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“So, David Hocking, married, was caught screwing another man’s wife!
from his own congregation!” (Proof at bottom)
SalvationCanada believes that David Hocking is tired, and will die soon.
God’s Judgement: Hell awaits. Unrepentant of SIN. The Word judges Hocking!
Heretic David Hocking STINKS! Stupifying, Stealing $$$Thousands!!
Heretic David Hocking conning retirement savings from Winnipeg Widows!!
Heretic David Hocking “Hopeless for Today” charleton TV show denies Christ!

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David HockingDavid Hocking2
David Hocking for example, has been researched by SalvationCanada for decades!
David Hocking is a Heretic! Researched thoroughly Books/dvd’s/cd’s/videos/live.
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David Hocking is holding the following Money Grabbing Events in Sept.
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One on One, Warn Christians Away from this Heretic! Persuade them!
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David Hocking is a HERETIC! David Hocking is stealing your $$$Money!!

With Respect To the KJV Bible and correct basic doctrine, a Heretic
is someone who refuses to study and then repent of basic false doctrine,
false beliefs, or actions that are SIN – King James Version BIBLE! (KJV)
1 Corinthians 6: 9-10, and Galatians 5: 19-21. KJV

An example of this is the “Bereans”. Acts 17 KJV
“10 And the brethren immediately sent away Paul and Silas by night unto Berea: who coming thither went into the synagogue of the Jews. 11 These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.”

THE WORST HERESY is the Christian Killer false doctrine of O.S.A.S.
Do you understand, reader, why the Christian killer doctrine of
OSAS is such a Wicked Evil Heresy?

OSAS – Once Saved Always Saved, also called “Eternal Security”, “Unconditional Love”, “Greasy Grace”, “your sins past, present, and future, are already forgiven”
OSAS believers think they can “Pray the Prayer”, then go SIN any SIN they want,
HURT People, Rape People, Murder People, NEVER HAVING TO CONFESS AND REPENT of SIN, and think they still go to Heaven. UNREAL! OSAS IS HERESY!
OSAS, the Devil’s Doctrine, does not stop there.
OSAS HERETICS prey on new believers in Christ, to KILL them
by manipulation, group pressure, gifts, friendship, relationships, buying coffee/meals, LIES, into converting YOU into their CULT false beliefs.
OSAS HERETICS are a very small cult, having origins in calvinism
and recently in a minority of southern baptists who are brutal
sinners because “once you’re saved, you’re always saved”.
There is ZERO Accountability in osas heretics.
OSAS cultists are kicked out of churches as soon as uncovered.
They lie and lie and lie and make themselves look like a sheep.
But osas heretics are Proverbial “WOLVES IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING”!
People were Tarred and Feathered for less! BEWARE!!! RUN!!!
OSAS Devil Doctrine believers have NO part in Christ!

It is mind boggling the garbage people choose to believe.
The Bible states: “Heresy” is a SIN. Galatians 5:19-21 KJV
OSAS KILLS your Salvation based on the True Doctrine in the King James Bible!
OSAS KILLS your Fear of God, your respect for others, and it kills your guilt.
OSAS KILLS your Testimony, your Relationship with God, and it kills who you are!
You will NOT go to Heaven. You will go to Hell. The KJV Bible says so.
OSAS = Spiritual Death! Do Not Be Deceived! STUDY! Be Berean!

Almost ALL TV shows are thieving HERETICS!
Almost ALL Radio shows are thieving HERETICS!
Almost ALL Evangelists are thieving HERETICS!

Calvary Chapel, Calvary Church, Chuck Smith, Rodger Oakland, David Hocking.

The LA Times carried the following articles on the subject:
Santa Ana’s Rev. Hocking Quits Pulpit After Affair.
Scandal: Renowned minister acknowledges ‘sexual sin’ with married woman in congregation of his Calvary Church.
Friday, October 9, 1992
Orange County Edition Section: Metro ID:0920112962
Words: 480
The Rev. David Hocking, a Protestant minister who has a national following through his taped radio sermons, resigned as pastor…

Excommunication Shocks, Confuses Disgraced Pastor;
Wednesday, December 23, 1992
Orange County Edition Section: Metro ID:0920143998
The Rev. David (Dave) L. Hocking, well-known former senior pastor of Calvary Church, said Tuesday that he is shocked and confused by the church elders’ decision to excommunicate him for failing to show what they called “proofs of …
This story starts a step back. Hocking was the Senior Pastor of Calvary Church of Santa Ana (no relation to Calvary Chapel). The church grew under his leadership to be large:
Calvary Church to dedicate OC’s largest worship center” [75,000 square feet, 3,200 seats — $9.7 million] Orange County Register, 11/24/91, p. B1 In Oct 1992, the elders of Calvary Church caught David Hocking in a major scandal involving marital infidelity. The elders of the church told Hocking that he would no longer be the Senior Pastor of Calvary Church and would have to undergo a three-year restoration process.

Refusing to accept the restoration plan of the elders at Calvary Church, Hocking’s long-time buddy Chuck Smith took him in. Reportedly, Smith said that this great man of God should not be wasted, and took in David Hocking as a Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa staff member. Hocking was excommunicated by Calvary Church of Santa Ana after he refused to submit to the elders of the church in their restoration process.

In the beginning CCCM did not call Hocking a “Pastor”. However, Hocking was preaching at the church and teaching at the CCBC within a very few weeks. Presently, when Hocking’s radio program on KWVE is announced, Hocking is called a pastor. We went to a service at CCCM about the end of 1995 where Hocking announced that he would no longer be on staff at CCCM, but would still be teaching there during the weeknights.
Hocking, soon after coming to Calvary Chapel, started teaching at CCCM on Wednesday nights and other times as well (the CCCM school of ministry) as well as at the Calvary Chapel Bible College in Twin Peaks (near Lake Arrowhead, CA). It is obvious to everyone from the close timing of the events that at CCCM there was no restoration process.

This turned into a simple sheep stealing exercise as Calvary Church emptied out and CCCM further filled up due entirely to the presence of David Hocking. Calvary Church went into a financial down spin and having Hocking preaching less than 10 miles away on Wednesday nights made the situation much worse.

Hocking is no longer teaching at Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa (7-98).

This was a major point of contention between Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa and other local churches in the community (particularly CCSA). This caused a major scandal here in Southern California where the results are still being felt.

So, David Hocking, married, was caught socking another man’s wife, from his own congregation. David Hocking then refused discipline and “stole” most of the congregation to another church. Interesting!?!

ie David Hocking is a keynote speaker AGAIN in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada – a backwater city that worships the Greek god Hermes, cannot discern left from right.
David Hocking is preaching end time blah blah and taking $$$ for it.

More David Hocking Hersey: David Hocking says Jesus died spiritually?!
More David Hocking Hersey: OSAS. The LIE of “eternal security”
Unconditional love, Unconditional ticket to Heaven, Unconditional
go sin all you want and still get to Heaven. What GARBAGE!!!

“IF you confess! IF you repent! IF you turn from your wicked ways!”
OLD TESTAMENT AND NEW! “IF” Hundreds of times: “IF”!
Conditional! NOT unconditional! Quit quoting Heretics, and quote the
King James Bible!
If you, yes you, if you, reader have information to share on Hocking, please send it to us, SalvationCanada. Thank you.
There is more than enough evidence to brand David Hocking a Heretic!

Special Thanks to all those who have given input and testimony.
Your input is appreciated! YOU ARE APPRECIATED and LOVED!

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