Holy Spirit Baptism

Q. Where do I read about the Holy Spirit Baptism?!
A. Acts Chapter 1,2.  John 7: 37-39, and much more!

Q. Is the Holy Spirit Baptism real? Of God? Present TODAY?
A. Alive and of God, and real today, but “who” is The Holy Spirit?

Q. Didn’t I get the Holy Spirit Baptism when I was saved?!!1
A. No. This is very separate and very different, as the Bible Proves.

Earnestly seek The Holy Spirit in study and prayer.

Read sections 9, 10, 11 in our Statement of Faith, EARNESTLY!!

Luke 11:9-13.  Ask, and keep on asking!

Read the King James Bible ONLY! Others trash the Holy Spirit!!

You NEED this! You NEED Him!!!

The Holy Spirit Baptism is not Salvation,
nor does it come with Salvation.
The Holy Spirit Baptism is a separate and unique Experience,
to be sought after by each Christian.!

There is MUCH to study and learn about the Holy Spirit Baptism.
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