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Bed Bugs Below, but first, Real News!!

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WARNING: All of North America is INFESTED with a Bed Bug Plague!
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Beds Bugs, Bed Bugs. Everything you NEED to know about Bed Bugs!!
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The TRUTH about Bed Bugs, and other News, is found at SalvationCanada.
Latest TV reports sugar coat the Bed Bug PLAGUE. ie. Winnipeg Library
is not ‘mildly’ effected, but actually 100% infested. Forever!
No amount of chemicals, sprays, poison, or other treatment works.

The ‘Millennium’ Library had to destroy 1,000’s of cushioned chairs.
The News Media and Government LIE to YOU! FAKE NEWS. FAKE JUSTIN.
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Before Bed Bugs….a “Bite” of News….

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Rodney Howard-Browne says CBN ‘COVERED UP’ threat against President Trump!
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Howard-Browne said you mean by impeachment or by indictment?
He said “No, to take him out, he will be removed suddenly from office”
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**New Method of removing Evil Bed Bugs and muslums:

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unclean, says the kooky koran. worshiping their false pig mo-HAM-ad
on porky land makes them more unclean, more evil, and attracts Bed Bugs.

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Bed Bugs are a PLAGUE, Curse from Hell, and PAINFUL!!!
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Bed Bugs Bed Bugs, Everything you need to know about Bed Bugs!
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Здравствуйте! Hello to Russia, around the World! Bed Bugs are everywhere!

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BedBug Bed Bug Bedbugs Bed Bugs. Everything you NEED to know about
Bed Bugs!!
Winter is here in the U.S.A. and Canada. That means more BedBugs
will be coming indoors! Lots of Bed Bugs coming indoors! Did we say Lots?!
There is much new information to share, as soon as more donations come in.
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A new question has been asked: “How fast does a Bed Bug move?”
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YES, Bed Bugs move fairly fast. Moreso as they get older, mature.
An adult can RUSH One foot in about One second, if it wants to.
So, a little slower than some insects. Remember, they are an Insect.
Usually they meander, stop, hide, wait, go looking for dinner (YOU!).
Bed Bugs, like most insects, see and sense their prey. They can even
detect blood in the veins so they know where to bite! OUCH! YIKES!
BedBugs travel at various speeds, and are very intelligent. They RUN
when you try to attack them, but are dumb enough to get caught in a cup.
Hope that answers your question! (yes, you can outrun Bed Bugs. xD)
oh, Bed Bugs will chase you…hahaha…ladies, have a shoe ready!
Thanks again for the donation. God Bless!

WARNING – Bed Bugs Attacking Woman in Genital Area without Mercy!!
WARNING – Bed Bugs can and will BITE you where it HURTS the most!
Don’t laugh, men, guess where Bed Bugs BITE you! Read on to find out…
Bed Bug BedBug Bedbugs and everything you NEED to know about Bedbugs!
CONGRATULATIONS! You win a good nights sleep by reading this website!
Do NOT be in DENIAL! If you have BITES, you have Bed Bugs! READ HERE!
Not so many Bed Bugs up here in Cold, Cold, Freezing Cold, Canada, eh!!
AND, with such turmoil World Wide, Canada seems the safest place to Live.
There is no good way to say this READER…Bed Bugs are the least problem.
bb1soldiers1BlackLivesMatter Protest
Wars/Rumors of Wars/Persecution/False Charges/Torture/Shot, if lucky – Death.

Warning – Graphic Pictures! Crisis! BED BUGS PLAGUE STRIKES THE WORLD!!
Updated 2017 *New Bed Bug Trap Developed! *Super Lice info at bottom.
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Bed Bug Bites HURT and SCAR YOU, everywhere!!!
Bed Bug after a Feeding on Human Blood!
bed bugs eating babyBed Bug Bites on Face and Eyelidsbedbug5
Bed Bugs Eating Baby! Bed Bug Bites on Eyelids and Face. Bed Bugs bite Baby!

Repeatedly, people ask SalvationCanada if spraying kills BedBugs. “NO”!
NO! Spraying or insecticides or poisons do NOT kill many BedBugs, larva, eggs.
NO! Any spraying or trap or chemical is NOT an effective Bed Bug Killer!
Do NOT be scammed, duped, conned, suckered out of your hard earned $$$.
(Donate it to SalvationCanada instead!)
Only sprays harmful to humans, like DDT, work on Bed Bugs.
This said, What is the solution to BedBugs? Read on, wise person….

It was thought that no diseases were carried by Bed Bugs. Not true!
Millions of people worldwide, mostly in Latin America, are infected
with Trypansosoma cruzi, a parasite that causes Chagas disease.
If one blood borne illness is carried by Bed Bugs, then more diseases
can and will be carried by the blood in Bed Bugs in the future! OH NO!!!
Bed Bug - Cimex Lectularius
Bed Bug – Cimex Lectularius – causes violent itching, rashes, in Humans!!!
Good News from Canada! A Canadian Researcher bitten over 1/4 Million times
is the First to discover the “Triple Hook” of histamine and pheromones, and
airborne-volatile compounds that attract/signal Bed Bugs!
The Developers are now working with Industry and the Scientific Community
to develop the very first effective yet expensive bait, lure, and trap for Bed Bugs!
“Triple Hook” Bed Bug traps will be available in about 2017. Yea Canada!!!
“Triple Hook” is an effective lure used to catch fish, now used to catch Bed Bugs!
“Triple Hook” is a communication signaling Bed Bugs to “come”, “safe”, “sleep”.
LOL…”Sleep…Sleep Data…Sleep”. LOL
More to come on this Bed Bug Breakthrough!!

Bed Bug Eggs in Hair???
Yes, Bed Bugs do lay eggs in hair! All Hair.
Oh Ya! )-:

In pores and fat flaps too! Even in your eyebrows and on/around pubic hair!
bed bug eggs
Bed Bug Eggs

How do I rid my body of invisible bed bugs and minuscule bed bug eggs?
-Scrubbing your entire body and crevices with soap and hot water is a start.
-Use Baby Shampoo on all hair and scrub gently, taking time pull gently along hair.
-Then use Sanitizer on affected areas. (External use only, not near eyes)
-Physical inspection and physical removal of the very tiny Bed Bug Eggs
in hair or pores or flesh is the only sure way to kill the Bed Bug egg.
(On hair/on scalp/on or in crevices/ON or IN female genital area)
Yes, Bed Bugs Bite Female Genital Area Too! Wearing panties does not help.
Yes, Bed Bugs do Bite your genitals gentlemen, and labia ladies. Ouch!
Not to worry, Follow our Program to eliminate Bed Bugs, and you will Sleep Tight!

More pictures of bed bugs and bed bug eggs below.
We recommend a systematic approach to kill Bed Bugs, as outlined further down.
Bed Bug size
Bed Bug Size from Adult down to Nymph.

Life Cycle of BedBugs:





Life Cycle of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are often carried into a home on objects such as books, furniture and clothing. If you think you may have a bed bug problem, check for live bed bugs or shells in the following areas:

Seams, creases, tufts and folds of mattresses and box springs
Cracks in the bed frame and head board
Under chairs, couches, beds, dust covers
Between the cushions of couches and chairs
Under area rugs and the edges of carpets
Between the folds of curtains
In drawers
Behind baseboards, and around window and door casings
Behind electrical plates and under loose wallpaper, paintings
In cracks in plaster
In telephones, radios, and clocks
Bedbugs Love books, papers, clothes, hair, coats, hats, stuffed toys…
Bed bugs can also travel from apartment to apartment along pipes, electrical wiring and other openings. If the infestation is heavy, a sweet smell may be noticed.
The Mattress is a favorite home, close to their food.
The Female Bed Bug will lay 10-50 eggs. Up to 500 in a lifetime.
A rough surface like mattress, paper, even human hair, is a breeding ground.
Until a blood feeding, Bed Bugs are very small, unfealable, unseeable.
Only after sucking your Blood, are they dark brown, apple seed size.

The following is a collection of Pictures of Bed Bug Bites!!!


This “Triple Bite”, also called “Breakfast, Lunch, Supper” is typical.

A single “hole” is also a tell-tale sign of a Bed Bug Bite!
Face gets eaten Alive! Yikes! Even a Hand gets sucked dry!
Proof in the Pictures that Bed Bugs are a Blood Sucking Plague!
The bites may NOT be felt, because they first inject you
with a local anesthetic, in saliva, numbing the area.
After that, the bedbug injects you with an anticoagulant
to keep your precious blood flowing during feeding.
THEN the bedbug pierces you with it’s larger straw like feeding tube
and Sucks Your Blood right out of your body!!!

This leaves a visible HOLE, blood, and infection sets in.
Large Welts, like in the pictures above, can last for weeks
or many months, and scar. Bed Bugs are a Horrible Plague on us all!!


Bedbugs have been around forever.
Only with the development of modern towns and cities, have Bedbugs flourished.
In Canada and the U.S.A., Bedbugs encountered their worst nightmare.
DDT. (dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane)
DDT was a widely used poison. But it was found to kill the entire food chain and
get into the water which caused cancer in humans. DDT was Banned worldwide.
Only California now lets Some DDT be used under special cases.
DDT almost wiped out Bed Bugs. (too bad it was almost)
Since DDT was banned in 1972, Bed Bug populations have grown exponentially.
Only now have Bed Bug numbers been at the “INFESTATION” level.
And it is going to get Worse!!! Exponentially worse!!!

All of North America and the UK are Plague Infested with Bed Bugs!
All the WORLD has become home to Bed Bugs! Bed Bugs are EVERYWHERE!!!

Soap and water. Keep the skin clean and try not to scratch.
Use alcohol based “SANITIZER” to help prevent infection.
If the bites are very itchy, your doctor may prescribe cream or antihistamines to relieve the itchiness. Oral antibiotics may be prescribed for any secondary skin infection from excessive scratching.
Fucidin CreamPolysporin
A topical antibiotic like Fucidin Cream, or Polysporin works.
Be Warned! Bedbugs will return to the bite area to feed again, and may bring their buddies (as shown in picture). Protect the area with heavy clothing 24/7.
Be Aware. Once you have an infestation, you must follow ALL the recommendations.
If you only wear heavy protective clothing and hoodie pulled tight,
they will feed on your face!!! It happened to me!!!
I have battled Bed Bugs for years, and now I see that it is for God’s Glory,
this has happened, that I might warn and help others, and give Jesus the Praise.

This Epidemic, This Plague, This Crisis! These Devil Bugs,
can make you go insane! I punch Hard, in the night, to kill Bed Bugs.
Their bites, to me, are like a wasp sting. All night they wait, then bite.
Bed Bugs are Devious, Intelligent, Blood Sucking Nightmares!
It has been trying, exasperating, painful, want to pull your hair out!
Be Patient, everyone. SalvationCanada is here to help you.

I have to tell you a little more.
The Bed bugs will crawl into your mouth, up your nose, hide in your eyebrow, lay eggs there, hide in your hair – liking the top of your crown, and lay eggs there. Overlaps and folds of skin are a perfect lair for bedbugs. Beware! They also bite around the eyes, and genitalia. Anywhere they can get a meal from. A special shampoo is available, like for lice.
I just shaved all my hair. ALL hair. Bedbugs love hair. Everywhere.
Don’t laugh men, one bedbug bit me painfully, on the testicle.
Did I ever scream in the middle of the night!!!!!!!

Generations of Eastern European housewives doing battle against bedbugs spread bean plant leaves around the floor of an infested room at night. In the morning, the leaves would be covered with bedbugs that had somehow been trapped there. The leaves, and the pests, were collected and burned – by the pound, in extreme infestations.
We know now that Bean tree Leaves have micron size hairs that “catch”
the legs of Bed Bugs. It works! People are trying to imitate
with scientific materials, the Bean Leaf, but it is currently extremely expensive.
I looked and finally found a bean tree. No leaves yet. Maybe I can try in summer.
Found! Bean Tree! We will experiment! There are very small fibers on leaf.
However for practical purposes, unless you have hundreds and hundreds
of Bedbugs, it seems inefficient. This leads to my bedbug KILL recommendations.

As I said, you need ALL the information here, and to develop a “PROGRAM”.
First, buy a HEPA vacuum cleaner. About $250.00 dollars on sale.
Bed Bugs cannot escape the HEPA vacuum, but can escape bag vacuums.
When emptying, seal the garbage bag tight, and dispose of immediately.
(Use small airtight grocery bags to save money.)
Vacuum at least twice per day. Keep this routine up EVERY DAY.
Months later, when things calm down, you can reduce frequency of vacuuming.

Second, Throw out any old junk, especially wood/paper/books.
OLD Carpets, chairs, couches, mattresses, pillows. OUT!
You can buy new box-spring and mattress with a bedbug cover.
(I just left the sealed heavy plastic on, that it came in)
Bed Bug pillow covers are essential too.
Isolate your bed. It is your Island of Safety. YOUR OASIS!
No sheets touch the ground. Keep far away from wall or objects.
*Bedbugs even climbed my pole light, and walked out to the lamp,
and “threw” themselves off to land on my body to suck my blood!
Also, I couldn’t figure out why little gravel bits were hitting me from the ceiling?
Duh!, bits were not falling from the ceiling.
Bedbugs, the intelligent ravenous blood-sucking creatures, found me!
They “fell” off the ceiling, to land on my body to suck my blood!
They curl into a ball so they don’t get hurt, and Geronimo!
Isolate the bed!

Third, Minimum 60 degrees Celsius or 140 degrees Fahrenheit
for Four (4) hours is needed to kill egg, larva, adult Bed Bug.

There is a wide range of Temperatures/times stated, on many websites.
I know. I researched each one of them. I EXPERIMENTED!
Do not be fooled! Follow my Minimum Temperature and Time! Success!
Bed Bugs love clothing. Get rid of as much as you can. Tie the unneeded
in garbage bags. Those can stay tied for 2 years, to ensure the Bed Bugs die.
The clothing you need will have to go through a VERY HOT WASH,
and HOT drying cycle. Dry Cleaning works best, but is expensive.
A 30 min wash in very Hot water
(over 60 degrees Celsius or 140 degrees Fahrenheit)
and 1 hour drying on “HOT” will kill many of the Bed Bugs, but not all.
Store clean clothes on hangers separate from all other clothing or items.
This “Program” will become a way of life, likely for the rest of our lives.
Make sure your water heater is turned up to 60 C (140F)
Or, go to a “Bed Bug Laundromat”, that runs hot water at minimum
60 degrees Celsius or 140 degrees Fahrenheit (almost none do)
Set dryer to HOT, or WHITE. (Do not ruin delicate clothing – dry clean them)
Heat Tent
“HOT ROOMS” are tents, cargo containers or warehouses, specially designed to Kill Bed Bugs, and run at about 75 Degrees Celsius/167 Degrees Fahrenheit, for
8 hours minimum and cost $$$, but are 100% effective when operated correctly.
Soon, Hot Rooms will be popping up all over North America and will let you drop off clothing/items for the day (8hours) to rid them of Bed Bugs.
Tip: This is a good Christian Business to start!
If zoning permits, build a safe, triple locked, “HOT ROOM”, by your house.
Minimum 60C/140 F for Four (4) hours is needed to kill Bed Bugs
– egg, larva, adult, on clothing and other items.
If items are bunched together or in a box, or laid on top of each other, Forget it!
The inside temperature will never reach the needed level.
A Hot Box, heavily insulated, electrician installed, certified, makes extra $$$.
Big enough for couch and mattress, this will be the #1 defense against

Lastly, what I did, (Safety Disclaimer: We are not responsible if you do this.)
was to run two portable heaters into one room with proper extension cords, into
a clean prepared room (no bedding, mattresses upright, ect), and no fire hazards,
and nothing plugged in, and no electronics or anything affected by high heat.
Place a temperature gauge just inside the door for easy quick reading.
A small room may take an hour to get up to the minimum 60C/140 F.
Stay near at all times! Be ready to unplug cords if problems happen.
Also, NO ONE and NOTHING is allowed into the room during this Bed Bug Heating.
If a cat gets in, the cat will die. Make sure you know where your cat is!
Then, when up to heat, start the clock. 4-6 hours and check that the temperature stays up.
This is an all day project. You must stay near room at all times. Check it regularly.
When time is done, pull the plug. Do NOT go into the room until the next day.
Congratulations. Your bedroom is now bedbug free. Try to keep it that way.

If you have the $$$, you can hire a company to “Heat Treat” your entire house
then go for it! High price, but many people are doing it.
Bedbugs can live up to 2years without feeding. Yikes!

Fourth All clutter must go.
Boxes must be plastic, and seal air tight. Buy new storage containers.
Pretend you are moving. At least for a while.
Then, after vacuuming everything, SANITIZE!!!
BLEACH is your new best friend.
One cap full in about 1/2 gallon or 2 liters of warm water
will be strong enough to kill Bed Bugs on contact. Have fun Sanitizing your
vinyl floors, painted baseboards, cupboards, counters, just about everything.
(Not wood or anything that cannot take a bit of bleach)
Continue this vacuum and sanitize lots to begin with, then less later.
Don’t stress yourself out. Be Patient. Follow the Program (and Pray).
Everyone in North America is in the same Plague.
I have personally gone through years of pain and suffering and nights of unable
to sleep because the Bed Bugs are ripping chucks of my flesh off! (almost).
You will survive, (or have to move to a cave in the mountains). (lol)
*Clutter OUT, HEPA vacuum as much/as often as possible, sanitize often.

Fifth Poison doesn’t work, traps don’t work!
Nothing at the “Bug” store works. Don’t listen to lies, con-artists!
There are also MANY false websites. Again, do not be Fooled!
Special techniques, Special powers, Special head case! Ripoffs!

This site is Proven by many testimonies, volunteers, research, experiments, and
well educated people. This site is your FREE, Christian, One Stop Shop
for most everything to know about BedBugs. It is updated regularly.
Do NOT waste your precious Time and Money on FEAR purchases.

Heat Treatment1
The best thing you can do, is HIRE the HEAT TREATMENT.
Heat Treatment2
Their Special heaters can blow hot air into your home at over 60C/140 F
for minimum 4 hour. That will kill almost every bug. Special preparation is required. Expensive, but effective.
You can “spot” do this yourself. I have. Thermometer, Fire safety, many checks, then Heat Away with a ceramic heaters. Works good in a small area. Too large, like a living room, and you will never get up to temperature. Apartments suk. Unless all units Heat-Treated, the bedbugs just scamper away temporarily, then come back later. Smart!
Warehouse Freezers for a week work too. -20 C. or 0 F. minimum.
Good for large possessions. NYC does a lot of this. $$$.
In Canada, luckily, we can just throw our stuff outside in the yard for the weekend. Hahahaha!
Bottom line, this battle will never be over. Follow the Program.
Education and diligence will make life a lot easier, with Bed Bugs.
Don’t be fooled by gimmicks, false promises, slick snake oil salesmen.
Nothing else will work!
Heat, or Freeze. That’s it. NOTHING ELSE!!!
Please, Please, Please STAY AWAY FROM ALL CHEMICALS! They Will Harm YOU!
Last note, 55 C. works less, 50 C. much less. Below 50 C does nothing. Careful of your lotions, perfume, make-up, deodorant, electronics, and anything that cannot take the heat.
60C/140 F is the sweet spot.
It unravels the Bed Bug’s DNA! (cheers!)

Sixth Before Bed, Shower off Bed Bugs each night.
Shower off Bed Bugs
Warning: Showering off Bed Bugs may be a traumatic event!
Wash with soap/shampoo thoroughly, detailed, head to toe.
Dry with a fresh clean isolated towel. Hang it on the door
or over the shower rail. (Isolated and far from floor)
Then run to your “isolated” bed. Keep pj’s there for sleeping only.
One trick for your bed is to use a large container under the bed legs.
This will make it much more difficult for Bed Bugs to climb up.
Worked for me.
If you cannot shower each night, do a “dry rub” with a clean towel,
in another room. ie pretend you showered and are drying off.
This will remove unwanted bedbugs so they don’t feed on you all night.
Remember, Bed Bugs are Invisible before they eat you!!!

Done. That is your new PROGRAM.

It is said that Bedbugs have “patterns” and “habits”.
They LIE.
Bed Bugs are Starving for your Blood!
They will come after YOU, Day or Night, Light or Dark, Noise or Quiet.
One literally walked into the center of our Bible Study.
Darn Bed Bug Devil!!!
We “Cast It Out” in the Name of Jesus!!!
So again, don’t be fooled or deceived.
Bed Bugs are intelligent and starving.
They will do anything to get to YOUR Blood!!!

Diabetics have it worse, because their blood is sweeter.
White people, and those with thin skin are prime targets.
Black people, and those with thick skin are still targets,
but Bed Bugs have a tougher time.
Bedbugs can and will harvest BLOOD from Pets.
Cats and Dogs easily carry Bed Bugs and Eggs
and are a MAJOR source of re-infestation.
There is a special shampoo available for Pets available at Pet Stores/Vet.
Bed Bugs are very “thin”, less than 1mm, (1/25″) and hide almost anywhere.
Bed Bugs are “transparent” and cannot be seen until older and blood fed.
Bed Bugs cannot normally be felt, even when feeding.

Only when you are hypersensitive, or when they get “aggressive”,
can Bed Bugs be felt. Hitting them only makes them mad. They have a hard shell that makes “squishing” them impossible. A substantial weight and force is required to “pulverize” and “destroy” the BedBug Adult.
Bed Bugs eggs are so small, they can be laid in pores, wrinkles, fat layers.
Bed Bugs have two (2) tubes to pierce the victim’s body with.
The first tube is so small, the human body cannot feel it pierce.
The first tube injects saliva which contains anesthetics and anti-coagulants.
to numb you to the feeding tube that is coming, and to make you bleed better.
This may cause a person’s skin to itch, swell, turn red, lump, infect.
Bed Bugs do NOT always anesthetize before piercing your skin to get Blood!
Bed Bugs can just “puncture” you, making a hole in you, causing significant pain!
Find them, when they do this, and hit them with a hammer, or heavy object
on the floor or a hard surface, to kill and destroy the Devil Bug!

There is much more information to share.
More later.
God Bless.
And (don’t hate me for saying this)
“Sleep Tight…Don’t let the bedbugs bite!”

Now you Know!
Thanks be to Jesus, I have endured, researched, and conquered!
My prayer is that you receive this information, and also receive the truth
about Jesus – that He died for our sins.
Only He, Jesus, can forgive our sins.
Pray this Prayer: Jesus, forgive my sins. I repent of my sins.
Come into my heart Jesus. I make you Lord and Savior of my Life.
In Jesus Name. Amen.

Read the rest of the website, especially the “Salvation” Tab.
Thank Jesus for His mercy and Grace. (And for teaching you about BedBugs)
Keep Fighting the Good Fight!
Contact us with your Praise Report!
God Bless!

note: minimize the ways Bed Bugs may enter your home.
They “hitchhike”. If you vacation, make sure your hotel is BedBug free.
Inspect everything for yourself. Any signs of Bed Bugs, leave.
The mattress stitching is the first place to look.
Also, when returning, Heat Treat everything you can and
jump into the Hot Tub. Bed Bugs hate the Hot Tub.
Public Library’s are Forbidden Land. Millions of Bed Bugs own them.
Public Transit, large gatherings, and even going to the movies
is Prime Time Opportunity for Bed Bugs to hitch a ride to your home.
Don’t kill your social life. Just be aware and take precautions.
Bed Bugs in room
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traumatic insemination
More info on Bed Bugs…..They reproduce by the male inseminating the female.
Unfortunately for her, this is Rough Sex! Klingons are less brutal!!
“Traumatic insemination” is the operative description of SEX for Bed Bugs.
traumatic insemination2
“Traumatic insemination” is the male penis piercing the Female abdominal cavity.
Piercing of the female results in an open wound, infection, and possibly death.
traumatic insemination3
If Bed Bugs do this to their mate, what do you think they do to YOU!!!
Each mating and piercing of the abdominal cavity leaves the Female damaged.
Infection, getting eaten, getting vacuumed up, are risks of death
because the wound takes time and energy to heal. Mortality rates of
Female Bed Bugs increases directly in proportion to population density.
This is not good news. It means an epidemic level of Infestation!!!

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“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16 KJV

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Heaven and Hell are real. Stay free of sin,
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Oh No! Another Plague! Super Lice!
Super Lice 2
Super Lice are in Canada, the USA, the EU, and are fast mutating around the world!
Super Lice 3
ALL regular treatments FAIL as Lice have Mutated!
Super Lice 4
Combing is still the best way to save the hair. Do NOT cut hair!!
Heat Treatment, as above for Bed Bugs, is the only way to stop them!
A special dehydrating heat treatment is the only effective method to kill
Super Lice on the head and hair. What a Horrible Plague!
Super Lice 5
AirAllé device kills lice and eggs through dehydration.
One hour treatment and regular combing with the “Lice Comb” are effective
to combat Super Lice. (That and Prayer)
more to come….

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