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CME – Coronal Mass Ejection, nearly destroyed the USA, and THE WORLD on
July, 2012. Just one such CME event could happen ANY day! Are You Ready?

China has EMP weapons that would bomb the USA back into the Stone Age!
North Korea has an EMP Nuke that would do the same thing! Are you Ready?

Important to know, Solar Flare is mainly low frequency E3 type EMP
This mainly damages the grid. Not so much electronics.
One (1) EMP Bomb, at about 250 miles above the USA, 10kt, would DESTROY
the grid, transformers, AND all electronics such as cars, phones, NET,
computers, radio, television, satellites, radar, wires, generators, ect.
One! North Korea could do this tomorrow! Canada, USA, Mexico, DESTROYED!

EMP Nuclear Enhanced Gamma Ray Explosion

Lights start going out all over the U.S.A.

10 YEARS is the possible time it will take to repair and replace the grid.
(If the USA is not invaded by the rest of the world!!!)

Hardening the electronic and electrical infrastructure of the United States against an EMP attack is the best way to assure that such an attack does not occur. Leaving ourselves as totally vulnerable as we are now makes the United States a very tempting target for this kind of attack.
By not protecting its electrical and electronic infrastructure against nuclear EMP, the United States invites and encourages nuclear proliferation. These unprotected infrastructures allow countries without a nuclear weapons program to eventually gain the capability to effectively destroy the United States with one, or a few, relatively simple nuclear weapons. Severe solar storms can cause current overloads on the power grid that are very similar to the slower E3 component of a nuclear electromagnetic pulse. There is good reason to believe that the past century of strong human reliance on the electrical systems has also, fortunately for us, been an unusually quiet period for solar activity. We may not always be so lucky.

October 2016, A MASSIVE X-Flare barely missed the Earth, or North America would DIE!
Summer 2017, Two MASSIVE X-Flares barely missed. NOT GOOD! How long til we get HIT?

In 1859, a solar flare produced a geomagnetic storm that was many times greater than anything that has
occurred since the electrical grid has been in place. We know something about the electrical disruption that the 1859 Carrington event caused because of the destruction it caused on telegraph systems in Europe and North America. Many people who have studied the 1859 event believe that if such a geomagnetic storm were to occur today, it would shut down the entire electrical grid of the United States. It is likely that such a geomagnetic storm would destroy most of the largest transformers in the electrical grid. Spares for these large transformers are not kept on hand, and they are no longer produced in the United States. Protection against nuclear EMP is also protection against many kinds of
unpredictable natural phenomena that could be catastrophic.
A solar flare that will completely shut down the electrical grid (for a very long period of time) almost certainly will eventually occur unless adequate protections are put in place. For a comprehensive recent report on the effects of geomagnetic storms and the EMP E3 component. A solar storm of the size of the 1859 event, or even a smaller geomagnetic storm that occurred on May 14-15 in 1921, could simultaneously knock out the power grids of the United States, Canada, northern Europe and Australia, with recovery times of 4 to 10 years (since the solar storm would burn up large transformers worldwide, for which very few spares exist.) The United States has no capacity for building replacements for these large transformers. It is important to understand that severe solar storms produce only the E3 component that burns out power Grid transformers and induce DC-like currents in very long electrical conductors. Solar storms do not USUALLY produce the fast E1 component that can be so damaging to electronics, but without
power, the USA dies. It is estimated that 90% of the population will die in One Year from an EMP, or from a Large Solar X-Flare. 90% of the people DIE!

Solar Flares can last for DAYS, and can destroy people down to their DNA!

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YOU ARE BEING BRAINWASHED! YEARS OF flashing light brainwashing!
Instead, listen to short wave radio, RT, TASS, which reports the REAL NEWS!
This is it FOLKS! It’s the REAL THING! Ladies and Gentlemen, we are at WAR!

more to come….

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil
is that good men should do nothing.”
(Burke) (TRUMP)

What is an EMP? How does it work?? Can it harm me?


An EMP is an Electro Magnetic Pulse or EM Pulse!!!
An EMP is a blast of Highly charged electromagnetic energy.

Forms of EMP are as follows:
Electric field
Magnetic field
Electromagnetic radiation
Electrical conduction

Three of these forms are short range only, but are deadly.
The forth, ER, is long range, and can do the most damage.!

Electromagnetic Spectrum

To grasp the new knowledge of what an EMP is, quickly, one must
first grasp what wavelengths of energy are, and how they are used.
This chart above quickly shows how some energy wavelengths are
benign, and how some some energy wavelengths are damaging, deadly.

We all know that an electric shock can hurt, damage, destroy, kill.
An EMP is energy, in a different form, that CAN become electricity.
Then, this electricity can hurt, damage, destroy, kill.
This is how it works.

Lightening strikes the CN Tower, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Lightening is a major EMP source. We hear it on our radio.
The wavelength covers most of the wavelength of AM and FM radio.
Thus we hear static as is is more powerful than the Kilowatts
given off by the radio station transmitters.
Same goes for many transmitters and receivers.
Even “static electricity” from the cat or carpet, does this.
But neither damage electronics unless ungrounded or very close.

This leads to the third question: Can an EMP harm us?
Short answer, YES. Directly or indirectly, an EMP can kill.

The solar storm of 1859, also known as the Carrington Event, was
a HUGE CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) of highly charged particles.
It hit the earth. It lasted for days.

CME (Coronal Mass Ejection)

This is called a Solar Flare. Most Solar Flares miss the earth,
but many hit us. We are protected in part by our Electromagnetic
Force Field. This EM Field is produced naturally by the earth’s
molten core, mostly iron, churning and turning. That is why we
have a North Pole and a South Pole, just like a magnet.

What most people do not know, is that this field is weakening.
Every few hundred thousand years, to millions of years, the
earths core naturally changes direction. This happens in spurts.
So at times, the earth could be 100% unprotected, for months.
When we are protected, we see the Northern Lights, Arctic Circle.
When we are weakly protected, we see the Northern Lights, but,
they are seen further south. The further south we see them, the
stronger the solar flare and weaker out magnetic shield.
In the past 100 years, Never has the shield been so weak,
causing the Northern Lights to be seen in Florida, and even
down to the Equator. That is as bad as it gets.
Proof of this is: The solar storm of 1859.

Sunspots sketched by Richard Carrington on Sept. 1, 1859
The solar storm of 1859, also known as the Carrington Event

Sunspot. This is how is all begins.

When strong enough, the sunspot will overcome the sun’s own
enormous gravity, and will jettison part of the sun into space.
If, or I should say, WHEN, when this direction is aimed at
the earth, then we receive an EMP.

Telegraphs and lines caught fire Sept. 1, 1859
Richard Carrington recorded the strange sunspots hours earlier,
not realizing their significance. Then the world was hit for
days by the CME, causing communication lines to melt, and
catch fire. Telegraphs and electrical devices were destroyed.
Even railway lines were melted in places, or on fire.
Can you imagine the damage this would cause today?

The direct effects on humans is negligible. However,
it is estimated that 95% of all human life in America
would NOT survive a similar solar flare (EMP), today.
The reason being, we rely entirely on electronics
to live, move water and waste, transportation, phone,
all communication, computers, cars, radios, lights.
Our fridges and freezers would fail. Food would spoil.
Supermarkets would be looted in hours. All stores
would be looted or controlled by gangs with guns.
Not having any clean water, Millions would DIE.
Not having any plan or preparation, more would DIE.

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So you see, an EMP from the sun would Cause our destruction.
But there is another possible EMP just as strong.
This is something the world has not researched much,
execpt for North Korea. They have sacrificed life
and more, to put Billions and Billions into researching
how to magnify the EMP BLAST of a Nuclear Detonation.
They have found out how, and have successfully tested
this device. Now they only need a delivery system.
That is not far away.


Both China, and North Korea, have this Bomb. We do NOT.
An EMP Nuclear Blast from their bomb would destroy the
entire North American Electrical Grid. ENTIRE!
Canada, the U.S.A., and Mexico, would have NO electricity
for a DECADE!!!, if ever. They could not afford to buy
new transformers and entire substations for the whole
country. Cold Canada would become a wasteland. Cold
and Heat would kill the infants and elderly First. We are
so out of shape, people would die of stroke and heart
attack everywhere. Pills and pacemakers would die too.
In other words, teens and twenties live. Most of the rest die.
People in cities, DEAD. People on farms, with hand pump
for water, LIVE. What a nightmare! But it will happen!
The Bible says so. Experts say so. Military says so.
Are you prepared? Read all this website.
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Seeds, gardens, would all be by hand. The Dark Ages!
If you PREPARE NOW, you have it MUCH easier. Have a chance!
You MUST join together, for safety, protection, help.
Form the cell group, or join a militia. Christian!
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State this is a “retreat center”, aimed at being
self sufficient and back to nature. A vacation spot.
Which is all true.
Spouting doomsday material is NOT what people want
to hear, and will alienate you. Don’t go there.
Instead, offer this as a “Group Project”, and an
“Outreach”. A way to get people saved and also
renew their relationship with God.
SalvationCanada and SalvationUSA does exactly this, successfully.
We will follow Good and Right, but knowing that much
more is at stake, and the time of these events is near.
Seeds, gardens, hand tools, electrical tools.
All and more are needed. YOUR DONATION RIGHT NOW, IS NEEDED!

Besides the threat of humans, Wildlife will be a constant threat.
Wildlife will flourish with all the food (us)
and little cities destroyed. They will HUNT YOU!
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Plan, Prepare, Pray, Proceed.

Threats include foreign invasion. What happens then?
Be sure you are OFF THE GRID, away from cities, main roads.

Threats include our own government, police, military.
They are NOT your friends. They WILL steal everything
you have, making you a slave, or killing you. Beware!
This is NOT fiction. It is FACT. It has happened in
many Countries throughout history.
No time for TV. Time for study, and doing this.
It will take years to get half way done, Start Today!

If you Google EMP youtube, you will see a basic
EMP device from a camera. It is crude, but works.
It can also be a crude taser. Better to buy one.
Larger EMP devices require a heavy truck to move.
Hundreds of pounds. Again, crude. Not much use.
Only Nuclear provides enough raw energy to make
a useful EMP device.

As you can surmise, having a solar powered cabin is
a huge waste of time and money. Even a generator
will fry in an EMP BLAST. Any batteries connected
will fry as well. Time to get a good wood stove!
A solar cooker is good too.
Things that survive an EMP BLAST, and much more.

Start hoarding lots of “acceptable” books, pictures
in hard copy. Family tree with pencil writing is
a great project. Store a ream of paper and pencils
too. Many little sheds, in case of fire or damage,
are best. Use natural surroundings to your advantage.
Keep things from prying eyes on the ground, in the air.

Some people still have way too much of the World
in them. Even demonic items like satanic books,
satanic jewelry, ouija board, tarot cards, witches
items, and worse. Make sure you exorcise all these.
This should be done immediately!
Role playing, D&D, Fantasy. Romance. All should go.
Lustful items too.
Clean House, Spiritually, to obey God’s Word!!!
Plus, there is NO time for games anymore!
Plus, if the World is still in you, it will be
impossible to survive naturally, or spiritually.
Does the Bible not tell you this?

Even the “threat” of an EMP BOMB will be enough for
governments to declare “Martial Law” giving them the
right to commandeer ANYTHING you own, even YOU.
Better be somewhere else if you want to LIVE!
As we all know, Democracy is a lie. False. Not true.
We vote, but leaders do whatever they please. They
are out of control, and have NO accountability.
It used to be that Military was forbidden from being
used against civilians. Not any more. They have
changed all the laws, illegally, in violation of our
Constitutions, and can and WILL declare Martial Law,
even on the LIE of a potential EMP BLAST.
Understand?! This is REAL. This is Serious! Prepare!
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God Bless you with Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding
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In Jesus Name.