Deadly Drugs: Some you know, some you do not know.
Cigarettes, Nicotine, tobacco, cigars.
Alcohol, Wine, Beer
Caffeine, in certain types and amounts of coffee/tea/energy drinks.!!
Prescription drugs
Cocaine, Heroin, Meth, designer drugs.
Sleeping Aids
And many others…
Marijuana* Illegal partially in Canada and the USA but is making headway
as a “safer” drug. One thing SalvationCanada agrees with is the “Medical”
use Rx prescribed by doctors. Recreational use is another matter. This
can be as bad as boozing it up. And just as deadly. However, the damage
to the body is much worse from booze. More study is required but in the
interest of personal freedom, SalvationCanada agrees with personal choice
and personal home use, in limited quantities, for medical reasons.
This would disqualify a person from Ministry or work positions, as using
Marijuana (Dope) makes you Dopey. Taxing and regulating this,
as with alcohol, would be a win-win solution. Think about it.
Taking Marijuana out of the hands of the drug dealers and cartels is Good!
And taxing it is profitable for the Nation. Pay down that debt!

In light of this page on Drugs, SalvationCanada has nearly completed a
Major 3 year investigation into Canadian-US drug trafficking.
Results shall be shared here, exclusively, soon.
Leaders and Government officers may benefit from this Report.
Due to the highly sensitive nature of this matter, SalvationCanada shall
be releasing parts at a time, and sending other parts elsewhere.
This to deflect the repercussions of such astonishing FACTS.

Historically, when Countries enter Recession or Depression, Crime and drugs
follow. Fudged figures for the USA and Canada say we’re OK, but NO, NOT ok.
Canada and the USA are in a Huge Depression. The difference from the ’30’s
is that we have savings and infrastructure and some tapped resources.
When those empty, crumble, dry up, then we shall see the worst time ever.
Hopefully President Donald Trump can redirect this disaster and depression.
Major Drugs from all over the World are entering the USA and Canada, illegally.

More to come……..