How can I move to Canada?

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How can I move to Canada?! (Decide NOW, or too late!)

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How can I move to Canada?

First – you must be Christian! A REAL KJ Bible Believing Christian!
Yes, a REAL King James Bible Believing Jesus Freak Loving Christian
(Not one of those psudo-christian cults ie JW – see Heretic

Second – join SalvationCanada and become a contributing member

Third – red, yellow, black, or white, that is people we invite!
SalvationCanada has a retreat center for Christian Work
that is being modified into an Organic Farm Community…
By getting work there, you can green card. Eventually you can
become a “Canadian”. Then, your future is yours to decide…
However, up front, SalvationCanada advises that farm work will
be the best choice for you and for others. Spots are limited!
Farming will be Necessary for the insane times of tribulation that
the world is diving headlong into. Time is short! Decide NOW!

How can I move to Canada?
Fourth, With enough donations, we will “green card” workers to the Center.
You may want to sponsor someone, or to team up with others to….
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How can I move to Canada? How can you not???
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Many inquiries from the U.S.A. have come in. Worldwide too.
Serious Christians Only may be considered.
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How can I move to Canada?

Trump as President, or Hillary, the U.S.A. is in terrible trouble.
Leave before it is too late!!!

***October, 2016 Update. Success in filling our first quota!
Congratulations! Welcome to Canada!! Good Hard Work Here!
The nice part about moving to Canada, is that people won’t
be looking here for you. Christians need a “hideout”,
to live, pray, Bible Study, Praise and Worship God.
It is a real change from city life, so be prepared mentally,
physically, emotionally, and spiritually! As best you can.
Embracing change is the first, best, step you can take.
But the BEST step is towards Jesus. And for that, you need
a “retreat”. Time alone to talk to God, ponder His Word.

This may be the BEST thing to ever happen to you in your life!

Make a firm Decision, and stick to it!
Are you Ready?
Email us first, membership. We are working on our 2nd intake.

With the USA Election coming up quick, who knows what is
going to happen! The Signs are everywhere though. Great
Tribulation is upon all mankind. The USA especially! The
USA has lost its way. When Martial Law is Declared, BANG!!
The borders will be sealed, and no one gets in or out.
The over 1,000 FEMA Camps (Internment Camps) are up and ready.
We at Salvation Canada have researched this much in the
past few years. YES it is TRUE! YES FEMA is ready to LACE
the water with chemicals to control you, dumb you down, and
make you more susceptible to orders!!! In the potatoes, they
put in “Salt Peter”. This chemical weakens you, slows you
down, inhibits sex drive, and for men it stops erection.
That is how FEMA will control the hundreds of thousands of
people in each FEMA camp! Chemicals in the water. Chemicals
in the food. (What? Do you think you can order out for Pizza?)
Wake up people! FEMA camps are built and ready to go.
Guards, Guard Dogs, Guard Towers, and Staff are already preparing.
Why do you think FEMA and the US Government are doing this
if there is nothing going on?

Exactly. And who do you think goes into these prison camps
Vets, Christians, oops – did I say “Christians”? OhOh!
Yes, Christians. In fact, Christians are #2 on the
United States Terrorist List. Yes, #2. Fact!

Are you packing yet?

A video even surfaced in 2016 of a FEMA Train going through
Toronto, Ontario, Canada! What the moose is going on?!?


There are so many “SIGNS”. Don’t say God didn’t warn YOU!

Oh, the “Draft” is being warmed up again too. You know,
all the paperwork, who they can draft, cross checking
the profile made on every breathing American. Uh Huh.
No draft dodging this time. Borders Sealed. No Escape!
Got children? Too bad. FEMA is Mother. FEMA is Father.
Say goodbye to Family! Divide and Conquer! Unless……

Unless you GET OUT NOW!!

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Suffield CFB – just north of Medicine Hat,
less than 60 miles from the USA.

Primrose Lake Air Range – 70 miles northeast of Edmonton.

Wainwright CFB – halfway between Medicine Hat and Primrose Lake.

Ft. Nelson – Northernmost point on the BC Railway line.

Ft. McPherson – Very cold territory ~ NW Territories.
Ft. Providence -Located on Great Slave Lake.
Halifax – Nova Scotia. Dept. of National Defense reserve…. And others.

All Wallmarts are C&C take-over buildings.

Any “Box Store” is a prime target for military take-over.

Canada is still your safest bet. Just not near a Miliraty base (CFB)
CFB means Canadian Forces Base. Can be of many types and functions.
Usually patrolled by idiots, but electronic wall and alarms everywhere.
Verifying by eyesight is dumb.
Many bases in Canada, due to extreme cold, ie -72 F, (-40C) have underground
secret layer. Usually directly under the large paved area know as the
“parade ground”. There, bunks, like a prison ship, exist, as well as supplies
and weapons cache. The Military land is not under Civilian Law in Canada.
Each Base, and even near each Base, is considered a “Foreign Country”, NOT
Canada! Oh, didn’t know that. Well, it is true. Get anywhere near and you
could “disappear”! Bases always have a huge supply of coffins too.

Any Government land and buildings would be subject to use for intern camps,
concentration camps. The “Thought Police” will put any dissident there.
“Regional Airports” and “International Airports” which also go under federal
jurisdiction and have Fenced off areas, will be easily restructured.
Mental hospitals, closed hospitals, nursing homes, closed military bases,
Canadian wildlife preserves, Parks, Preserved land, Canadian prisons,
Dumps, toxic waste dumps, Nuclear Reactor Depleted Uranium Storage Facilities
where people get massive doses of radiation, slowly sicken and DIE, and
just about any other area, place, factory, large structure that suits their
needs will be taken by the “FEDS”.

Oh, you say, in the USA we had a special obama order to do this in the USA.
Well, in Canada, we have no rules at all.
Seriously. No Rules.
Even Spying. Canada is the only Democratic Country left with No Spying Law!
Unreal! But TRUE! So watch yourself up here. Many hazards. Cold Kills.
Wind Kills. Even above freezing, say 45 F, or about 10C, Hypothermia Kills.
The wind whips away your body heat, lowers your core temperature, and BANG!
You are soon dead!
I catches everyone unaware. You get used to the wind whipping by and forget
that it whispers DEATH in your ears. BEWARE! Many other killers here too.

That is the choice though. Mexico and the Drug Cartels and become slaves,
or Canada and at least 3 months of summer and 9 months of Freezing Cold!
There is little sunshine either, in the winter, in Canada. Long shadows
like creeping souls stretched long as they were ripped out of their bodies.
You will hate the long shadows that forecast Doom, Destruction and Death!
You have to be mentally prepared for this. Practice if you can.
You have to be prepared in supplies too, for Canada. It is the MOON.
Did you know that NASA sent their astronauts up to Sudbury, Ontario, Canada?
Yep! NASA had them up there walking around in their suits, doing mission
checks, tests, preparations. Until a smart Canadian (rare) asked “Why”?
NASA said “Because Canadian landscape is so much like the moon”!
Sulfuric Acid rain from the mining had destroyed the trees and vegetation,
and scored the rocks and land with a back smear, so it looked entirely like
a moon or other alien envronment. It really was that bad.
Canadian Gov fixed it though. Scrubbers on the mining Operations and “LIME”
into the soil and lakes to bring the Ph (Acidity) level back to normal.
Took a decade or two, but mostly worked. Killed all the fish in lakes, so
they had to be restocked slowly. Many were too large of lake so were “DEAD”
and left “DEAD” No fish in there. NONE. Oh, you thought you could just
fish and hunt and trap for food? Well, NO! There are many areas in Canada
where there are NO fish, NO wildlife. And where there is, ie Deer, POISONED!
They carry viruses that survive cooking and can kill you. Worms too!
Moose, Elk, beaver, bear, and many other animals meat do not have nutrients
needed by humans. You get some carbs/protein, but starve from MALNUTRITION!
See?! Not so easy up in Canada. Which is what you want. A safe hideaway!
Just be prepared. Psychologically, Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, and
most importantly, Spiritually. Read our other webpages about preparing….

Lots to read. Print it off and carry it with you. Your KJ Bible too.

Concentration Camps can also be speedily made on any open ground, but
usually are near transportation points such as airports, airstrips,
railways, Great Lakes, roads and highways. Some facilities are “disguised”
as industrial or commercial or retail properties, but are not! They are
camouflaged or even wholly contained inside large buildings (Indianapolis).
There is a multitude of ways to set up these concentration camps that hold
over 100,000 people in each. Chemicals in the food and water subdue….no,
wait, wrong word. The chemicals change you entirely and you have no energy,
no strength, no will. This is not some Rambo movie. Chemicals modify the
way you think, the way you act, who you are! Since WW1 Governments everywhere
have been “practicing” on people with these chemicals to see what they do
and how effective they are. The Government is now “expert” at “chemical
modification programs”. CMP. Beware! They will sterilize you first,
without you knowing. Oh ya…Chemical Sterilization. Been in Canada for
decades. Then they play with you. Uppers and downers until you lose reality.
Become hooked. So if you did run, you would run back like a drug addict.
And on and on. They own you. Now properly modified and conditioned, you
make mutations for them. Night and Day you slave away with no though for
anything else….until you get too slow and die. There are NO LAWS on
Military soil in Canada. NONE! You are a gonner if they catch you.

Avoid FEMA Camps like the Plague!!!

Oh, and of course, some FEMA Camps in the USA are models of shining Hotels!
5 Star Service! Nothing is too good for the customers! Ya. (Spits on FEMA)
Just a propaganda tool to fool you, make you think that ALL FEMA Camps are
like that. Don’t believe the lies. Once they find out that you are a VETERAN,
or a Republican, or a card carrying member of the NRA, or a Christian, or
Constitutionalist, or Prepper, or hunter, back-packer, or hiker, or or any of
the other types on the “FEMA TERRORIST WATCH LIST”, then they grab you.
They separate you, and ship you up to Canada to torture you. BEWARE!!!

Do you have a plan?

Can you survive on your own? Provide everything for your loved ones? Friends?

If not, then consider Moving to Canada through our Program.
The sooner the better!

Contact us at salvationcanada(at)mail (not gmail, just mail)dot com.

God Bless you and give you Wisdom.