Crimea Map

Salvation Canada supports and endorses the LEGAL, Full Independence of Crimea
from the Neo-Nazi Ukraine!!!

Crimea Fireworks!
Celebrations are underway in Crimea, Rejoicing at the referendum results!
Crimea overwhelmingly voted in favor of joining back with Russia!!
The next step, Russia’s lower and upper houses of parliament will hold a formal vote on whether to approve annexation, then President Vladimir Putin signs it into effect. (Done)
-One Year Anniversary Celebrated around the World! Crimea to get nuclear missiles.

“We believe here in Crimea these actions will take abput two weeks, and by then we should have a constitution. We will send it for approval to the Russian Parliament,” said Volodymyr Konstantinov, the speaker of Crimea’s parliament.

Volodymyr Konstantinov, speaker of Crimea’s parliament.

How did it come to this?
The U.S.A. made this COUP happen in Kiev, Ukraine, illegally,
and was carried out by Neo-Nazi, Jew Hating, Nationalists – paid by the C.I.A.

Proof of this is given in the Post, and further down this Page.

Crimea Vote legally finalizing separation from Ukraine – Hours Away!
What will the illegal US puppet government in Ukraine do then?
Please Pray that the US stops Interfering Illegally in Ukraine!

Independence Square, Kiev, Russia
Russian Court issues “Russia Wide”, warrant for the arrest of
Dmytro Yarosh, Ukraine Parliament Leader, on charges of:
terrorism, making public calls for, and inciting,
terrorism and extremist activities, and for calling on
Russia’s most wanted terrorist Doku Umarov, an Insane Muslum,
to attack Russians.

This was NOT a “symbolic” move, as FALSELY reported by Western News.
This is a REAL and SERIOUS Warrant, to Arrest on Sight.
Armed and Dangerous! Interpol wants him too!

March 5, Russian Police placed Yarosh on an international wanted list.
The international wanted list notification will obligate any state participating in Interpol efforts to detain Yarosh and prepare him for extradition to Russia.

Dmytro Yarosh, center, wanted for Terrorism, is 42 years old, a Neo-Nazi, and is running for President in Ukraine
Conviction of Terrorism charges in Russia means up to 60 years in Prison.

Compliments of
SalvationCanada will attempt to provide Pictures of new events re: Ukraine.

-Russian Troop influx or at Ukraine Border OVER 1/4 Million!
-Russian Tanks, APV’s, Support vehicles are over 5,000!!!

Bastion Anti-Ship Missile Systems seen in Crimea.
-Russian Jet Fighters, over 1,000
-Russian Helicopters, over 2,000
-Russian Drones, over 2,000 (Oh ya, They have Drones too!)

Russian Troops Move into Crimea
Another 1/2 Million Troops are being transported to Western Russia.

Russian Military on the move!
So you think President Putin is really going to let the U.S.A., U.K.,
Canada, and others, illegally topple the Ukraine Government with CIA paid Neo-Nazi’s, install a US Puppet government, and do nothing about it???
Russia the BEAR is rumbling into Ukraine. Watch and FEAR!

Deposed Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.
“I want to ask the patrons of these dark forces in the West…
Have you gone blind? Have you forgotten what fascism is?”
President Viktor Yanukovych called Ukraine’s illegal government a
“Gang of Ultranationalists” and Neo-Fascists” that incited civil war,
and was controlled by “Western Powers”.

SalvationCanada Stands against the illegal actions of Canada, U.S.A., U.K.,
and other countries. You have broken so many Laws, who can count?!
God is Watching! It is God you should FEAR!! REPENT and Retreat!!!
Or you are starting World War Three (WWIII), for REAL!!!

A Picture says a thousand words…

Puppet president and prime minister of Ukraine – Scared and Sleezy.
Look at their faces , . Afraid for their lives.
Knowing they are doing wrong, unjust, Lying. Plain to see.

Because China supports Russia!

Wang Yi, and Sergei Lavrov.
China made public it’s stand for Russia on Ukraine.
Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov called his Chinese counterpart, Wang Yi, to speak in detail, at length, about Ukraine. In a joint statement,
Russian and China have “broadly co-inciding points of view”, on Ukraine.

Chinese Media also supports Russia, accusing western powers of adopting a Cold War mentality towards Russia, trying to isolate Russia. “Based on the fact that Russia and Ukraine have deep cultural, historical and economic ties, it is time for Western powers to abandon their Cold War thinking.”

Stronger words were spoken, such as reminding Western countries that Russia and China hold 25% of the U.S. debt, and if they called it in, it would financially cripple, or bankrupt, the U.S.A. Even more pressure could be applied by Russia, turning off the Natural Gas and Oil Exports. Europe, and especially Ukraine, CRINGE, at the thought of that!

Only Obuma wants WAR, to deflect attention from his crimes.
Wake up U.S.A. Impeach Obuma Today!!!

Crimea vote for Independence March 16, 2014 because of….let’s see, what excuse today…oh, let’s use the untrue “occupying troops”. (Even though the 16,000 tropps were already there and permitted under treaty to a maximum of 25,000). The West is still “crying” about semi-autonomous Crimea voting to become Russian, including the currency changing to the ruble, language solely Russian, and nationalization of all state property. With 70% Russians in Crimea, this IS the will of the People! No military duress as US cries!
Is it any wonder the World HATES the U.S.A.? The Bible tells of God’s Wrath on the US to come soon. Hint: Say goodbye to NYC!
So “click”, off goes American and Canadian “propaganda” and LIES!

In Russian News, a BRILLIANT Military and Political VICTORY!!!
Overnight, the Russians sank one of their own ships to block in the Ukraine Navy rustbuckets. Give Russia a Gold Star! Who would have thought of that?
Kerry (spawn of Satan), revoked Russian visas, and announced more sanctions.
Seems that the U.S.A. will never learn. A Bully to the bitter end.
So be it!
Back to Crimea Vote. US says not legal, but they did even worse setting up the “puppet Ukraine Government”!! Hypocrytes!!
Just watch, everyone: If the Bully U.S.A. cannot win, (which they can’t), then they will cause as much pain and suffering to destruction to UKRAINE, as they can.
Just watch!
The U.S.A. does NOT care about Ukraine or it’s people!
The U.S.A. only cares about trying to hurt Russia because of:
1. Snowden and NSA illegal spying revealed.
2. Russia solving Syria issue.
3. Fantastic Winter Games, Sochi, 2014

The U.S.A. is a Narcissistic, control freak Bully, that is WEAK and WRONG!
Wake up readers, and do something about the Criminal U.S.A.

***Salvation Canada*** WARNS all Western Nations that Russia could CUT-OFF all economic ties to USA and “collapse” the US economy!!!
Russia to hold talks with Nato in bid to avert war! (Details below)
-More Bully Tactics Threats from the U.S.A., this time Personal!
-U.S.A. also Threatens to “Freeze” Bank Accounts of Putin’s Friends!!
-U.S.A. has just CROSSED THE RED LINE!!!
-U.S.A. Pridefully, Arrogantly, Insanely, DESTROYED THEMSELVES!!!

U.S.A.-Obama, has gone insane.
They were devistated by Snowden,
then driven mad by Russia protecting him.
The U.S.A. was again embarassed on the World Stage
by failing to attack Syria. (Putin intervened)
Now the U.S.A. is “outmaneuvered” in Ukraine by Russia – Putin.

That makes Four Major Failures by U.S.A.- Obuma!!!
Russia – Putin (4), U.S.A.- Obuma (0).(Zero) (ROFL)

Shouldn’t Obuma the FAILURE be Impeached NOW?!!

“When the rhetoric rose, it came to blows!”
U.S.A. invents new sanctions and personal attacks against Russia!
U.S.A. is embarassing itself!!! Loses all Respect!


Barak Obama (USA), Stephen Harper (Canada), David Cameron (UK), Angela Merkel (Germany), Tony Abbott (Australia), John Key (NZ), François Hollande (France)
are slandering, bad mouthing, bullying, oppressing, lying, abusing, threatening, Russia!
These Countries, their administrations, their “controlled” media, are all in cahoots!
Their comparisons to WW2 and Putin being Hitler are illogical and error filled.
Secretary of State, John Kerry, the serpent tongued demon of the devil Obama,
compared Russia and Putin to Germany/hitler annexing countries in…oops!
Kerry got the year wrong!!! LOL.
Kerry Fails again! Kerry is LIES, LIES, LIES! Just turn Kerry off every time you hear Kerry or his name.
He Lies like the Devil! So does Obama, and his followers.
When is the USA going to rise up, IMPEACH these WARMONGERS?!?!?!
USA started this COUP to STEAL TRADE with Ukraine, away from Russia!!!

US Secretary of State John Kerry and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
What is the US really up to in World Politics? Trying to Control and Bully everyone, like they did when they actually were a superpower? Your Glory is Gone, USA.
You are just another immoral decadent, sinner nation whom God will Judge!
The World Knows YOU are WEAK, USA, Obama!! The TRUTH is OUT!!!
US Secretary of State John Kerry and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Cozy

The U.S.A. keeps TWISTING the facts!
The U.S.A. keeps accusing Russia of illegally annexing Crimea, like hitler.
President Putin has said OVER and OVER, Crimea is NOT being annexed.
Crimea will LEGALLY hold a vote about staying in Ukraine, or not.
Putin has verified there are NO unallowed Russian Troops in Ukarine!

UN Sec. Gen. special envoy Robert Serry being assisted (NOT held captive) by pro-Russians in cafe in Simferopol. Pro-russians cheering “Russia! Russia!”, requested he UN envoy leave Crimea. He agreed and left unharmed.

In Donetsk, pro-russian and “pro-ukrainian” protesters battled and the Russian flag was removed, but later put back up, as pro russian forces won the conflict.

The EU will offer Ukraine the same offer as the Russians, of 15 Billion Dollars in assistance loans. The EU declined to give Ukraine the requested 1-2 Billion in free “grant”.

Salvation Canada was one of the FIRST to report the REPUBLIC OF CRIMEA.
The Republic of Crimea is an Autonomous State, Legally formed by majority Vote in Crimean Parliament.
“We did not vote for (puppet president) Turchinov.”
“We’re trying to act strictly in the remnants of the legal field of Ukraine, although it has already been destroyed, but some reference points still exist,” Andrei Nikiforov, a Crimean political scientist, Professor of Tauride University (Simferopol).
“We are making every effort to ensure that there are no claims against the reference points in the Crimea, or that they are minimal, since it is revolutionary time.
In the end, we are no less democratic than they are European. When wolves were still howling in the bogs in Europe, the Crimea already had a democracy, a­ legal state system. We will be convincing them (Europeans), we will show them, but we will not give up our values to please them.”
“Ukraine deposed President Viktor Yanukovych is still the Legal President of Ukraine. There are only three (3) methods to legally remove him. Impeach, Resign, or death. None of these have happened.”
“Ukraine’s current interm government is therefore Illegal, Null, and Void.
Any and all decisions, laws, agreements, changes, etc., are also Null and Void, and UnConstitutional and Illegal.”

Understand the TRUTH, Everyone?!

The U.S.A. is trying to pull a fast one, but the Game is up!

Meanwhile, at the United Nations Emergency Session called by Russia:

Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin speaks at meeting of UN Security Council.
Churkin quoted Yanukovych as saying “Ukraine is on the brink of civil war,” people in the Russian speaking Crimea are persecuted for language and political and christian beliefs and “there are open acts of terror and violence” under the influence and orders of Western countries and leaders.
The U.S.A. made this COUP Happen!!! Russia will STOP IT!!

U.S. Navy ship USS Taylor forced to leave Black Sea for repairs after mishap.

The sole US naval ship in the Black Sea was frigate USS Taylor, which is undergoing repairs at Turkish port Samsun after hitting land.
Cmdr. Dennis Volpe was relieved of command.

The EU depends Heavily on Russia for Natural Gas (40%) and Oil (30%).
Is THAT Forgotten?
The USA military has depended on Moscow help for years to transport military equipment, fuel, and supplies across Russian territory to Afghanistan.
Is THAT Forgotten??
Russia has also kindly allowed American Astronauts to catch a ride on their rockets to the International Space Station. The Americans have absolutely no way to get to the Space Station any more. For years now, Putin has permitted this kind act.
Chris Hadfield, Canadian Astronaut, also used the Russian Rocket to get to the Space Station and return to Earth. Chris Hadfield made World News by Commanding the Space Station, and using Social Media to bring the Youth of the World into Space! A Monumental Event, made possible by the kindness of Russia and Putin.
Is THAT Forgotten???

This is the Third (3rd) Major Act of recent Kindness by Russia! BY RUSSIA!!!

Yet when these CRIMINALS, Obama, Harper, Cameron, need to deflect attention away from their crimes, they Falsely accuse Russia!
And try to START A WAR!!!
Oldest trick in the Book!!!
Don’t fall for it, World!

Americans, Canadians, Europeans are ASHAMED of their Governments!

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke and answered questions at length,
and CONFIRMED a number of facts, reported by Salvation Canada.

Russian President Vladimir Putin speaking on Russian TV stated:

There has been an “unconstitutional COUP” in Ukraine.
(Deposed Ukraine President Viktor) Yanukovich fulfilled all conditions of the February 21 agreement with the opposition and that he effectively gave up all power, and Russia sheltered him to save his life.

There can only be one conclusion of what happened in Kiev and Ukraine as a whole:
This was an unconstitutional COUP and armed seizure of power.
Putin accused the West of being behind the “unconstitutional COUP”
in Ukraine.

He warned that further Western destablisation could result in Anarchy for Ukraine.
Putin stated “militants” had plunged the country into “chaos”.
Putin also said Ukrainian “nationalists” and “anti-Semites”
were roaming the streets of Kiev and other cities,
causing violence and bloodshed and crimes.
If Russian-speaking people in eastern Ukraine ask for Russia’s help then Moscow would respond, Putin said.

As for Mr. Turchynov,

“The acting president is not legitimate.

The legitimate president is Yanukovich.”

President Viktor Yanukovych is Ukraine’s only legitimate president.
Russia does not recognise temporary president Olexandr Turchynov.

Russia sees no need to annex Crimea.
Ukraine is not our closest neighbour but is our brother.
Ukrainian troops and Russian troops will not be on different sides of the barricade, they will be on the same side of the barricade.

There is no need to use force in Crimea or send troops to Ukraine, but Russia will do so as a last resort, reserves the right to use all means to protect citizens in Ukraine.

Russia is ready to host the G8 but if Western leaders do not want to attend they don’t need to. The Western threat of sanctions against Russia will “backfire”.
(and only hurt the people of Ukraine)

Again, Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasized:
“The acting president is not legitimate.
The legitimate president is Yanukovich.”

Russia reserves the right to use “all means” to protect citizens.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, MEANS BUSINESS!!!

End of Interview report.
Glory to God for helping us Dig up the Truth!
Conclusion: Russia Honourable. Obuma (and ASSociates) CRIMINALS!

Russian President Vladimir Putin Reviewing the Troops, is Satisfied.
Putin has opted to send the 150,000 troops back to home Barracks.
Lengthy Diplomatic Sessions seem to be the agenda for the next while.

Salvation Canada is SHOCKED by the World-Wide LIES, Propaganda!!!
Be Prepared Everyone! Always be Prepared and Ready to Go!!
All we Hear are LIES in most Media. (Except Alex Jones, Anonymous)
A small few websites share truth but have been taken down suddenly!

Are YOU Ready People?! Have you Done Your Good Deed and DONATED?!
God Bless and Protect and give Wisdom to YOU!!!

Unbelieveable Bone Headed Harper!!! Assures Nazi puppet pm of Ukraine,
and Oleh Tyahnybok, that “all of Canada supports you”. IDIOT HARPER!!

IMPEACH HARPER! In Canada it is called a “vote of non-confidence”.
SalvationCanada will be contacting the opposition MP’s about Nazi-Loving Harper! The Jewish Congress too! Idiots!! Read Proof below!

I hope sincerely, that readers can “discern” and use logic and wisdom
to see and understand what is REALLY going on in Ukraine!
Read Much More, HERE, at Salvation Canada.

Western Leaders try to “gang up” on Russia, but In Steps China!
Russia and China are in Full Agreement for Military action in Ukraine.
Salvation Canada Predicts that Russia and China will sign an “Accord”,
stating their Alliance and Military Support of each other against “Western” attacks. President Putin is playing this chess game 3 moves ahead of simpleton Clown Leaders. USA, Canada, France, Germany, UK, Australia, NZ. (the 5-Eyes plus two) You have been Caught Red handed. Now you try to push this into a civil war?!
Wicked, Wicked, Wicked Western Leaders!!!
It was deplorable enough that you paid Neo-Nazis to do your dirty work.
But now you try to bring in Al-Queda and other Extremists?!?!?!

Doku Umarov, leader of the Islamic Caucasus Emirate, an Al-Qaeda affiliate in the Caucasus. He is known as the “Bin Laden” of Russia, brainwashed CULT muslum,
and claims scores of Russian Civilian Deaths. He threatened the Winter Olympics in Sochi, 2014, but failed. Asked to come to Kiev by puppet president.
Other Terrorists are being asked to join the US puppet government in Ukraine, and be paid in US Dollars provided by the CIA. Pure Evil Obama!
As for Stephen Harper, he just sold his soul to the Devil!
So much for Leaders claiming to be “Christian”. Burn, Burn, Burn!

We at Salvation Canada, deeply, humbly, apologise to President Putin.
We Stand with You, in thought, and in Prayer.
We Stand against the illegal crimes of Obuma, Harper, Cameron, others.

German Media Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR), with stations WDR Eins Life, WDR 2, WDR 4, and N24 (live news channel), have changed reports from
“Russian Invasion”, to “Russian Peacemakers”,
showing the Millions of Pro-Russian Rallies in much of Ukraine.

WDR television studio, Westdeutscher Rundfunk tv and radio stations.
Finally, some Real TRUTH is being Reported in the Media!
(Instead of Gov Controlled Media showing US Obuma Propaganda and LIES!)

PROOF of the U.S.A. consorting with Neo-Nazi Extremests!

U.S. Senator John McCain, right, meets Ukrainian opposition leaders Arseniy Yatsenyuk, and Oleh Tyahnybok in Kiev, Ukraine, Saturday, Dec. 14, 2013. John McCain, lapdog of Obuma, posed for many pictures with Oleh, a well known White supremacist, Jew Hating Neo-Nazi. Proof USA interfeering with Ukraine LONG AGO!

Oleh Tyahnybok with intentional “Hitler” salute
to his followers: far-right politician and a member of the Verkhovna Rada;
leader of the extreme right-wing All-Ukrainian Union “Svoboda”.
He has caused much concern with his anti-Semitic neo-Nazi speechs.
When he and Puppet Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk took power
and occupied the Kiev City Hall, White supremacist banners and Confederate flags were prominately displayed!

A National Monument was destroyed by Neo-Nazi Supporters in Ukraine.

The Soviet Soldier Monument, companion to the “Eternal Flame” over the grave of the “Unknown Soldier”, was to Honour the Russian Army who bravely fought and died against German Nazi forces in WW2, and also Liberated Ukraine from German Occupying Forces!
“Only a Nazi cultist would destroy this statue”, a citizen said,
in Maiden Square – Centre of Kiev, Ukraine. “Every day you see the Nazi Wolfsangel symbol somewhere, and people saluting ‘Sieg heil'”.
Neo-Nazi Militia have claimed control of certain buildings and streets in Kiev, occupying them and removing owners at gunpoint.
To deceive people, they call themselves “Nationalists”, instead of Nazi.
Oleh Tyahnybokis a Leader of these Neo-Nazi cultists.
U.S. Senator John McCain knows this, and still supports him.
(Has everyone in the White House lost their minds???)

Neo-Nazis in the Ukraine, hired by, and Paid by, U.S. Taxpayers!

Torchlight ceremony in Kiev Jan. 1, 2014 honoring Nazi collaborators.

The Sorid Story goes on and on of US involvement in the destablization of Ukraine. Even Geoffrey Pyatt, the US ambassador to Ukraine, played a major role in routing Millions of US taxpayer Dollars into the hands of Extremists and Neo-Nazis, in order to topple the legitimate government of Ukraine.
This was PLANNED long ago! Wicked, Wicked, Wicked, U.S.A.!!!

What can be done in the Face of such EVIL??!!

U.S. “puppet” government, Ukraine.

CSEC, CSIS, CIA, NSA, GCHQ, paid off puppet government, Ukraine
Ukraine Commander-in-Chief of Army, Lt. Gen. Mykhailo Kutsyn refused the puppet president of Ukraine’s illegal order to attack Russian civillians.
He was charged as a Traitor.
Ukraine Commander-in-Chief of Navy, Denis Berezovsky, refused the puppet president of Ukraine’s illegal order to attack Russian civillians.

Rear Admiral Denis Berezovsky Refuses Ukraine’s puppet presidents’ orders.
Joins Russian Navy, charged as a traitor by puppet president. LOL.
In an Official Ceremony, Berezovsky was Sworn in as Rear Admiral
for the new “Republic of Crimea”. Western News failed to report that?!

There are only a few airplanes that work, so no real Airforce in Ukraine.
Confirmed: Ukraine puppet president tries to BAN the Russian language.
Confirmed: US “pay-off” protesters to topple legitimate Ukraine Government.
Confirmed: Nearly One Million Russian speaking Ukrainians FLEE Ukraine!

This US, CIA, NSA, Coup d’etat, has FAILED, miserably!! 1 Million FLEE!
Did Obuma really think he could fool Russia, the world?
With hundreds dead, and thousands injured. Thanks Obuma!
Where is the warrant and criminal charges against Obuma?
U.S.A. loses all credibility by continuous LYING and LYING and LYING!
*Mainstream Media World-Wide Replaces Truth with Pro-Obama Propaganda!


Meanwhile, Russian President Vladamir Putin, shows patience, resolve.
Crimea is now FULLY under Russian Control!!!
All army bases have laid down their arms and left.
All airports have been secured without any violence.
A lone coast guard building is isolated.
10 old rusty Navel Vessels remain anchored and unpowered
while Russian Destroyers keep an eye on them.

Crimea is FULLY under Russian Military Control, by land and SEA!!!

Puppet President of Ukraine is “trying” to get the Military
to obey him, but is not having much success.
He is also “trying” to conscript Ukrainians into the army.
Young men have been “dragged off the streets”, forced into service.

Conscript Ukrainians, but puppet president has no cloths, guns. LOL

Putin should just ….. this murdering US puppet president!
That would end this Horrible US attempted Failed Coup!!!

Ukraine’s puppet President (US Thug) Oleksander Turchinov.

Our thoughts and Prayers to the Loyal and Righteous Russians!
Our thoughts and Prayers to the Righteous Russian-Ukrainians!
Our thoughts and Prayers to the Righteous Russian Military!


Russia Holds one of many G8 conferences in Russia, 2014.

President Vladamir Putin holds one of many G8 Conferences in Russia, 2014
Unfortunately, the crybabies are “boycotting” them because Russia caught them trying to USURP Ukraine. USA, UK, France, Canada: GUILTY!


In emergency session of Russian Parliament, the vote was unanimous! WAR!
“LIBERATE UKRAINE FROM FACIST usa, canada, and uk”!
Evidence was presented showing the CIA and NSA “paying off” Protesters,
to topple the Pro-Russian legitimate Government. Further influence, for many months, was evidenced, VIOLATING the Budapest Treaty of 1994.
More evidence of the firebombed Jewish Synagogue, beatings, violence against Jews, even chants of “Kill the Jews”, was presented.
Some Protesters were shown to be US thugs, with neo-nazi claims.

“Russia has a Duty and Responsibility and Legal Mandate to Liberate the peoples of Ukraine, under the BUDAPEST TREATY OF 1994”

Full Authorization of ALL Military Power was Authorized by Russian Parliament.
With a Strength, Russian Praliament member stated: “We will not Fail to remove the dark neo-nazi facist Western influence from Ukraine!”.

Russian Flags raised over Capital Cities

Russian Topol-M InterContinental Ballistic Missile (NUCLEAR WARHEAD)

The Uncertain usa, Cringing canada, and Unnerved uk,
are stuttering a response.
Obuma’s backyard bully threats are now in his embarassed face.
Harper has no real military and his words were empty threats too.
Cameron is still crying from the Parliament spanking when he very wrongly tried to follow Obuma into war with Syria, on the side of Al-Queda.
They are like the Three Stooges!!! Harper, Obuma, David Cameron!!!

Stephen Harper (pm Canada), Barking Obuma (?), David Cameron (???)
When the World needs Leaders, what happens? We send in the Clowns!!!

Government Controlled Media in the US, Canada, UK, spout LIES!!!
-news media told to “shut up!”, given pro-western lies to speak.

Ukraine puppet government gathers military for war against Putin!
Many Soldiers in Ukraine army refusing illegal order, won’t fight!
Ukraine Puppet government cries for someone, anyone, to fight Russia!
Will Canada be Obama’s lapdog?
Will British Parliament again Spank pm Duh Cameron and not Join Obuma?
What will happen next, in this WAR predicted by Salvation Canada?!

More to come at Salvation Canada.
Pray, people, Pray.

Ukraine gas pipelines.

Village in Ukraine Attacked!
The village is on a long spit reaching northward from the main part of the Black Sea peninsula, about 10 kilometers (six miles) north of the border between Crimea and the Kherson region.