daily to many citizens in the U.S.A. HORRIBLE!
The Abuse of Power by Government Lackeys, against law abiding citizens
is taking place in EVERY Country on the Planet. Are YOU Prepared?!
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Mass Surveillance Program Ruled Illegal, and Exceeds Congressional Directives.
Thanks to the ACLU, this Victory means Major Lawsuits against the NSA!
Republican Senator and Presidential Candidate Rand Paul (R-Kentucky)
who STANDS UP for the Rights of the People, said he was pleased with this
decision, and that our phone calls were None of their _______ business!
Republican Congressman Justin Amash (R-Michigan), Hailed the Legal Decision
as a Victory for the liberty and privacy of all Americans.
Thank you ACLU for kicking President Obuma and the NSA in the ______.

This is what happens to madmuslums who mess with ‘merica!!
Muslum Cultists shot Dead
2 Muslum madmohamad brainwashed cultkoran men shot Dead
They do Not pass go. They do Not collect 99.5 virgins. They do go straight to Hell!!
Mad Mohammad the False Prophet, Pedo, dictator of Cultkoran book of Hate.

This cartoon picture of Mad Mohammad is downloaded from Google. Easy.
MadMuslums do NOT dictate their cultkoran lies to the “infidels”.
One guard with a small gun went “pop, pop”. 2 dead madmuslums.
See what happens when you mess with America? isis, alqueda, boko-boohoo.
3 (Three) new pages have been added: muhammad, islam, muslim.
– to REFUTE muhammad, REBUKE muslims, and REJECT cult islam!!!

Christians MUST rise up and defend their Lives! Band together! Be Prepared!
All muslums are in a brainwashed cult. See “Kingdom of the Cults.”
muslums are controlled by FEAR, Threat of beheading. Islam is a dangerous CULT!
Islam is NOT a religion. It is an insane cult. All muslums obey the koran.
The Hate book “koran” says all muslums must destroy the infidels. ALL!!!
This mainstream media propaganda pushing peaceful muslums on us, is allah LIE!
Google the Truth for yourself! Read the Truth Here, at Salvation Canada!

“Peace, Peace, God’s Peace.” Prayers of Christians Answered! Peace in Baltimore.

Police/Military Illegally Threaten, Assault, Arrest people/reporters in Baltimore,
as pay-back for arrest of 6 murdering police officers who Killed Freddie Gray!
Mace, Flashbangs, cops chasing reporters and hosing people in Bear Spray.
Baltimore protester Pepper Sprayed in face, just for standing there.
This INJUSTICE has caused numerous cities in the U.S.A. to March and Protest!
National Guard with machine guns
National Guard with machine guns. Oh, and Christian old people praying,
Night after night it’s the same Police OPPRESSION, ANGER, VIOLENCE, ATTACKS,
AGAINST innocent, passive people who disagree with being told
to go to bed at 10pm, OR ELSE! cops were screaming “Get the F home!”!
This is nothing less than than *ILLEGAL* Martial Law in the U.S.A.!!!
Oh, did we mention the Military Helicopters flying low overhead? Unreal.
murderers of Freddie Gray
POLICE LIED!!! 6 POLICE OFFICERS ARRESTED and now are in Custody!!!!!
POLICE LIED!!! 6 POLICE OFFICERS ARRESTED and now are in Custody!!!!!
Freddie Gray2
We were more RIGHT than we knew! FACTS:
Freddie Gray was illegally arrested.
Arresting Police Officer was suffering Mental Health Issues.
The “Knife” was NOT a switchblade, it was a legal pocket knife.
There was no legal reason to arrest Freddie Gray.
Suspect Injured Baltimore Protest
There is much more to concisely speak:
The 2nd passenger in the Police Van (leaked by Police) said that
Freddie Gray “intentionally” was trying to injure himself.
But now, on CNN, Donta Allen was interviewed. He said: “NOT TRUE”!
NONE of the “Police Leaks” were true. ALL LIES! THE POLICE LIED!!
Freddie Gray3
State Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby Announces Charges against Police Officers.

Freddie Gray lay unconscious on the floor of the Police Van.
No Vital Signs could be found, yet the Police Officer Failed
to call Paramedics. Gray had called out repeatedly for HELP,
but Police Officers Refused to Help Freddie Gray.

Charges against the POLICE OFFICERS are as follows:

OFFICER CAESAR R. GOODSON Jr., Driver of the van
Second-degree depraved heart murder, 30 years
Involuntary manslaughter, 10 years
Second-degree assault, 10 years
Gross negligent manslaughter by vehicle, 10 years
Criminal negligent manslaughter, 3 years
Misconduct in office

Involuntary manslaughter, 10 years
Second-degree assault, 10 years
Misconduct in office

Involuntary manslaughter, 10 years
2 counts of second-degree assault, 10 years each
2 counts of misconduct in office
False imprisonment

Involuntary manslaughter, 10 years
Second-degree assault, 10 years
Misconduct in office

2 counts of second-degree assault, 10 years
2 counts of misconduct in office
False imprisonment

2 counts of second-degree assault, 10 years each
2 counts of misconduct in office
False imprisonment

28 Criminal Charges in total, were filed against 6 Police Officers.

Freddie Gray suffered “a severe and critical neck injury” as a result of being placed “handcuffed, shackled by his feet and unrestrained” inside the police van. Police FAILED to properly secure Freddie Gray in the Police Van. Instead, Police put Freddie Gray in leg irons and left him face down on the floor of the Police Van. Several opportunities were available to render medical attention to Freddie Gray, but no medical attention was given. Freddie Gray DIED directly as a result of criminal actions by POLICE OFFICERS!
Freddie Gray
Freddie Gray, 25 years old, DIED April 19, 2015.
Baltimore Cheers for Charges Laid against Police Officers!!!
Freddie Gray4

Still think we don’t live in a “Police State”?
U.S.A. Police State
Welcome to Your Police Occupation!
What happened in the U.S.A., causing the Protests in 1968?
Peaceful Protesters March in Baltimore and New York City.
Peaceful Protesters March in Baltimore Streets Daily!
FACT: Baltimore Mayor ordered police to allow rioters to loot stores!
FACT: Video shows Mystery stop by Police Van carrying Freddie Gray.
NYC Protest to “STOP MURDER BY POLICE” at Union Square.

Protest In Solidarity With City Of Baltimore Held In New York's Union Square
“Thugs!” Obama and Mayor call legal Protesters and black children “Thugs”!

Baltimore Police illegally arrest, make phoney charges against PRESS who cover arrests!
What is going on in America???
Are they trying to start a Race War or Civil War, Intentionally?!
Video PROOF Police illegally kidnapped Joseph Kent, and Torin Roselle!
FACT: Over 50% of Protesters arrested, strip-searched, are NOT charged!
FACT: Baltimore Police REFUSE to wear Body Camera! No Accountability!!
Illegal Choking Still Used by Police!! Excessive Force used by Police!

Baltimore Police Provoke Protesters after Freddie Gray Funeral. Riot ensues!
CVS Drug Store Burns
More Pathetic Police Propaganda: “Gangs are trying to hurt us in Baltimore.”
(Baltimore Gangs spoke LIVE on TV saying Police are Lying.)
Meanwhile, Police wrongly try to arrest reporter, and maced another. Oww!
To be fair, the worst the police received were sticks and stones thrown at them.
Seems to be that police know they are caught assaulting, killing, Baltimore Blacks.
CNN Presence Prompts black masked man to make small cut in fire hose.
The young man spoke LIVE on CNN, then cut the hose again, for sensationalism.

Sensational Journalism is partly to blame for making “disaster” worse.
This entire event is so minor, and so few individuals are instigators,
yet Politicians and Police blow everything up into a Huge Disaster. Doh!
“Police attacked by rioters” is actually a few school kids throwing rocks. Doh!!
Failure of Police to do Anything, for hours, is making this happen.
All these Problems are Exactly what Police/Politicians/Military WANT!
Read Why Here, at Salvation Canada.

The BIG QUESTION IS: Why are the Murderers of Freddie Gray not arrested??
CVS Pharmacy Burns
Breaking News: Baltimore, Maryland Protest turns into Riots!
Freddie Gray is DEAD, after Police intentionally broke his neck and spine!
Freddie Gray
Freddie Gray was murdered by Baltimore Police! HUGE PROTESTS!

“No Justice, No Peace”, “I can’t breathe”, “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot”
Angry Protests breaking out! Confrontations with Police breaking out!
Stop murder by policeStop murder by police! Join a Protest Group near you!!
Streamers online can be found on Ustream or http://thefreethoughtproject.com/z/
CNN shot video and marched with the protesters. Marchers were Peaceful, Loud!
A Nation-wide Protest is set for May 1st weekend! Pray for the Protesters!

Over 50 Major Earthquakes RIP the Earth asunder each day. (USGS)
Nepal suffered a terrifying *7.8 Magnitude Earthquake, only 10Km deep,
followed by numerous aftershocks, one as high as *6.7 Magnitude.
Earthquake Nepal1Earthquake KathmanduEarthquake Nepal2Earthquake Nepal4SalvationCanada grieves with you and prays for you. Survivor found Alive!!
Thousands DEAD, Tens of Thousands Injured. Power/Water Fail. Disease erupts.
Luke 21:11 KJV “And great earthquakes shall be in diverse places…”

Are YOU prepared? Are you sure you are going to make it to Heaven?
Become a member of Salvation Canada and learn the TRUTH the Bible (KJV) Says.

Breaking News: madpedophilemohamadcultkoranmuslumsMurder 30 Christians.
Christians! Do you have a plan “B”? Learn Here at SalvationCanada!
Muslums Murder More Christians, throwing 12 Christians off boat into sea to die.
Off the coast of Italy, the Mediterranean Sea hid the bodies of innocent Christians.
Charged with Murder are Muslums who obeyed their cultKoran book of lies
– “Kill the infidel”.


Five pro-Russian leaders, have been Murdered!!!!!ASSASSINATED!
Some who were members of the Legitimate Ukraine Government until the U.S.A.
led COUP with paid Nazi mercenaries overthrew the legal Ukraine Government.
Oleg Kalashnikov
Oleg Kalashnikov, Ukraine deputy, was found shot to death in his home in Kiev.
Three former pro-Russian lawmakers have also been Murdered.
Oleksandr PeklushenkoStanislav MelnikMykhaylo Chechetov
Oleksandr Peklushenko Murdered at home by gunshot to the neck execution style.
Stanislav Melnik…was Murdered at home by rifle, shot made to look like a suicide.
Mykhaylo Chechetov…was Murdered at home by falling out his apartment window.
Viktor YanukovychViktor Yanukovych Jr
Legal President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych grieves for his DEAD son Viktor Jr.
who was murdered and found in his car submerged under the ice of Lake Baikal.

Also: 2 pro-Russian Journalists have been Assassinated!
Oles BuzinaSergey Sukhobok
Investigative Journalists Oles Buzina and Sergey Sukhobok “Gunned Down”
in Kiev, Ukraine. ALL Pro-Russian targets NEED to Protect their LIVES!

Seems like the U.S.A., C.I.A., NAZIs are ASSASSINATING pro-Russians,
in criminal “victory” to ridicule Russian President, Vladimir Putin.
Doesn’t the U.S.A. know that Putin is a Christian?
The sinners and cultmuslums have no FEAR OF THE LORD!
JESUS is The God of Justice. Watch and See.
Seek the Truth, People, in all things. Seek the Truth!

Remember all the “News”, media, internet, BLAMING Russia for having a submarine in other Country’s waters? They LIED!
Swedish corvette HMS Visby patrols StockholmSwedish corvette HMS Visby patrols the Stockholm
HOW many LIES has the USA and others told?!
WHY all the Blame game? The USA is behaving like Adolf Hitler the Nazi terrorist
in Falsely Accusing Russia of causing EVERY problem on the planet?
Obama the Devil needs to go straight back to Hell. Obama is causing WW3!
Obama who LIED, saying he is a Christian, only to get extra votes. LIAR!
Obama who then reveals he is really a life long cultkoran muslum terrorist!
Obama and corporate rich have destroyed the world. They threatened Countries
to join the U.S.A. “or else”. They speed dial each other to Blame Russia
for everything! Like the Lie of the Russian Sub. It cost Sweden and other
countries over 1 Billion Dollars searching for the “LIE”, when in fact it
was proven the amateur photo was actually a fishing boat of their own. DUH!
WHY? One, to put FEAR into citizens to raise military spending.
WHY? Two, to make $money by selling military weapons and equipment.
WHY? Three, to hide the facts of criminal activities and crush Freedom.
Think about it!

All this will continue with Hillary Clinton if the world does nothing en masse.
Wake up Christians! You have one year to campaign, lobby, email, chatroom,
against the she-Devil Hillary Clinton. Start websites, give to Rand Paul,
support SalvationCanada. Work hard, Pray Hard. This is it ALL CHRISTIANS!
Stand United AGAINST Hillary Clinton!!!


When Countries LIE, and force other Countries to LIE, force Media to LIE,
(USA, Canada, EU, AU, NZ, ect) then we Christians know the END is near.
Can we do anything about it? Does complaining help? Does voting help?
What do you think? Drop us a line.

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Few have donated.
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your Lord and Savior?
God sees everything, and He sees you right now.
Pray this prayer out loud, right now:
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I confess that I have sinned.
I repent of my sins.
Wash me, and cleanse me, Jesus, from all of my sins.
I promise to Love you Jesus, Obey you, And Follow you.
Take away my heart of sin, And give me a New Heart.
I promise to read your Holy Bible daily, (King James Version only)
and pray every day, and worship you only, every day.
Thank you Jesus, For saving my soul.

To God Be the Glory! For all who prayed this prayer, please click on the
membership tab, and join us. Study the above tabs, and study the Word.
Give God the Glory for saving you!
Remember, repent means stopping those sins. That IS the condition for Heaven.
Otherwise, Hell and Pain and Flame await! Do not be deceived by anyone!
Read your King James Bible daily in the New Testament, starting in John.
contact us. God Bless You!

20 Tornadoes in 2 Days Slams States. Killer F-4 Demolished Everything.
200 MPH Winds, Baseball size Hail, Flooding, Truck thrown off Road!

Are you ready to meet your Maker? Have you prayed the Prayer?

This is the most _________ video of “Christian” Behavior Every. A Must See!
Reading the article was enlightening. ‘Roll on the ground when Tazered,
to break the wires and get free.’ LOL. More to come….

BREAKING NEWS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXO3Ix_GIyI
Walter Scott Shooting VIDEO: Police Officer Michael Slager Shoots Black Man
8 Times in Back, then plants taser beside dead body.
*SalvationCanada was one of the First Websites to Demand Body Camera be
worn by All Police Officers!
There are an Unreal # of video’s online
of clear Police Brutality causing severe injury or Death, DAILY!!!
What a TRAGEDY on USA tragedies! Are you all listening?!
One, the unpreparedness of the U.S.A. to handle an emergency.
Two, the susceptibility of the U.S.A. infrastructure to emergency
or foreign attack, cyber attack, natural disaster, or calamity.
Three, White VS Black prejudice, profiling, Tragedies like Ferguson,
MURDERS like Michael Brown, Eric Garner, others, and now, Walter Scott.
After YEARS of Proven Evidence against Criminal Cops,

For TWO long Hours, the White House was without Primary Power!
The U.S.A. is coming apart at the seams! Are YOU prepared?!
oh, Don’t believe the LIES from the White House that Russia hacked into their
schedules. ROFL!! Obama is a LIAR, Con-Artist, and Crook!!! They LIE to deflect the attention of simple people away from Obama’s Problems, Lies, Failures. Understand??
Do you believe in and obey the New Testament, worshiping the TRINITY
(Three Persons of God – Father, Son, Holy Spirit).
(NOT one of those other perverted HERETIC translations)
Test the Truth yourself! Read/Study this website.

Welcome NSA hackers who keep destroying this website. Hell awaits you.
The Police State of the U.S.A is NAZI Germany all over again.
Welcome to the REAL World Everyone!!
Welcome to the LAST DAYS, Christians! HERETIC LIST BELOW/SIDE
Our condolences, thoughts, and prayers to the Christian Martyrs, DYING
all over the world, hourly, because they LIVE for Jesus! (Do YOU?)
We are hoping and praying for funds to come in, to facilitate the rebirth of this website.
We are 65%. Please Donate Today. A sad example: this incomplete wordpress website.
OVER 1,000 pictures unlinked, not viewable, not easily corrected. No music due to issues.
*Fixed! (You have to manually return to the HOME page. Sorry.)
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Valentina Lisitsa: http://www.valentinalisitsa.com/
World Renowned Ukrainian-born Solo pianist was Kicked out of her recital
with the TSO (Toronto Symphony Orchestra) because she supports TRUTH!
The TRUTH about Ukraine! (see Ukraine, side topic) The TRUTH, PEOPLE!!
Valentina Lisitsa
I understand the dullness of brains due to chemicals in the water,
but that explanation can only go so far. Wake Up People!
The USA made the illegal coup happen in Ukraine! Period! (See Ukraine in Topics)
The USA had the means, the motive, and the opportunity. Guilty!!
Just because the western media mostly hammers your head
until brainwashed with LIES, doesn’t make it right or true.
Study! Study the King James Version Bible! Study with Wisdom!
Ach man! If you have read this far, then there is hope.

Support Valentina Lisitsa at Twitter #LetValentinaPlay
Best Truthful News Article: http://rt.com/news/247297-canada-orchestra-pianist-ukraine/

Blood Moon and Cross
Amazing Blood Moon #3 was seen in the sky. Portent of Doom! See side Topics

*BREAKING NEWS: Warmongering USA sends Ukraine and Egypt Military Weapons
worth over $1 BILLION USD each. About 2.5 Billion Dollars total. How? Why?
Because the USA wants to destabilize Countries, like Ukraine, and start WW3.
Because the USA is the $LARGEST $producer and $exporter
of Military Weapons and Equipment, in the World!!!

Are you Ready to meet Jesus, and give account for your life?!

Plane Crash 3
Airbus A320
12AM Sunday March 29, 2015 Airbus A320
Electricity Poles Down. Airport Blackout. Passengers screaming for help on cellphones.
Air Canada Flight 624 YYZ to YHZ has reportedly HIT Power Lines and CRASHED.

Confirmed. Finally the people in charge admit their Failures!
Large Jet Plane HIT the power lines/poles, and crashed the plane!
Two (2) generators Failed to provide Airport back-up electricity.
Someone Failed to do proper maintenance and testing! Wave Goodbye!
Again, lucky for them, no one Died as a result of their Negligence.

Departed Toronto, Saturday, March 28, 2015 8:52 PM Gate D38
Arrived Halifax Regional Municipality, Stanfield International Airport
Sunday, March 29, 2015 Scheduled Arrival: 12:02 AM
12:07 AM Plane hits electric wires and poles, crashing off end of runway.
Plane Crash
Entire Halifax Airport is blacked out. No power in Airport or terminals.
Emergency systems trying to activate. Some failing. Emergency lights failing.
Reports state the max 200 passenger Jet Plane had 137 aboard when the Plane Crashed.
Emergency Vehicles, Firetrucks, Ambulances, FAILED TO RESPOND!
Reports state this was a Critical Crash Landing causing extensive damage to Plane.
The Plane failed to stop and continued to crash to the runway end, and past.
Details emerged: The plane hit power lines, and sparks were flying everywhere.
The plane nosedived, shearing off the front cone of electronics and navigation.
The plane crashed into the runway, breaking the landing gear causing more damage.
The plane suffered catastrophic failure, hitting the belly on the runway.
As seen in the above pictures, engines were destroyed, fuel gushed out.

Passengers had to evacuate themselves, as no rescue vehicles came for them.
Passengers had to WALK through Freezing Cold and blowing snow!
Canada, Air Canada, and Halifax Airport really dropped the ball on this one!
Stranded passengers could have been in much worse condition, Dying, and would
have died due to the NEGLIGENCE of Halifax Airport! Shame on them!
About 25 passengers were eventually taken to Hospital with non-life threatening
injuries. “It was a Nightmare”, one passenger said.

Plane Crash 2
Passengers “Herded” like cattle into freezing garage airplane hanger with lighting.
Heat, Light and Electricity have been restored to the airport after about 2 hours.
Investigators have been called to the scene and the plane remains off the runway.

Again, is was SAD to hear of the Failure of emergency vehicles to respond to this
Terrible Plane Crash! About one hour in Freezing Cold and Dark, stranded.
The Airport is lucky no one died. The Negligence is astonishing.
So much for Canada, and Air Canada, being safe to fly on!

more to come…

*BREAKING NEWS* Russian President Putin confirms USA COUP in Ukraine!
AFP/Getty 510753496
Russian President Vladimir Putin puts Russia on Military Nuclear Alert
due to U.S.A. WAR CRIMES and U.S.A. sending 1,000 Tanks to the Russian border.
HUNDREDS of innocent men, woman, children were killed, murdered,
in this illegal criminal war crime in Ukraine by the U.S.A. A WAR CRIME!!!
Over 6,000 more lives confirmed murdered. Over 100,000 injured for life.
Over 1,000,000 families/people displaced by the U.S.A. from Ukraine to other Countries.
Over 1,000,000,000,000 USD in damages to Homes, infrastructure, Airport, buildings, ect.
The U.S.A. needs to be held accountable for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!!!
Crimea: The Way Home
Vladimir Putin: “But we knew perfectly well that the real puppet masters were our American partners and friends.” They were the ones who trained nationalist fighters in western Ukraine, Lithuania, and Poland, and then helped carry out a coup in Kiev.”
-More in Ukraine side tab

Portent of DOOM!
BLOOD MOON #3 OF 4 Occured about 6:30am EDT on Saturday April 4, 2015.
SalvationCanada has been announcing the Blood Moons for years!
The Blood Moon is a Foreshadowing, a Portent of Doom, a SIGN from God!!!
What does the Word of God (King James Bible) say about this?
*More to come on the Blood Moon, Blood Moons!!

In World Shattering Revelation, the Gemalto multinational corp in the Netherlands was Hacked by the NSA and GCHQ to obtain top secret SIM card encryption.
This gives the US and UK spy agencies ILLEGAL access to ALL cellphoneS with SIM.
How much more PROOF of LIES and Warmongering by the US and UK is needed? Guilty!

BREAKING NEWS: Western Media and EU Media STILL Forced to LIE!!!
Astonishingly, the Five Eyes are still Lying, Falsely accusing, Fear-mongering!
Media is Forced to report FALSE NEWS, even when video and evidence prove it FALSE!
Are people that stupid in America? Duh. UK? Yep. Can/Au/Nz??? Aye Mate! Stupid!
When people refuse to STUDY, get the FACTS, ie Todd the Fraud Bentley, Hell Happens!
Same for World events. People refuse to read the Facts, and only believe the cnn LIES.
How Sad! Pathetic. Read/Study here, the LEARN THE TRUTH! OR DIE IGNORANT!

BREAKING NEWS: Russians to rally in Moscow to mark ‘coup’
WISDOM! About time some news sites told the truth. This date is to be Marked!
CIA Snipers shooting, killing, Murdering men/woman/children on BOTH sides!
USA paying over 20 Million USD to Nazi’s to hold protests and form COUP
against the legitimate Ukraine Government! The Truth is Told!
Victoria Newland Video “F the EU” exposed her in role under James Carry,
US Secretary of State, reveling with US Ambasador to Ukraine, and talking
about Who the US would put into power in the Puppet Ukraine Government.
PROOF! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIvRljAaNgg
Even recently, below, FAKE pictures/videos of Russian Tanks rolling into Ukraine.
LOL! It would be funny, if thousands were not dead! Over 1M displaced.
All because the US wants war! Be careful what you wish for, USA!
READ the FACTS, people. READ the FACTS!!

BREAKING NEWS: 21 Coptic Christians BEHEADED by MAD muslums – Video
Danger! Warning! Extreme Graphic Video!
21 Coptic Christians
Standing Strong as a Christian, can get your head cut off. Nevertheless,
“if we deny Christ, He will deny us.” Salvation Canada puts their lives on the line
to bring you Truth, Facts, Videos. We risk our lives.
Please send us your best Donation, Today.

BREAKING NEWS: POLAR VORTEX February 2015 – see sidebar—>

BREAKING NEWS: Ukraine NAZI Party Dmitry Yarosh said his NAZIs reject Minsk.
Nazi troops vow to destroy everyone with “active fighting” and their “own plans.”

BREAKING NEWS: Kiev MPs FAKE US senator with ‘proof’ of Russian tanks in Ukraine!

BREAKING NEWS: ‘Normandy 4’ Ukraine peace talks in Minsk
PEACE DEAL REACHED FOR UKRAINE! Contract Agreement Signed!
*Update: This agreement is no where near holding. Despite ALL media reports,
Huge Battles are taking place. SalvationCanada reported the encircling of
UA Troops by Separatists. 2 Entire Battalions – Each is up to 5,000 soldiers,
have been “abandoned” by Kiev and Poroshenko, left to DIE!! 10,000 left to DIE!
What will happen next?

BREAKING NEWS: False reports by American Media/NBC stating rebels fired rockets
at a Ukraine soup kitchen, killing a mama and severing the hand off a 3yr old.
Instead, analysis and the FULL video show a woman screaming to kill “Poroshenko”
the USA puppet president OF Ukraine, because the Ukraine Army fired the rockets
into the “rebel held” (actually is legally the separatist land) soup kitchen.
Poroshenko is also seen on camera, recorded, CRYING for the “mama”, LYING,
saying it was their soup kitchen attacked by rebel rockets. Watch:


BREAKING NEWS: Obama the muslum Condemns ALL Believers of Jesus Christ!
If the END is not Near, then what is all this?
Obama MUST be legally removed from Office, IMMEDIATELY!
“Jim Crow” is the former practice of segregating black people in the US, which ended 50 years ago. This was a Government lawmaking action. For Obama, as President of the United States, to twist truth and Pervert the Past, blaming Christians today, PROVES that Obama is an insane cult muslum Jihadist. Beware!!!
“The Crusades” were European Christians liberating Jerusalem, woman, children,
from the cult muslum cutting off heads, rapist, pedophiles, over 700 years ago.
Again, for Obama to blame Christians today, for doing Good and Right, is Insane.

OBAMA, the president, LIED! OBAMA swore he was a Christian, not a cult muslum!!!

SalvationCanada has the RAW Video Footage of the Alleged Burning to death of Pilot.
This footage will be shortened and released soon. Isis, muslums beware!
The REAL God, Jesus, is watching ALL your sins!
New Heretic Warning: New False Preachers On TV. Do not watch!
In fact, almost all Ministries on TV are Heretics. They preach Feel Good
Lies; teach people they can go SIN all they want, and still go to Heaven!
What a Load of Crap! Heresy OSAS (Once Saved Always Saved) A Lie from
the Devil! Eternal Security (ES), same Lie and Heresy! Beware!
Less than 0.01% of Christians believe this “Christian Killer” Crap!
Read Timothy! King James Version ONLY! And “Study” God says-STUDY!
If you don’t STUDY the KJV Bible, it is a Sin! Obey what God says-STUDY!

ISIS Releases Horrific Video Showing Jordanian Hostage Burnt Alive
ISIS burns alive the Jordanian pilot

Jordanian Hostage Burnt Alive!
ISIS Releases Horrific Video Showing Jordanian Hostage Burnt Alive!

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House Church is a Huge Success in an number of Homes!!! Glory to God!
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Censorship is a reality in Canada, and the U.S.A., and UK, and elsewhere.
The NSA is listening to every phone and email in the world!
And their agenda calls Christians – terrorists.
Unreal! The Devil is on the run everywhere.
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JESUS SAID: “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father, except through Me.” John 14:6 KJV

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Repent of Pride! Repent of Stubbornness, Repent of Ego, Rebellion, Self, Sin!!!!
The HOLY Word of God (Not man’s word, God’s!) 2 Timothy 3:15, 16. KJV, the ONLY God inspired Word of God on the Planet, Ever. Reject that, and the Bible says Hell awaits.
We MUST Read the KJV Bible, repent, Obey! There is no other Way. Heaven or Hell.
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HUGE Heretic List – Confirmed Heretics, near bottom of Post.
*Note: The Jim Bakker Show is of the Devil! Major Heretic Warning!

Too many NEWS4U Reports! Each updated further down the POST. Read ON!
NEWS4U Reports non-prejudicial, factual accounts, of News around the World!
Question: Have you even given ONCE, to this Godly Ministry?

Our condolences to the Families and Friends of Flight MH-17,
shot down by Nazi-Ukraine under the influence of Obuma and the UnUnited States of America.
This is a tragedy beyond belief! Unnecessary. Warmongering USA is destroying the world for Satan!~
A Pathetic Political Power Play by the USA that Kills innocent woman and children.
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*American Monsanto and GMO’s being BANNED by Most of the World!!!
*Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper would LOSE election now.
*Over 60% voteD against HARPER and his War Crimes, in Angus Reid Poll.

A Message to all Christians:
“Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent,
and do the first works, or else…” KJV
First works, like Donating to this website, that is one of a very few
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STOP watching Trash TV!!! START Reading your KJV Bible!!! READ!!!
IRL People, IRL! You entrap and enslave yourself with “entertainment”.
TV, Movies, Music, Video Games, Computer Games, Surfing the Net,
Chatting Online, Facebook, Twitter, and on and on.
All are FAKE communication. Even Yours! Especially Yours!
When you are Face to Face, in person, THEN IT IS REAL!!!
So STOP living in FAKE Facebook and CULT Cyberworld!!!
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Becoming a Christian, accepting Jesus, is ONLY the Beginning!
There is MUCH Work to do, and MUCH to Learn, and unlearn!
You MUST forsake the World! Or you won’t make it!
Do Not be deceived by lazy, lame, Heretic Preachers,
who say “once saved always saved”, or “ETERNAL SECURITY”, or
“unconditional love”. DO NOT BE DECEIVED!
That is a LIE from the Pit of HELL!
They say it to make you Feel Good, and to get you to Feel like giving $$$.
Do Not be Dull! Do Not be Dimwitted!! Do Not be Deceived!!!
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Ie. This accurate, confirmed, Video:

What can YOU do?

Proverbs 18:22 “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains FAVOR from the Lord”.

One, Find that Godly, Bible (KJ/NKJ) believing and practicing person of the opposite sex, and marry them.

Two, Choose the path best for you. If it is possible to live your regular life, do so, but Work Hard, keep your regular job. Prepare for a Military takeover by your Government. This means EVERY country in the world! Are you in the right place? Consider where you live. Moving to ie. Texas may be necessary. Make a plan, have Lots of babies, raise a God fearing family, support the cause, and this website.

Three, Be a strong Godly leader and servant in your community. Stand against ungodliness, not being “holier than thou”, taking care not to fall yourself. (1+2Timothy) Pick your battles.
Be Word Led, and Spirit Led.
Matthew 10:16, “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents and harmless as doves”
1 Thessalonians 5:17, “Pray without ceasing”, meaning, be prayerful each day and night and always after fellowship.
Become involved in politics, run for positions, being very wary of the many other “christians” who are False. Just because they say “Jesus is Lord”, doesn’t mean they aren’t a devil.
Also, do not be a Bible thumping Christian, or an “out there” Christian. Be practical, simple, full of good deeds, that no one can speak against you. 1 Peter 2:12, 3:16.

Four, Start your own House Church. This is Scriptural, (All through Acts) and more and more necessary. In many Countries, Christians are persecuted, tortured, and killed, and must Do House Church. Do House Church!! “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day.” Hebrews 10:25. Do Not go weird/controlling/obsessed/negligent to spouse/house/children. Do not go Waco. Be steadfast, obeying the Bible (KJ/NKJ)

God Bless.

“Be Stable, Be Calm, Be Based on Scripture, and Science,
NOT Superstitious, emotion led, or SyFy.”
Rwandan refugees flee the fighting in 1994.

Pat Robertson – 700 Club – LIED about Rwandan “Operation Blessing”.
News articles and even a movie, hurt the body of Christ because of
Robertson’s LIES.
I warned “too old, making too many mistakes” Is anybody listening?

(more under Heretic List “Youngren”)

Grace TV has entered into a strategic partnership with Daystar Television. Beginning June 15th, sixty-five percent of programming will be supplied by the Dallas based ministry led by Marcus Lamb.
(Used by Slimy US money grabbers to “guilt-rob” you out of your $$$.)
Peter Youngren goes around IMPREGNATING younger females.
Fornication! Adultery! Unrepentent! Zero Accountability!
Youngren had his Pastorship RIPPED from him, but still sins!
Do Not Believe Peter Youngren! Do Not give $$$ to Peter Youngren
or his many Ministries, or his many dark associates!

A good testimony of the False Peter Youngren.

This Laughable tweet from Peter Youngren reveals his own dark heart:
“The Internet has become a haven for anonymous liars, who operate without accountability. The lies about myself, our church and ministries are too many to itemize. To list them would dignify that which is inherently evil.”
Fornication, Adultery, Removal of Pastorship, Criminal Actions, Embezzlement, Ongoing Legal Problems and Court Cases.
These are the “Internet Facts IRL”, Peter Youngren.
Your ongoing continuous practicing of SINS leads straight to Hell!

BEWARE of the HERETIC, Peter Youngren!!!
Do you also understand, reader, why the Christian killer doctrine of
OSAS – Once Saved Always Saved, also called “Eternal Security”,
“Unconditional Love”, “Greasy Grace”, “your sins past, present, and future,
are already forgiven”, is such a Wicked Evil Heresy?
Heretics preaching “Feel Good” messages and telling people to believe
them and they get into Heaven no matter what. Really?!
What new perverted Bible are they reading from? Do you understand?
Get Serious about Salvation!

New Heretic List, 2015
List of False and Dangerous and Fake

*Note: Exhaustive and Expensive Research Finds These “HERETICS”.
Salvation Canada is unable to list the “reasonS” for each determination,
as that would contain Thousands of pages, and videos.
One, you should research these “Heretics” yourself.
Two, Most are Hiding the fact they are OSAS, the WORST HERESY!
Three, Most are interconnected, “friends”, with other Heretics Listed.
Four, The “Word Faith” heretics suck as Kenneth Copeland are in sin.
They preach Heresy. They steal your money. Their ‘system’ fails.
“Name it and Claim it”, “Blab it and Grab it” Ministry of Word Faith,
is pure Heresy. So many kind people have been deceived and hurt badly.
Anyone preaching “Word Faith”, or associating with other WF ministries
is dangerous and to be avoided at the cost of your money and your soul.
Again, these are NOT differences of opinion. These take you to HELL!
*ALPHA Course, offered in Europe, USA, Canada, Africa, ect. is HERESY!
ALPHA is nothing but a religious cash cow brainwash innocent converts.
ALPHA will make you a Heretic believer and follower of the crowd, not
the Bible (KJV) and not Jesus. Run, from alpha. RUN!

Addison, Doug, In Light Connection
Ahn, Che, Harvest Rock Church
Alec, Rory+Wendy, God TV
Alves, Beth, Intercessors International
Ames, Joni, Acts ministries
Anthony, Tony, Avanti Ministries (Closed)
Arnott, John+Carol, Former Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship (Catch the Fire)
Awakening the, Bethel Church plant in Carlsbad, CA Craig+Karlet Muster

Baker, Roland+Heidi, Iris (global) ministries
Bakker, Jim+Lori, (former ptl)
Belt, John, Live in His Presence Ministries
Bentley, Todd, (Convicted Pedophile), FreshFireUSA Ministries
A lengthy list of Fraud, Crimes, Abuse, is Todd Bentley.
Con-Artist, Freak Show, Stealing your money, is Todd Bentely.
Todd Bentley will NEVER be a Christian, and serves only Satan.
Bell, Rob
Bethel Church, Redding CA, Bill Johnson (wicked)
Bethel Church, Atlanta, Steve and Lindy Hale
Bethel Church.
Bevere, John – Word-Faith Movement.
Bickle, Mike, IHOP
Bishop everyone. Everyone who Pomps themselves up with “Bishop” is a Fraud.
Black, Paul+Cheryl, cornerstone fellowship
Bolz, Shawn, Expression 58
Bonnke, Reinhard (sad Morningstar lacky)
Branham, William M. – False Prophet and a Heretic
Breathitt, Barbie, Breath of His Spirit Ministries
Brownsville AOG, Pensacola, Florida, Pastor Evan+Deborah Horton
Brown, Catherine, Gatekeepers Ministries
Browne, RODNEY HOWARD, Very False Profit
Burgher, Rex+Lois, Kingdom Life ministries

Cain, Paul
The Call, Lou Engle (wicked)
The Cry, Faytene Kriskow-Grasseschi
Calvin, John (Calvinism) Special Mention for listening to the Devil
and promoting the Heresy of Heresies, Christian Killer Lie, OSAS!

Cameron Kirk, OSAS
Campolo Tony
Charisma magazine
Carrothers, Bill, (defrocked pastor) The Jericho House,
London, Ontario, Canada
Campbell, Wes+Stacey, RevivalNOW!, BeAHero.org
Capps, Charles
Cerullo, Morris
Chavda, Mahesh+Bonnie
Chevalier, Michel+Natalie, France Revival
Chironna Ministries, Mark Chironna
Cho, Paul (David) Yonggi – AoG hereitc
Clark, Randy, Global Awakening
Clement, Kim, Prophetic Image Expressions(False)
Cline, Denny+Ann
Coates, Gerald
Colson, Chuck
Conner, Bobby, EaglesView Ministries
Cooke, Graham
Comfort Ray- Way of the Master – (OSAS)
Copeland, Kenneth+Gloria (wordfaith heresy)
Cox, Paul+Donna, Aslan’s Place
Cramer, Dennis, Dennis Cramer Ministries
Crouch, Paul+jan, TBN

Daniels, Kimberly, Spoken Word Ministries
Davis, Paul Keith, “Charliton”, Todd Bentlyite
Daystar Television, Marcus Lamb, Adulterer, Sleezebag, False.
Deere, Jack
Dollar, Creflo
Downing, Al
Driscoll, Mark
Duplantis, Jesse
Dye, Collin, Toronto Blessing

Eckhardt, John, IMPACT Network
Elijah list, Steve Schultz
Elijah list, (Warning! Anyone on Elijah list is False/dangerous!)
See more below in False Ministries.
Elkins, Garris, Prophetic Horisons
End-Time handmaidens and servants (Gwen Shaw, deceased)
Engle, Lou, The Elijah Revolution, The Call, JHOP, (wicked)
Enjoying Everyday Life, Joyce Meyer
Evans, Aaron
Evans, Mike
Expression58, Shawn+Cherie Bolz

Family Church (the), Sacramento, CA., Eric Gregson, Oliver Family.
Ferrell-Mendez, Emerson+ana, Voice of the Light Ministries
Frangipane, Francis
Franklin, Nicole
Freeman, Paul (OSAS)
Fresh Fire USA, (Todd the Fraud Bentley)

Garlington, Hoseph, Covenant Church of Pittsburgh
Giglio, Louis
Global Celebration – Georgian and Winnie Banov
Graham, Billy+Ruth, BGEA (OSAS!)
Graham, Franklin, (son)(OSAS!)
God TV, broadcast the pedophile, thief, Vow breaker, and Adulterer, Todd Bentley, and other horrible heretics.
Goll, James, Encounters Network
The Gospel Truth (Not) with Andrew Wommack (OSAS)
Gumbel Nicky

Hamon, Christian International
Hamon, Bill
Haggard, Ted
Harfouche, Dr. Christian
Harvest House Church, cHOP, (ConvergenceHOP), Simas, Greg+Wendi
Harvey, Chris
Hayford, Jack
Headwaters Ministry, Randall Worely
Healing Room Ministries, Cal Pierce, Spokane WA
Hee, Kong
Hembree, Rod+Janice, The Stream TV, QuickStudy, OSAS!
Heritage Fellowship, Cleddie Keith
Hill, Steve
Hinn, Sam, (Benny’s brother, Adultry)
Hinn, Benny+Suzzane, Took a left turn in about 2010 and never recovered.
Remarried his wife recently. (She was divorcing him) Was a true Ministry of God, but Benny is old and tired and formed many unhealthy friendships in recent years, with Heretics/Heretical Ministries. Past teachings are accurate, but recent teachings not. Suzzane thinks herself a ‘superprofit’, but has no calling. Do NOT attend meeting in Toronto, Sept.2015!
Hinn is on friends list with Bill Johnson (wicked) Be aware!
Horton, Evan+Deborah, Brownsville AOG, Florida
Leif Hetland Ministries,
Hogan, David
Hockaday, Jim, Ministries International
Houston, Brian
Howard-Browne, Rodney, Revival Ministries International
Hughes, Selah Ministries

ICN ministries, Michael Brown
Ignited Hope, Steve Backlund
InLight Connection, Doug Addison
International church of Las Vagas, Paul Goulet
International School of Reconcilliation
Insight for Living, chuck swindoll, (osas)
Israel Relief Fund
It’s a new Day, Winnipeg, Bob & Audrey(adultry) Meisner, friends with the very false profit – Cindy Jacobs.
Jacobs, Cindy, Generals International (wicked, Very False Profit)
Jackson, Harry Jr., The Hope Connection
Jackson, John Paul
Jakes, TD, The Potters House (Anti-Trinity)
Johnson, Bill, Bethel Church (wicked)
Jones, Bob+Bonnie, Profit Ministry
Joiner, Rick, Morningstar Ministries (wicked)
Joshua , T.B.
Joy Fountain Church, Andaza and Folusho Baiye (OSAS!+)

Kenneth+Gloria Copeland Ministries(wordfaith heresy)
Kids in his presence, Mike+Marilyn Seth
King, Pat(ricia), (nee Cocking) Extreme Prophetic. WICKED! EVIL!!
-LongTerm False Profit, NewAge, NAR, Friend of Pedophile Todd Bentley.
Kilpatrick John – Pastor of the Brownsville Assembly of God.
Kryskow-Grasseschi Faytene, sadly false underling of False Pat King.
-Also part of NAR and many cult preachers on this list.
Lamb, Marcus, Daystar TV, False, Money Grabber.
Landry, Curt, Israel Relief Fund
Life Center, Charles+Anne Stock
LightSource TV
Lucia, Martha, Watchman Network
Luker, Keith+Sanna, Prophetic Worship Radio

Mantle of Praise, Mark Dupont
Maracle, Honathan, Broken Walls
Mars Hill church, Mark Driscoll
Master Potter Ministries, Jill Austin
Mcarthur, John, OSAS!
McGill, Cindy, Hope for the Harvest
McGowan, Wendell
Mederos, Reeni, Warriors International
Meyer Joyce
Miller, Keith, Stand Firm World Ministries
Mills, Joshua+Janet, New Wine International
Miracle of Love, Doug+Diane Philips
Mission Church, Vacavill, CA
Morningstar Ministries
Munroe, Myles, Bahamas Faith Ministries
Murdock, Mike
Murrary, Arnold

OSAS False Preachers promote This Evil,
False doctrine of the Devil is also known as
Once Saved Always Saved (Not True), or
Eternal Security (Not True), or
unconditional love” (Not True), or
your sins past, present, and future, are already forgiven. (Not True)
Televangelists, Radio, and Internet are polluted with False Doctrine!
Beware! Do not listen to ANY teaching from an OSAS preacher/ministry!
Do NOT give them money$$$. Do NOT follow, like, or be emailed/membership!
Salvation is a “Gift”, the Bible says. Can you lose a gift? Yes.
Many many Scriptures prove that Salvation is CONDITIONAL!
New Testament King James Bible says: “REPENT”!
Old Testament King James Bible says: “REPENT”!
If we confess, if we repent, if we turn from our wicked ways…!
If we REPENT! “IF” – Conditional. Over 500 times the Bible says “IF”, the conditional terms Jesus demands of us. “Repent”, meaning turning away from, not looking back, not doing that again. BEWARE of OSAS preachers! They LIE. They Hide their False Beliefs. They wait in the shadows, then ambush unsuspecting Christians – to get them to go SIN!!! I personally have seen this done, and have had it done to me. (On Testimony) That sinner church member with their slimy OSAS false Doctrine was KICKED out of Church right then!!! Thank God!!! They work directly for Satan.
If Anyone tries to “teach” you, or convert you, to OSAS/Eternal Security/Once Saved Always Saved/You can never lose your salvation, “unconditional love”, False and Christian Killer doctrine, then
Report it!!! Yell it!!! Run from them!!! Heretics!!!
They are leading people away from the Truth of Christ,
and into the LIES of Satan, and straight to Hell!
I cannot say this strong enough people!
Do NOT be deceived!!!
You have been Warned!!!
SalvationCanada will be compiling a special list of OSAS Devil Preachers.
Your input is requested.
Thank you and God Bless you.
Further reading in “tabs” above.
You have been Warned!

Osteen, Joel, Lakewood Church – Hope for Today. Denied Christ.
Joel also stated on Larry King Live “There are many PATHS to God”
Meaning: All other religions get to heaven, ie Muslum, Hindu, etc.
This Horribly Contradicts John 3:16, 14:6 and the entire Bible!!!
ONLY through Jesus are our Sins forgiven, and hope of Heaven made IF we continue in His Word and stay free from sin. Bible 101!

Ottis, George

Parrott, Joy
Parsley, Rod, World Harvest Church
Pearson, Carlton
Phillips, Jason, Revival Town Ministries
Phillips, Theresa, Chicago Prophetic Voice
Pierce, Chuck, Glory of Zion Ministries, Global Harvest Ministry, NAR
Piper, John
Pool, Sandy+johnmark, Word to the World Ministries
Potter, Don
Price, Frederick K. C.
Price, Paula
Prince, Joseph (OSAS)
Pringle, Phil
Prophetic TV
Pullinger, Jackie

QuickStudy, Rod+Janice Hembree (osas)

Randolph, Larry
Real, Lucy (mystic)
Rivera, Alberto+Kimberly, Raining Presence
River Fellowship the, rich+Lindy Oliver
Riplinge Gail
Robinson, Ras, Fullness Online
Robinson, Mickey, Prophetic Destiny International, Seagate

Sandford, John+Paula, Elijah House Ministries
Scientology, Church of, DESTROYED BY ANONYMOUS! Wicked Cult!
Sheets, Dutch
Simmons, Brian, Gateway CF
Simpson, Kent, Prophetic Ministries Today
Smallenberg, Donna
Spencer, Peter, Sound of Passion
Sorger, Matt
Swallow, Jay, Two Rivers Native American Training Center
Shaw, Gwen, (dead thank God) The ministry of EndTimeHandmaidens and Servants, continues. They worship angels and money. Gwen has said some very wicked, unscriptural things. They prey on widowed/divorced/vulnerable woman. Beware!
(Also Gwen is the “Mother” of a Network of Heretics – NAR, RA) Run away!
Stanley, Charles, OSAS!
Stewart, Don
Strader, Stephen, Ignite Church, Fl. (Todd Bentley)
Swindoll, Chuck, insight for living, OSAS!

TACF Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship
Taylor, Wade
Iverna Tompkins Ministries
Twiss, Richard, Wiconi International

Upton, Jason, Key (not) of David Ministries, Musician who plays for false profits.

Vallotton, Kris+Kathy
Vaca Valley Christian Life Center- Vacaville CA
Vineyard (John Wimber)

Wagner, C. Peter, Global Harvest Ministries, NAR
(now turned over to Chuck Pierce)
Walters, David+Kathie, GoodNews Ministries
Warner, Sandy, The Quickened Word
Warren, Rick, Saddleback Church
Way of the master, Ray Comfort (OSAS)
White, Paula
Wholeness ministries, Mike Evans
Wilkerson, David, (false prophesies)
Wimber, John, Vineyard
Winston, Bill, Living Word Christian Center
Wolverton, Sharnael, Swiftfire ministries international
Wommack, Andrew, The Gospel Truth (OSAS)
Word Faith Ministries, all of them, are Heretics. Don’t be duped!
World Harvest Church, Rod Parsley
World Impact Ministries, Peter Youngren. (See Youngren. Very sinfull)
Worldrevivalchurch, steve+kathy gray, smithton outpouring
World Wide Church of God, Herbert W. Armstrong (CULT)

Yoder, Barbara, Shekinah Church
Yoder, Les, Vinyard cf

Youngren, Peter. World Impact Ministries.
(More above start of Heretic List)
By request, “you shall know them by their fruits”. Peter is sinful in fornication, adultery, and repeatedly having sex with, and impregnating, different christian women.
Peter Youngren’s original family, and many ordained ministers, have denounced him and pulled his credentials, because he lied
about repenting of his sins, and continuing in sin.
Millions of dollars of money embezzlement allegations still go unaccounted for.
Do NOT send any money to his ministries: Peter Youngren
World Impact Ministries, Grace TV, World Impact Bible Institute, Way of Peace, and the Toronto International Celebration Church, Canada.
According to the Bible, Peter Youngren is going to Hell.
He should NOT preach. He should not be in any ministry.
The Bible says so.
“Repent” means never doing that sin ever again.
Peter Youngren destroyed ALL credibility and all witness of Christ.
No one, and I mean NO ONE, can get away with SIN! God is always watching!
Peter Youngren will die soon, in his sins, and burn in Hell, according to the Bible.
Remember that, and FEAR THE LORD!
(note: I see the internet “scrubbed” of may true sinfull facts against Peter Youngren, but we, and thousands of others, verify the above true.) Beware!

Yount, Bill, Blowing the Shofar ministries

12 Tribes of Israel. (wicked, brainwashing CULT!)
700 club. Pat Robertson. (too old, making terrible errors)

Warning*: Todd Bentley is the most horrible, wicked, deceiving, FALSE preacher.
He is in Africa now, 2013, stealing money from the widows, the poor, the needy. He did this in Canada, but was proven FALSE, and was BOOTED OUT OF CANADA!!! He did this in Lakeland, Florida, USA, and was PROVEN A LIAR! Todd Bentley fled to the USA where he joined the very FALSE preachers in the NAR. Beware! Be Warned! Todd Bentley is a LIAR, SINNER, and DEMON POSSESSED! NO ONE has caused so much HARM and DAMAGE to the body of Christ in this lifetime.
Todd Bentley:
Jack Deere, Rick Joyner, Bill Johnson, are a trio of Terror (NAR)!
They claimed to be “Fathers” of Todd (the pedophile) Bentley.
John Arrnot, and Che Ahn, (RA)!
They also claimed to be “Fathers” of Todd (the pedophile) Bentley.

In January 2012, Bentley was denied entry into Australia.
In August 2012, he was banned from entering the United Kingdom.
In September 2012, TB had to cancel his October trip to Pakistan.
Since then, TB has laid low. Mostly appears at Morningstar Ministries
with all the other Heretics and Con Artists!
Please spread the word of all these HERETICS!!!
Read the sound, proven doctrines here at SalvationCanada.
Do not let others deceive you!
End of List. (for now) More Heretics on TV/Sat List, further down.

Many of the above are NAR, RA, or other Heritical Network.
ANYONE associated with the above, or at the same conference, are guilty according to Scripture, of sharing in their Sin. Do NOT attend any meeting with any False Christian there. Even if your “favorite” band is there, they share in the Sin. Don’t you.
May the Fear of the Lord guide your choices and steps.

If you know of others that should be added, contact us in detail, asap. Thank you.

Heretical Groups: (Most are also OSAS – Duh!)
NAR = New Apostolic Reformation
RA = Revival Alliance
LR = Latter Rain
IAC =International Apostolic Council
ICA = International Coalition of Apostles
Dominionism, Kansas City Prophets, Word Faith, Third Wave, Emerging Church.
Grace TV (Do NOT give money!)
GodTV, TBN, and all “affiliates” (JCTV, TBN Enlace, Smile of a Child, and The Church Channel). Many lead into OSAS, the Christian Killer False Doctrine of the Devil.
Read the SalvationCanada Statement of Faith to stay on track!
Special Warning:
*Elijah list, (Warning! Anyone on Elijah list is False/dangerous!)
The website of the “Elijah list” is filled with vipers, liars, and
dangerous false profits/false teachers. Repent of ANY connection, teachings, “word”, information, they have given you. Get OFF their mailing/email list immediately!
Delete your email account so “others” cannot contact you!
Believe me, they will try! Elijah list is never to be trusted!!
If your address/phone number was given, submit a change to a
false address/phone number. Never respond to Elijah list!!!
Elijah list is a very dangerous CULT!! Filled with Heresies!!
NEVER visit them!
NEVER believe them!!
NEVER give any money to them!!!

Elijah list will try to “tickle your ear”, give you a “free personal prophesy, or con you in with their snake oil salesman words. Do NOT be deceived! Do NOT be Foolish!! Have NOTHING to do with ANY person who is a member of, associated with, or appearing with, ANY person or ministry promoted by Elijah list – present OR past!
That includes speakers and bands and worship leaders and singers.
Do NOT be Deceived!!!!!
You Have been Warned!!!!!!!
Avoid Elijah list, and all events, at peril of losing your Salvation!
Joels Army, Vineyard (John Wimber), 7-Mountains (wicked).
Third Wave, Emerging Church.

*Under ScrutinY: Your input is requested.
Calvary Chapel, Calvary Church, Chuck Smith, Rodger Oakland, David Hocking.

The LA Times carried the following articles on the subject:
Santa Ana’s Rev. Hocking Quits Pulpit After Affair.
Scandal: Renowned minister acknowledges ‘sexual sin’ with married woman in congregation of his Calvary Church.
Friday, October 9, 1992
Orange County Edition Section: Metro ID:0920112962
Words: 480
The Rev. David Hocking, a Protestant minister who has a national following through his taped radio sermons, resigned as pastor…

Excommunication Shocks, Confuses Disgraced Pastor;
Wednesday, December 23, 1992
Orange County Edition Section: Metro ID:0920143998
The Rev. David L. Hocking, well-known former senior pastor of Calvary Church, said Tuesday that he is shocked and confused by the church elders’ decision to excommunicate him for failing to show what they called “proofs of …

This story starts a step back. Hocking was the Senior Pastor of Calvary Church of Santa Ana (no relation to Calvary Chapel). The church grew under his leadership to be large:
Calvary Church to dedicate OC’s largest worship center” [75,000 square feet, 3,200 seats — $9.7 million] Orange County Register, 11/24/91, p. B1 In Oct 1992, the elders of Calvary Church caught David Hocking in a major scandal involving marital infidelity. The elders of the church told Hocking that he would no longer be the Senior Pastor of Calvary Church and would have to undergo a three-year restoration process.

Refusing to accept the restoration plan of the elders at Calvary Church, Hocking’s long-time buddy Chuck Smith took him in. Reportedly, Smith said that this great man of God should not be wasted, and took in David Hocking as a Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa staff member. Hocking was excommunicated by Calvary Church of Santa Ana after he refused to submit to the elders of the church in their restoration process.

In the beginning CCCM did not call Hocking a “Pastor”. However, Hocking was preaching at the church and teaching at the CCBC within a very few weeks. Presently, when Hocking’s radio program on KWVE is announced, Hocking is called a pastor. We went to a service at CCCM about the end of 1995 where Hocking announced that he would no longer be on staff at CCCM, but would still be teaching there during the weeknights.

Hocking, soon after coming to Calvary Chapel, started teaching at CCCM on Wednesday nights and other times as well (the CCCM school of ministry) as well as at the Calvary Chapel Bible College in Twin Peaks (near Lake Arrowhead, CA). It is obvious to everyone from the close timing of the events that at CCCM there was no restoration process.

This turned into a simple sheep stealing exercise as Calvary Church emptied out and CCCM further filled up due entirely to the presence of David Hocking. Calvary Church went into a financial down spin and having Hocking preaching less than 10 miles away on Wednesday nights made the situation much worse.

Hocking is no longer teaching at Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa (7-98).

This was a major point of contention between Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa and other local churches in the community (particularly CCSA). This caused a major scandal here in Southern California where the results are still being felt.

So, David Hocking, married, was caught socking another man’s wife, from his own congregation. David Hocking then refused discipline and “stole” most of the congregation to another church. Interesting!?!

Sept 13/13, David Hocking is a keynote speaker in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada – a backwater city that worships the Greek god Hermes and cannot discern left from right.
David Hocking is preaching end time blah blah and taking $$$ for it.

If you, yes you, if you, reader have information to share on Hocking, please send it to us, SalvationCanada. Thank you.
There is enough evidence to brand a Heretic.

Telvision and Satellite Heretic List: (Most all are OSAS)
All are associated with Known Heretics.

ACLJ This Week with Jay Sekulow
Acquire the Fire with Teen Mania
Always Good News with Billy Graham
Ancient Paths with Craig Hill
Balanced Living with Dr. Jim Reeve
Believer’s Voice of Victory with Kenneth Copeland
Believers Walk of Faith with Dr. Bill Winston
Breakthrough with Rod Parsley
Brian Houston @ Hillsong TV
Christ in Prophecy with David R. Reagan
Concepts of Faith with Charles Capps
Creflo Dollar
Discovering the Jewish Jesus with Rabbi Kirt Schneider
Dreams & Mysteries with John Paul Jackson
End of the Age with Irvin Baxter
Enjoying Everyday Life with Joyce Meyer
Ever Increasing Faith with Fred Price
Excellent Leadership with Pastor Sam Adeyemi
Faith Life Church with Keith Moore
Fixing the Money Thing with Gary & Drenda Keesee
Global Ventures with John Smithwick
Great American Gospel with Ed O’Neal
Gregory Dickow
Hour of Salvation with David Ibiyeomie
In Touch Ministries with Charles Stanley
In Your Corner with Kerry Pharr
Israel NOW News
It’s Supernatural! with Sid Roth
Jack Van Impe Presents with Jack Van Impe
Jerry Savelle Ministries with Jerry Savelle
Jesse Duplantis Ministries with Jesse Duplantis
Jesus Calls with Dr. Paul Dhinakaran
Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis
John Hagee Today with Dr. John Hagee
Joseph Prince
Kerry Shook
Kingdom Connection with Jentezen Franklin
Lakewood Church with Joel Osteen
Leading the Way with Michael Youssef
Life Today with James Robison and Betty Robison
Love A Child with Bobby & Sherry Burnette
Love Worth Finding Ministries with Adrian Rogers
Manna-fest with Perry Stone
Marriage Today with Jimmy Evans
Mission: Feeding with James Robison and Betty Robison
MXTV with Tim Bisagno
Nashville Country Revival with Bill Traylor
New Beginnings with Pastors Larry & Tiz Huch
New Level with Hank & Brenda Kunneman
Pathway to Victory with Robert Jeffress
Power for Living with Bishop Bronner
PowerPoint with Dr. Jack Graham
Rejoice in the Lord
Rhema Praise with Kenneth Hagin
Stella’s Voice
The Blessed Life with Robert Morris
The Evo Show with Landon Schott
The Gospel Truth with Andrew Wommack
The Hal Lindsey Report with Hal Lindsey
The Jim Bakker Show
The John Ankerberg Show with John Ankerberg
The Potter’s Touch with T.D. Jakes
The Ramp with Karen Wheaton
The Supernatural Now with Guillermo Maldonado
The Way of the Master with Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort
This Is Your Day with Benny Hinn
Time for Hope with Dr. Freda Crews
Time of Grace with Mark Jeske
Today with Marilyn Hickey and Sarah Bowling
Touching Lives with Dr. James Merritt
Travel The Road
Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah
Understanding The End Of The Age with Theresa Garcia
Victory in Christ with Silas Malafaia
Vision For Israel with Barry Segal
Winning Walk with Dr. Ed Young
Wisdom Keys with Dr. Mike Murdock
Word Alive with Dr. Bob Rodgers
Your Move with Andy Stanley
Your Unlimited Life with Casey and Wendy Treat
Zola Levitt Presents with Myles and Katharine Weiss

More Heretics, or providers of Heretics, or associated with Heretics.
Again, most preach the “Christian Killer False Doctrine” of O.S.A.S.,
Once Saved Always Saved. Also called Eternal Security.
Also called “unconditional love” That word is NOT in the Bible!!!
“unconditional love” means you can go murder, rape, fornicate, sin,
and never have to repent or be forgiven. INSANE!!! NOT OF GOD!!!
GREASY GRACE!!! Do NOT be Deceived People!
RUN from this Doctrine of the Devil, invented only a short time ago.
RUN from the Slick Snake-Oil Salesman on TV. The Guilt Trip to steal your $$$.
RUN from laziness, apathy, or anything that keeps you from BibleStudy!

Join Salvation Canada, and we will help you Study and Learn Truth!

Only Fools who refuse to Study the KJV Bible themselves, are SUCKERED IN
by this Con-artist Con-Job that ends off by conning you out of your life savings.
(Just like Todd Bentley did to Millions of Stupid Christians)
Don’t Be Stupid!!
Find a small AoG, Bible Believing, KJV Preaching, church near you.
Become a member of Salvation Canada. Support us, as we Speak Truth!!

More Heretic List:

Daystar Television
Christian Broadcasting Network TBN
Trinity Broadcasting Network CBN
God TV
The Hope Channel
Loma Linda Broadcasting Network
The Word Network
GLC Gods Learning Channel
Amazing Facts
Emmanuel TV
Amazing Discoveries
Apostolic Oneness Network
Dare To Dream
The Church Channel
3ABN Proclaim
CTN Christian Television Network
Pastor Melissa Scott
Christian Youth Channel
Smart Lifestyle
Hope TV Church Channel
SonLife Broadcasting Network
Bible Explorations BETV
Ancient of Days
Revival Channel
Angel TV
Smile of a Child
Bethel TV
Nacion TV SonLife Broadcasting Network Spanish
Loma Linda Broadcasting Network LLBN Latino Spanish
TV Verdade Spanish Portuguese
Impact Television
CNL – Channel New Life CNL Russian
The Way TV
Coptic TV
Logos TV
Christ TV

Be Aware: Heretics/Heretical Ministries often change names,
but are full of the same Devil Doctrine. Run from them!!!
Be Aware: We at SalvationCanada have “Centuries”
of combined Wisdom, Word, and Experience.
Be Aware: We cannot emphasize enough the peril to your SOUL
and your SALVATION, these Heretic Ministers and Ministries bring!!!
(If you don’t believe you can lose your Salvation, you are forever lost!)
It is a Basic Fundamental Doctrine endorsed by ALL Bible Believing Ministries.
Read our “Salvation” tab and Scripture evidence that OSAS,
or Eternal Security, or “you can never lose your salvation”
or “unconditional love”, or “go sin all you want, because you can never lose
your salvation”, is the worst Christian Killer doctrine of the Devil
ever to hit the planet.
Don’t believe that lie for one second. Fools in the Elijah list promote that Heresy.
Study the Word and Correct Basic Doctrine HERE
at SalvationCanada!
Become a Member Today!
Read the King James Bible or New King James Bible ONLY!

Read and ponder all the Scriptures and Doctrines HERE
at SalvationCanada.org!
Be Berean.
Seek the Truth. Seek Wisdom. Seek The Lord.
Jeremiah 29:13 King James Version (KJV)
“And ye shall seek me, and find me,
when ye shall search for me with all your heart.”
Proverbs chapter 8.

Recommended Ministries:

First, join membership with Salvation Canada Today! You Need Us!
AG/AoG: Assemblies of God. SOME are not so bad. Be aware!
Salvation Army. Get Tough about Sin! Some are ok.
Disclaimer: No illegal actions or words are intended or implied.
Opinions of the authors are their own.
If someone leads you into sin, or sins against you, DEAL WITH IT.
Church settings can put our “defences” down. We become trusting.
The wisest piece of advice I ever heard about church was this:
“If you’ve never been stabbed in the back, welcome to church.”
The Devil is after your soul. Don’t let a wolf in sheep’s clothing steal away your salvation. If you wind up in sin, RUN!
The responsibility is OURS. Have a Great Time Fellowshipping, but do not be gullible, trusting, blind, deaf, dumb. Do not check your brain at the door. That is NOT faith! No matter what the pastor says. If he says otherwise, RUN! Better to read the Bible on your own, and worship God at home, than be deceived by the snake oil salesman with smooth words. Understand?!
WWW.SalvationCanada is HERE for YOU!
Become a member of SalvationCanada.
Participate in our weekly Bible Studies.
Read the Bible (KJ/NKJ) daily, and Pray many times each day.
Praise and Worship God throughout your day.
WWW.SalvationCanada IS a CHURCH, for YOU!
You will never be alone again. Never.
Then, praying feverntly, ask God to guide you to people who live His Truth. Some may become friends, some may not. But always go by the Word of God, not your gut, or fuzzy feeling – they can be wrong. Don’t give up. Don’t be discouraged. “Seek and ye shall Find”. Meaning seek, and keep on seeking. One good friend is worth more than gold.
We are your Friends.
God Bless.

1. Learn Doctrine, compare for yourself, decide for yourself. Small house churches can be a real blessing. Avoid any Mega church, conference, or Profit buzzing by. Read the Bible. Know the Scriptures.
2. Gift of Discernment: Let Holy Spirit guide you.
3. Check out everyone, even your Pastor.
This is Scriptural, wise and pleasing to God.
4. Catholics are taught to believe, even told by the Pope, that “only Catholics go to Heaven”. This is a Lie from the Devil. The Pope, who thinks he is god, rewrites scripture to suit their agenda. The Pope and most Catholics believe that “christians” go to Hell. It is horrible! The Bible, KJ or NKJ clearly states what Salvation is. I know thousands of catholics who left the LIE, became Saved according to Scripture, and live for Jesus, shining, happy!
Leave the LIE of catholicism.
Think for Yourself!!!
Get Saved Today!!!
5. SalvationCanada is here for you. Contact us anytime. We Love Jesus,
and the Holy Bible, unadulterated, KJ or NKJ.
God Bless You.

Luke 15:10
Likewise, I say unto you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth.


Recommended Reading:

“The Bible” – King James(KJ) or New King James(NKJ) ONLY.
“Kingdom of the Cults”, Dr. Walter Martin.
“DAKE” reference Bible. (KJ or NKJ ONLY).
“Strongs” concordance. (KJ or NKJ ONLY).
“Statement of Faith”. Here, on this website. Please read and study all of it.
I guarantee you will not get through just these few readings,
with understanding, in your lifetime.
Do your best, daily, to Study. We are with you.

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman
that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

2 Timothy 2:15 King James Version (KJV)