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As SalvationCanada Predicted, Rio2016 is bankrupt, and owes $100Million!
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Workers not paid the whole time! Starving in the streets! Can’t get home!

More Politicians shot, and even murdered! Itubiara city in Goias, Brazil
Warning! Graphic! The Truth and near NAKED pictures of the Corruption in Brazil!
SCANDAL! USAIN BOLT may have VIRUS after womanizing in Rio, Brazil!
WARNING: ZIKA VIRUS running rampant across the world after Rio Olympics!!
You Must Get Tested, and NO SEX, No Oral, No Kissing ANYONE for One Year!
Highly Contagious! Was it worth the price to not kiss your loved ones for a year?
If you do spread ZIKA, it is the same as spreading HIV, and doing so is a crime!
BOLT could destroy himself and YOU! What a terrible shame! REPENT BOLT!
In Canada and the USA, BOLT would be put in prison if he passes HIV!! Beware!!
Usain Bolt, was a Hero, now a manwhore, was defeated like Samson and Delilah.
Usain Bolt caught cheating with teen widow of Murder/Drug Lord, Jady Duarte!
Usain Bolt does her twice, with no regard for her 2 babies waiting for mommy.
Usain Bolt then goes out clubbing soon after, stalking his next young prey.
How quickly the great Bolt fell to the ground and loses his wife to be in Jamaica.
What a loss for all the Christians who looked up to the Man of Men! Repent Bolt!
What would your Christian Mother say, Insane Usain? You got AIDS? REPENT Bolt!
Any young girl who you fornicated with needs to get tested for STD’s, and AIDS!
You represent unfaithful, Jerk, Loser, cheater, womanizer. Not a PUMA Champion!
PUMA would do well to drop your sponsorship, Bolt, the way you drop young girls!

Rio2016 was marred by censorship, propaganda, numerous problems such as
Athletes returning home after seeing the Virus Filled GROSS GREEN Diving Pool.
Gross Green Diving Pool
Rio2016 saw a bathtub size drone falling from the sky near people…
Also, several unauthorized large drones hovered over the 60,000 people at the
Opening Ceremonies. French President Hollande left! Many Dignitaries left!
Soldiers were seen pointing their machine guns into the sky.
So much for the Billion Dollars of Security at the Rio2016 Summer Olympic Games.
What do YOU think? What about athletes and spectators Virus infected?
Roto Virus, E-Coli Virus. What about the costs? Rio will suffer a huge loss $$$.
What about the poor, the needy, the disabled, the elderly, the children and babies?
Could the $$$ not go to help them? Provide food and medicine for them???
And much much more. What do YOU think???
Sad to say, but the smoke and lights and pageantry could not hide the
disgusting stench of american politics – banning many of the Russians. Horrible!
Many Russian Athletes were “clean”, deserving to compete in the
NON-POLITICAL world Olympics! Hey USA – America, SHAME ON YOU!!!
Your LYING President Obama is a FRAUD!! Said he’s Christian, now muslim. LIAR!

Of note, nothing was seen of a Christian theme??? Why is that??? Jesus is God!
Was only a dead stone statue on rock the only illusion that Brazil loves Jesus?
Who told all of 90% Christian Brazil to deny their Faith and Belief in Jesus???
Triple Triple Gold Medalist Christian Sprinter Usain Bolt from Jamaica
did more to Glorify Christ, than all of Brazil. What is going on Brazil?
Did you sell your soul to USA? Did you deny Christ for some silver?

Thank you ALL TRUE BELIEVERS, for praying to the Father in the Name of Jesus.
Jesus, Father, Holy Spirit, Our ONE TRUE GOD.
King James Bible: John 14:6, John 3:16, Romans 10:9-10
John 3:3 Ye Must be Born Again!!
*Note: Remember to get tested for ZIKA VIRUS! and read warning below!
*Warning: Health Canada has issued a travel health WARNING for World,
*Florida, USA confirmed 33 cases of ZIKA VIRUS from local mosquitoes!
*Warning: ZIKA VIRUS linked to future Alzheimer’s cases in Woman and Men!

*How many visitors contracted ZIKA VIRUS? Sad, so please email us.

Rio2016 has worked hard to be World Class Event, and tried hard, except…

Protesters tear gassed, gernaded, and beaten by Rio2016 Security. Why?
Public Park nearby populated by families and children got tear gas too!
Google and Internet being SCRUBBED of Images shedding Truth on Rio2016!
Rio2016 Bullet fired into media centreRio 2016 SecurityBomb found at mens cycling finish line - detonated
Rio2016 Bullet fired at 50 media – Security – Bomb disposal at men’s cycling
Rio 2016 Security2

Flag burning Protester Rio2016
Flag burning Protester Rio2016
BRAZIL, Rio2016 Summer Olympics Begins! ISIS threatens Suicide Bomb!
BRAZIL, Rio2016 Plagued by Pollution, Police Problems, Poor Officiating.
News on this webpage resulted in the TRUTH being Banned in Brazil!
Censorship, which is illegal anywhere, is now happening – everywhere!
Email us what you think! SalvationCanada(at) Time is Short!
Brazil Burns
BRAZIL BURNS! Rio Grande do Norte capital, Natal CIVIL WAR!
Rio Murders, Mayhem, shoot-outs in Hospital and Crimes Continue!
Jason Lee Jiu Jitsu competitor
Jiu Jitsu Olympic athlete Jason Lee Kidnapped and Ransomed!
Problems Plague the Rio, Brazil 2016 Summer Olympics!
Raw sewage from all Rio, Brazil empties untreated into rivers, beaches!
Rio, Brazil, Guanabara Bay sewage
Dangerous levels of e-coli, rotovirus, and superbugs contaminate water!
Rio, Brazil, Athletes concerned about sewage in water
Rio, Brazil, Athletes concerned about sewage in water and disease.
More Athletes are pulling out of events, refusing to go into sewage water!

Athletes refusing to go to Brazil, Rio 2016, fear of ZIKA, Violence, disease, Death.
Please Pray for Brazil! The Dangers and Evil are worse that ever! So much DEATH!
Upcoming Rio 2016 Olympics, and murders like this are on the up:
Dead in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil2
Dead in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil3
Dead in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil5
Young teens being forced into prostitution (or die) before Rio 2016 Olympics
Murders/Hit Squads/Assassinations in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! Warning! Graphic!!
Candidate for councilor Pilar Berem was machine-gunned dead outside his home in Duque de Caxias. A second gunman emptied his clip, pulled out another gun, and point blank emptied numerous bullets into his head. Just to make sure!!
This and other murders puts a real damper on the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Jesus watches over Brazil
Jesus watches over Brazil. Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
July/2016: Brazil lends $1Billion to Rio De Janeiro security fund for 2016 Olympics!
Brazil is a very traditional Christian Nation, with many believers.
About 90% of the 200 Million people are Bible Believing Christians.
Map of Brazil with Rio de Janeiro City on lower right.
Brazil is about the same size as Canada, but has 10X the population!!!
Brazil speaks mostly Portuguese/Spanish, with some English, French, etc.
Brazil was until a few years ago, the shining example of thriving Democracy.
The plunge in oil prices threw Brazil and all of South America, into Depression.
Bad timing, with the Summer Olympics Brazil in August, 2016.
Still, Brazil is resilient, colorful, and hard working. Just look at “Carnival”
Beautiful Costumes – most hand made – Adorn the Beautiful Brazilians.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is Host to the 2016 Olympic Summer Games!

Strong Support from everyone in Brazil is making Olympic 2016 History!
Rio Rings
Rio Rings!
SalvationCanada prays for Brazil to have a safe and enjoyable Olympics!

Wisdom is the principle thing. Get Wisdom.

Over 50,000 Security hired for Rio Olympics 2016, but many have doubts.
“Teenagers with machine guns can cause more problems than solutions.”
SalvationCanada predicts muslim suicide bombers will attack and bomb RIO2016!
muslim suicide bombers
muslim suicide bombers ready for death and 99.5 virgins.

Strong Action is being taken in Brazil to help the failing economy.
People are starving, dying on the street. No jobs in sight.
The USA is trying desperately to mount a major COUP in Brazil!
Just like Victoria Newland in Ukraine, destroying a Democratically
elected, legitimate Government!!! Fake Democracy – Obama Style!
Beware the USA COUP attempt, Brazil! BEWARE!!!
Sen. Romero Jucá, promoted to planning minister after Rousseff’s impeachment,
was caught planning the impeachment with ex-oil executive, Sérgio Machado.
The “Car Wash” scandal was being investigated and JAIL awaited them.
So they and others organized this campaign not to help do right,
but to put an end to the corruption probe and danger of JAIL!
Millions of Brazilians PROTEST against the CORRUPTION in Politics

Turbulent Times in Beautiful Brazil!!! Interim President Michel Temer
is Failing after only 30 days. Temer is rushing around trying to brush
off the Car Wash suds that implicate him in Bribery, Kickbacks,
Mr Machado, Romero Jucá, and Mr Silveira have all been forced to Resign
following the leaked recordings implicating top Officials in the Car Wash
Corruption Probe!
Senate President Renan Calheiros is under heavy investigation for Bribes
and Tax Evasion.
President of the lower house Eduardo Cunha, Brazil’s Most Corrupt, is accused of Perjury, money laundering, and receiving $$$ millions in bribes.
Brazilian Supreme Court ruled that Cunha should be suspended.
Brazilian Minister of Tourism Henrique Eduardo Alves RESIGNED.

The House of Cards is falling down!

Decades of Corruption does not disappear overnight. Much work to do.

Wisdom is the Principle thing. Get Wisdom.

Zika Virus!
Zika Virus
Zika Virus Mosquito is found throughout Brazil, and all South America.
However, it is now in Mexico, USA, and even Canada! Take Precautions!
This is a DEADLY VIRUS, especially for pregnant, or soon preggo woman!
Heart Wrenching!……………Heart Tearing!…………Heart Breaking!
This is what ONE mosquito can do to YOUR FUTURE child!
Even the man can pass the Virus on, with disastrous results!
The FIRST time EVER, a VIRUS has passed through amniotic fluid
to ATTACK the fetus! Microcephaly is a neurological disorder
causing abnormally extremely small heads, mental retardation, DEATH!

*Warning: Health Canada has issued a travel health WARNING for
Florida, USA which confirmed 5 cases of ZIKA VIRUS from local mosquitoes!
Warning: ZIKA VIRUS linked to future Alzheimer’s cases in Woman and Men!

Take all (safe) precautions you can!

Brazil is waging a WAR against mosquitoes because of the ZIKA VIRUS!
FOGGING, by foot, and “Winnipeg” Style, plus door to door WAR on ZIKA VIRUS!
But is it enough???
Scientists Vote to have Rio Olympics Postponed because of ZIKA VIRUS!!!
Thousands of Scientists, Doctors, Medical Experts have concluded the RISK
is too high! The ZIKA VIRUS is too dangerous! Thousands of Babies will DIE!
Wisdom is the Principle thing. Get Wisdom!

Note: Malathion and other insecticides are “said” to be low toxicity, but…
Canadian Testing proves them cancer causing.
Walking through the mist is stupid. Unless you don’t want children
and don’t mind dying an early painful cancer-ridden death!!!
Be SAFE! Don’t believe everything you hear. Especially from the seller!
And pass this wisdom around. Make others understand!
Encourage people to visit this website.
God Bless You!

SalvationCanada asks Brazil: What more can be done to combat Zika?
Dragonflies consume 10-20 times their own weight in mosquitoes per day!
Brazil: Have you considered growing a few million Dragonflies? Seriously!
Push for this to be done, or do what one person did in Winnipeg Canada.
One person grew thousands of Dragonflies, hatching each week, to show
the city what an amazing and safe solution to mosquitoes they were.
And EAT mosquitoes they did!!! The safest summer ever in Winnipeg!
(West Nile Virus is in Canada) See! One person found the solution.

Will YOU make Dragonflies happen, Wise person from Brazil, Rio?

ps The only downside, if you can call it that, is small dead dragonflies
that are visible afterwards. A quick program of sweeping takes care of that!
Strong Christians: Make this happen!

Problems erupt just before the RIO, Brazil 2016 Olympics!
Brazil Welcome to Hell
Brazil Welcome to Hell Protest Sign highlights the many problems plaguing Brazil.

RIO is Hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics, but many problems plague RIO.
Drugs, Gangs, Murders, Violence, Rape, Robberies, are just some of the problems.
Sanitation, Hospitals, Shortages, Health Codes, Safety Regulations, Zika Virus.
(Sounds like Friendly New York City to me?!) (Winnipeg, Canada is worse)
YES, RIO is very dangerous. Everyone with a brain knows that.
Does that mean stay away? You Decide. See all the Hard Work by Millions
of Faithful and Fun and Festive Brazilians! Relax at the Beaches. See the sights!
Attend the RIO Olympics! The RIO people and pageantry are second to none!!
Rio 2016 Olympic Park
Rio 2016 Olympic Park
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil is the place to be in August, 2016!
Make sure you visit the statue of Christ, and go to church too!

SalvationCanada does remind everyone to “Play Safe”. Go in Groups.
Avoid problem areas. Pay a translator to come help your adventures!
SalvationCanada prays for the influx of about $1Billion Dollars needed
to pay back wages to civil servants, restock and resupply gov buildings,
clean up the city and waterways, pay for dragonfly eggs to help combat
mosquitoes – even though it is “winter” in RIO and Zika is lower risk.
(do not have unprotected sex if ANY chance of pregnancy in the next year!)
Get tested after you return to your Home Country, just to be safe!
Note: Hundreds have tested Positive for ZIKA Virus in U.S.A.!!!
So “winter” or not, the deadly ZIKA Virus must be taken seriously. Understand?!
You have been warned! Play Safe! Yea! Prayer Answered!!
July/2016: Brazil lends $1Billion to Rio De Janeiro security fund for 2016 Olympics!
RIO, Brazil, 2016
RIO, Brazil, 2016. Is It SAFE to Be There? Pray Hard!