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AUTISTIC BLACK Abdiraman Abdi, viciously beaten, murdered by 5 White cops
Abdirizaq Abdi, brother of AUTISTIC Abdiraman Abdi, in SHOCK, HORRIFIED!
BlackLivesMatter34‘I wanted to give the benefit of the doubt, but the way that the situation played out, it seemed like it was because we were like immigrants or we were black,’ said Mariam Ali. Errol McGihon / Postmedia
Hawa Abdi is the sister of the man who was arrested by Ottawa police on Hilda Street. Errol McGihon / Postmedia.



Updated: SIU investigates after man dies following confrontation with police



Ottawa man dies after confrontation with police, SIU investigating


Ottawa Metro

National Post
Family mourns ‘kind-hearted’ Ottawa man who died after violent arrest that horrified neighbourhood

Reporters Write:

Ontario’s police watchdog is investigating after a Somali-Canadian Ottawa man with a “mental capacity issue” was taken to hospital in critical condition Sunday following an attempted arrest west of downtown.

Around 10:30 a.m., officers with the Ottawa Police Service were called to Wellington Street West and Fairmont Avenue after getting reports of a man causing a disturbance, said Special Investigations Unit spokesman Jason Gennaro in a statement.

Police located the 37-year-old man, and shortly afterwards there was a “confrontation” outside a building at 55 Hilda Street, a few blocks away, said Gennaro.

SIU called to investigate arrest on Hilda Street in Ottawa. Man taken to Ottawa Civic Hospital. More details to follow — @SIUOntario

The man suffered “medical distress” during the confrontation and was taken to the Ottawa Hospital’s Civic Campus, where as of 6 p.m. Sunday he was listed in critical condition.

Abdirizaq Abdi told CBC News that he was on the eighth floor of his building when a neighbour yelled that police were arresting his brother Abdirahman.

“I heard the screaming, and then I come out and I see my brother lying down, police hitting so badly. Like, I’ve never seen something like that in my life,” Abdi said.
brother hilda street arrest siu investigation

Abdirizaq Abdi speaks to a reporter after his brother was hospitalized following an arrest Sunday in Ottawa’s Hintonburg neighbourhood.

“All of them, they were on top of him. He was under [them] … they were hitting like [he was] an enemy. I’ve never seen something like that.”

While Abdirahman Abdi was listed in critical condition Sunday afternoon, his family initially thought he had died during the attempted arrest.

Not a lot of optimism from community that victim will live through injuries. A woman who has been to civic says he suffered brain injuries
— @cattunneycbc

The family thought the man had died. But he is alive. Most of his family is with him in hospital
— @cattunneycbc

Police have not yet provided details about the reason for the arrest, although the SIU was expected to make an announcement later Sunday afternoon.
Moved to Canada from Somalia

Abdi said his brother had been “sick” and that he rarely spoke to other people. The family immigrated to Canada from Somalia, he said.

“I live in a country that there’s no government and I’ve never seen something like this,” he said. “I only live eight years [here] and this happen for nothing. And I wasn’t expecting like this stuff to happen.”

City councillor Jeff Leiper, who represents the area, met with the family on Sunday. He said the man who was arrested was a common face in the neighbourhood and suffered from “a mental capacity issue.”

Heading home now from Hilda, waiting to hear more from the family at the hospital. All we can do is wait.
— @JLeiper

“What is clear, at least to me, is that there is a mental capacity issue that was at play here,” Leiper said. “Residents and the family are suggesting that that was part of whatever transpired here this morning.”
‘Initial discomfort’

Leiper also said there was “initial discomfort” among the residents of the building where Abdirahman Abdi was arrested, many of whom are new Canadians, about whether the arrest would be looked into.

“When I spoke to them about the role that the SIU plays, and why it’s different from Ottawa police, that seemed to reassure them that this incident will be investigated seriously,” he said.

Members of the Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization would also likely be talking to residents about the incident and what happens next, Leiper added.
hilda street arrest siu

Police tape blocks off a stretch of Hilda Street in Ottawa on July 24, 2016. The province’s Special Investigations Unit has invoked its mandate after a man was hospitalized following an arrest Sunday. (Catharine Tunney/CBC)

The Ottawa Police Service declined to comment, saying only that the SIU is handling the investigation.

Five investigators and one forensic investigator have been assigned to investigate this incident, said the SIU.

The agency is urging any witnesses to contact the lead investigator at 1-800-787-8529.

Ontario’s SIU investigates whenever there is a death, serious injury or allegation of sexual assault involving police in the province.

With files from Catharine Tunney

SIU called in after ‘man suffering medical distress’ taken to hospital in critical condition
by News Staff
Posted Jul 24, 2016 10:53 pm EDT

The province’s special investigations unit has been called in after an incident involving the arrest of a 37-year-old Ottawa man on Sunday.

Police were called to the area of Wellington Street West and Fairmont Avenue around 10:30 a.m. for reports of a man causing a “disturbance.”

SIU called to investigate arrest on Hilda Street in Ottawa. Man taken to Ottawa Civic Hospital. More details to follow — SIU (@SIUOntario) July 24, 2016

A 37-year-old man was found on scene and police said there was a confrontation outside 55 Hilda Street.
Friends of the man have talked to media in Ottawa and identified the man as Abdirahman Abdi.
Police said that at some point during the confrontation that “the man suffered medical distress.”
The man was transported to Ottawa Civic Hospital and is currently in critical condition.
Anyone with information is being asked to contact police.

SIU investigates after Ottawa man sent to hospital in life-threatening condition
Ottawa Police
CTV Ottawa
Published Sunday, July 24, 2016 11:25AM EDT
Last Updated Sunday, July 24, 2016 6:41PM EDT

The province’s police watch dog is investigating the actions of officers in Ottawa after a man was sent to hospital this afternoon with life-threatening injuries.

Sunday morning Ottawa Police blocked off Hilda St. from Wellington St. West to Armstrong St. in Hintonburg as part of the investigation.

Family friends have identified the victim is 37-year-old Abdi Abdiraman, who has a mental illness.

Ottawa Police say they received a call around 10:30a.m.for a disturbance at a location on Wellington St. near Fairmont Ave. involving a male. Duty Insp. Mark Patterson said the initial situation was dealt with there – before it continued on to Hilda St.

The Special Investigations Unit said a confrontation took place outside 55 Hilda St., and at some point the man suffered medical distress.

David Thyne said he watched the situation from his balcony across the street.

“They were using their cane, or stick, or what it is and they were really, really going at him and he was screaming,” said Thyne.

Suhkri Samater, a friend of the victim’s family, said she came outside as the man was being handcuffed.

“It was just really sad, we just didn’t understand the purpose of such excessive force used,” said Samater.

Miriam Ali said she could hear screaming from her apartment on Hilda St. Sunday morning and came outside to see a man lying on the ground.

“He was unconscious and he was sitting in a pool of blood…I came out here and he was lying on his front and there were just like five of six police officers on him,” said Ali.

The man was transported to the Ottawa Civic Hospital where he remains in critical condition.

The SIU is urging anyone who may have witnessed the incident to contact the lead investigator at 1-800-787-8529. The SIU are called whenever there is serious injury, or death, or accusation of sexual assault involving police.

By Evelyn Harford, Postmedia Network
News Ottawa & Region
SIU investigating after man pepper-sprayed by police

First posted: Sunday, July 24, 2016 02:06 PM EDT | Updated: Sunday, July 24, 2016 08:43 PM EDT

A man was taken to hospital and the police watchdog called in after pepper spray was used by Ottawa officers during an arrest Sunday morning.

The Special Investigations Unit police oversight organization said a man attempting to elude arrest led the police on a foot chase in the Hintonburg area. The pepper spray was used by police and a man stopped breathing. He was taken to the Civic campus of the Ottawa Hospital.

The man taken to hospital was identified as Abdi Abdiraman by his sister.

Neighbours, who knew the man, said the incident began at a Bridgehead store located on Wellington Street West, ending outside the man’s apartment building on Hilda Street when police used the spray. The apartment building is about five minutes walk from the shop. taff at Bridgehead called police about a disturbance.

The SIU is investigates when police are directly involved with incidents resulting in serious injury or death.

Hilda Road between Wellington Street West and Armstrong Avenue was expected to remain closed to traffic until the early evening.

National Post:
Man in critical condition, SIU investigating after witnesses say Ottawa police beat him unconscious

Evelyn Harford and Aedan Helmer, Postmedia News | July 25, 2016 11:53 AM ET
More from Postmedia News

A 37-year-old man was in critical condition in an Ottawa hospital Sunday night after a police intervention that is being probed by the Special Investigations Unit.

The man was identified as Abdirahman Abdi by his sister, Hawa Abdi, who said she feared he would not recover. He was being treated at The Ottawa Hospital’s trauma centre.

The SIU, the civilian oversight agency that investigates cases resulting in serious injuring, death or sexual assault when police are involved, said in a news release that a man attempting to elude arrest led police on a foot chase through the Hintonburg neighbourhood, west of downtown Ottawa, around 10:30 a.m.

The SIU said police confronted a man outside 55 Hilda St. and that “at some point during the confrontation, the man suffered medical distress.”
Postmedia News
Postmedia NewsAccording to several witnesses, Abdirahman Abdi was taken down in a west Ottawa neighbourhood by several police officers, who then began to kick, punch and beat him with their batons.

However, witnesses who spoke with Postmedia said the man was beaten by multiple officers as he tried to run into an apartment building on Hilda Street. Witnesses said the man lay unconscious on the ground for about 15 minutes before paramedics arrived and began administering CPR.

“You can’t go against five cops at once,” said witness Asli Mohamed. “It was unnecessary.”

Mohamed, 20, a former resident of the apartment building, said she overheard police calling for backup before calling in paramedics. She said she saw blood “all over the place.”

“He looked weird — he looked dead,” she said. “It was weird that they didn’t (immediately) call paramedics. It took way too long. Everything was moving very slowly.”

Police were initially called by staff to a Bridgehead café near Hilda Street. A Bridgehead employee, who spoke on condition that their name not be published, said Abdi had been “harassing” a woman at the coffee shop.

Witnesses said Abdi fled on foot, with police in pursuit, to the front of his apartment building on Hilda Street, about 250 metres away.

Abdi lived at 55 Hilda Street with his family, many of whom were at his hospital bedside Sunday.

Nimao Ali, a family friend and resident of the Hilda Street apartment building, who acted as a translator for the shocked family, said emergency room doctors were concerned with a “lack of oxygen to (his) brain.”

“The doctors said he’s not going to make it,” Ali said.

You can’t go against five cops at once. It was unnecessary

According to several witnesses, Abdi was taken down by several officers, who then began to kick, punch and beat him with their batons.

After Abdi was subdued and handcuffed, he lay bleeding on the sidewalk for more than 10 minutes before he was given medical attention by arriving paramedics, according to one witness.

A 27-minute video recorded by a witness and obtained by Postmedia shows Abdi, his wrist cuffed behind his back and his pants pulled down, face down for nearly 10 minutes before paramedics arrived, examined the man, removed his handcuffs and started CPR. It is another 15 minutes before Abdi is loaded into an ambulance and taken to hospital.

Witness video 27:28

Off camera, screams and yelling can be heard.

“I think he’s dead,” one woman can be heard yelling. “Where’s the ambulance, he’s going to bleed to death.”

Nearby, witnesses said officers attempted to seize cellphones from bystanders who were recording the incident.

One man who was said to have recorded the skirmish between Abdi and police did not want to make the video available to Postmedia out of respect for the family, said Mariam Ali, 18, a University of Ottawa student.
Errol McGihon / Postmedia News
Errol McGihon / Postmedia NewsOttawa Police at the scene on Hilda Street where the SIU were investigating an altercation following an arrest by Ottawa Police and a man who ended up in hospital in critical condition.

Zainab Abdallah, who lives in the building and knows Abdi, said she saw Abdi running toward the doors and the officers fast approaching and yelling at him to lie down.

When he didn’t comply, he was taken to the ground, she said. When they began beating him, she said, she tried to intervene.

“I told the police he’s a crazy man,” she recounted. “They hit, they hit, they hit, they hit everywhere. Then he was unconscious. “Then I was scared. Then I’m shocked … It’s the first time in my whole life I see a human being hit by another human being.”

Abdallah, who has lived in the Hilda Street residence for about six years, described Abdi as “a quiet, nice guy.

“He’s usually fine,” she said. “I don’t understand.”

Abdi was known by neighbourhood residents to be “non-verbal” and those who spoke to Postmedia said they believed him to be on the autism spectrum.
Errol McGihon / Postmedia News
Errol McGihon / Postmedia NewsAsli Mohamed witnessed the aftermath of the confrontation on Hilda Street.

“I think we’re all just surprised because we live in Ottawa and we don’t really encounter these kinds of problems,” said Mariam Ali. “I wanted to give the benefit of the doubt, but the way that the situation played out it seemed like it was because we were like immigrants or we were black.”

Mohamed said that the community usually has a good relationship with police.

But in light of the recent instances of police brutality in the U.S., residents of the Hilda Street apartment are “sensitive” to what happened on their doorstep Sunday morning.

Abdi, an immigrant from Somalia, has lived in the building since 2009. Ali said she felt like Abdi and the rest of the community weren’t being treated “the way we were supposed to” and that they “weren’t being cared for the way (they) were supposed to” on Sunday morning.

Ottawa police wouldn’t comment on the details of Sunday’s incident since the SIU was still investigating. The agency has assigned five investigators and one forensic investigator to the case.

The SIU has urged any witnesses to contact the lead investigator at 1-800-787-8529.

Ottawa Metro:
News / Ottawa
Witness ‘shocked’ by Ottawa Police arrest that sent man to hospital
The SIU is investigating an arrest in Ottawa after the suspect was sent to hospital with unknown injuries.

Paramedics treat a suspect outside 55 Hilda Avenue Sunday morning, after he was arrested by police.

Shukri Samater

Paramedics treat a suspect outside 55 Hilda Avenue Sunday morning, after he was arrested by police.
By: Emma Jackson Metro Published on Sun Jul 24 2016

The Ottawa Police’s “shocking” arrest of a man Sunday morning was “a gross overreaction,” according to one witness.

Shukri Samater said she watched the incident from her bedroom window on Hilda Street in Hintonburg.

She said police deployed what she believed to be pepper spray on her neighbour on the street before handcuffing him and striking him once with a baton.

The Special Investigations Unit said Sunday it is now investigating the incident, after he ended up in hospital in critical condition after suffering “medical distress” during the confrontation.

According to Samater, officers had chased him down after responding to Fairmont Avenue and Wellington Street West around 10:30 a.m., she said.

“He saw the police and he got scared,” she said. “He ran home.”

Police caught up to him outside his apartment building at 55 Hilda St. According to Samater, the officers yelled “Don’t move” at the man three times before subduing him.

Neighbours were yelling at police that he had a mental illness and a language barrier, and couldn’t understand the officers’ instruction, according to Samater.

She said the officers kneeled on the back of his head and told bystanders not to call paramedics.

Samater said there was blood on his head and arms, and he wasn’t resisting.

“That was the most disturbing part of it all, what happened after he was handcuffed,” Samater said. “He was bleeding from the back of his head.”

Paramedics later arrived on scene and tried to resuscitate him before taking him away in an ambulance, Samater said.

Samater said she’s “shocked” by the police response.

“The community knows he’s not well. We try to protect him,” said Samater, who said the man’s name is Abdi. “He didn’t have a weapon, he wasn’t violent.”

The SIU is urging witnesses to call 1-800-787-8529 to assist in the investigation.

In a blog post on Sunday, Kitchissippi Coun. Jeff Leiper said he was “very disturbed” by witnesses’ accounts of what he described as a “rough” altercation between the police and the man. He said he visited Civic hospital Sunday where the man remains on life support and is awaiting the SIU to conduct its full investigation.

Below is a copy of the councillor’s full statement:

Today, as many residents have likely read by now, there was a serious incident in Hintonburg involving police. I arrived at the site as the ambulance left and spent about 5 hours at the site speaking with family, residents and witnesses, and some more time this evening at the hospital where one of our residents is in critical condition.

Some details have been released by the Special Investigations Unit that is investigating the incident. You can read its statement here. It says:

“Around 10:30 a.m. this morning, Ottawa Police officers were called to the area of Wellington Street West and Fairmont Avenue for reports of a man causing a disturbance.
“Officers responded and located a 37-year-old man. Shortly after, there was a confrontation outside 55 Hilda Street.
“At some point during the confrontation, the man suffered medical distress.
“He was transported to Ottawa Civic Hospital. He is currently listed in critical condition.”

Media reports have also been surfacing with more details based on witness accounts.

From the descriptions of events I heard from numerous people, a fairly clear narrative emerges of what happened this morning around 10:30. I will not repeat every detail, but multiple people have described behaviour at the Bridgehead at Fairmont by the resident that led to police being called, a foot chase, and then a very rough altercation between he and police at the door of 55 Hilda that led to his being sent to hospital in cardiac arrest. Several descriptions have been provided of the police striking him, which need to be investigated. There have been multiple accounts given that he has a mental illness, and that mental capacity likely played a role in today’s events.

Tonight, he is clinging to life on life-support. The next couple of days will be very uncertain.

Several steps will need to be taken in the next couple of days. First and foremost, this incident is being investigated by the Special Investigations Unit (SIU). While I am very disturbed by what I have heard from witnesses, it is critical that they finish their work. If you have information about what happened, please call the SIU at (800) 787-8529.

The residents at 55 Hilda will also need help. I have been in touch with OCISO, and with other agencies in the city that have the expertise needed to help people cope with this very traumatic experience. My staff and I will be focused on that for much of tomorrow.

The family, of course, will also need help. I have spent much of today with them, and have put them in touch with people I trust for advice and guidance for the days ahead. I will continue to provide whatever help they need.

Finally, residents reading the media accounts and hearing rumours may also want to seek help with their own mental health. There are walk-in counselling clinics offered in the area, including at nearby Family Services Ottawa. Those clinics’ hours and locations are here. For more immediate help, you can reach the Distress Centre at (613) 238-3311. We’ve had an onslaught of horrible headlines in the past couple of weeks – don’t hesitate to reach out.

The headlines and accounts of events today have left me shaken. I admire the Ottawa Police Service, and am grateful daily for the work that they do for residents. Today’s incident raises many questions. Conflicting information is circulating, and the potential to spread misinformation is high. I have every confidence that the civilian SIU will investigate this thoroughly, and I would ask residents to wait for the results of that process before jumping to any conclusions. But, rest assured, I want the answers. None of us will rest well until those are forthcoming.

With files from Joe Lofaro

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Updated: SIU investigates after man dies following confrontation with police
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North Miami Dade Police lying statement July 21, 2016

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This is not a case of police brutality. This is not one of those cases
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while not even protesting in Baton Rouge,Louisiana.
Another female BLACK who was speaking to reporters, (not protesting)
was illegally arrested in Rochester, NY, USA.
DeRay McKesson2
@DeRay McKesson illegal arrest.

IN MEMORY OF: Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. The two black men who were Murdered by police.
Alton Sterling just before being shot

Video of Police Murdering PHILANDO CASTILE.

Rest in Peace, Philando Castile.
More highways being blocked by BlackLivesMatter

Bridges and Interstates being taken over by Protesters across America!
Also, this is unreal:

Rodney Lee Wilson, a police officer with the Overland Park Police Department in Kansas, FIRED! He threatened to kill a BLACK BABY of a BLACK WOMAN who supported BLACKLIVESMATTER!
Rodney Lee
Police initially stated that his account and computer had been hacked.
This was proven to be More Police LIES!!!
LaNaydra Williams and child India
LaNaydra Williams and child India.
Williams is terrified and still in FEAR that the THREATS made by
Rodney Lee Wilson to kill them, will happen in the night!
J-TWISTA⚡#StayWoke ‏@TwistAnonReaper 9m, 9 minutes ago

Anti-BlackLivesMatter FB post!
#BlackLivesMatter kills cops, Fort Worth police group claims in viral post!