Kenya University Attack

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When? April, 2015!!!
Garissa, Kenya
Christians at Garissa University College in Kenya were ATTACKED by muslum
cowards belonging to Al-Shabaab, an Al-Qaeda offshoot!

Garissa University Campus
Garissa-university+logoGarissa University Campus
The University student population is about 815 souls plus 60 teachers.
Garissa university college 1
The University has a large Christian attendance of beautiful Christians.
Garissa university college 19Garissa university college 2Garissa university college 3Garissa university college 4Garissa university college 5Garissa university college 10

Kenyan police have offered a $220,000 reward for Mohammed Mohamud!!
Mohammed Mohamud
Stupid name. Duh, I am brainwashed by CultKoran Mo Hum Mad. (repeat)
This muslum is WANTED, dead or alive, (preferably DEAD!)
for organizing this deadly “kill the Christians” attack.

Garissa university college 17
SalvationCanada abhors the IRL muslum war against Christians.
Our thoughts and prayers to the families and friends of those
who suffered injury and death and even Beheading, by muslums.
Billions of Christians around the World Stand Vigilant with you,
against the muslum terrorists. Defend yourself by all means!!!
al-Shabab fighters wearing cheap sandals
The muslum brainwashed cowards attacked unarmed students by
launching grenades and firing guns. Female students were
predominantly attacked because the cult koran “says”
woman are Not to go to school. If they do, they must die.!
Garissa university college 6
About 20 Army Tanks and vehicles surrounded the University, and troops
were sent in to “kill” the muslum terrorists. This response was slow.
Garissa university college 7Garissa university college 8Garissa university college 12
The five (5) muslums demanded to know if the students were Christians
and shot them Dead if they were not muslum. muslums believe they are
to take over the planet Earth, and must “destroy”, “kill” unbelievers,
according to the cultkoran book written by the pedophile mohamad.

Student Collins Wetangula told AP the militants stormed his dorm,
he could hear them demanding to know if residents were Muslim or Christian.
“If you were a Christian you were shot on the spot.
With each blast of the gun I thought I was going to die.”

Garissa university college 14Kenya University AttackGarissa university college 11

The muslumcult terrorists timed the Attack with muslumcult prayers
at 5:30 am when most brainwashed muslums would pray to a fake god.
How sad that anyone would be fooled into the cultmuslumkoranlie.
The cult attackers separated students by religion, allowing Muslims
to leave and keeping the Christians hostage.

Student Joel Ayora said gunmen burst into a Christian Church Service.
The five muslumcult terrorists forced the Christian hostages out.
shooting any Christian students they saw. Then they moved across the
Campus, killing more Christians but letting cultmuslums go free.
The five muslumcult terrorists held Christians hostage for 15 hours,
until the Army stormed the building, killing the muslumcult terrorists.

This attack was entirely preventable, and warning was given beforehand.
Kenya is “fast-tracking” 10,000 more police to help fight muslims.
This is a Huge Failure in Kenya security! 5 muslum korancultists
killed 147 souls and wounded 79, who were mostly Christians.
2 security guards, 1 policeman and 1 soldier were also killed.
What a Horrible Failure in basic security!
Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta
President Uhuru Kenyatta urged Kenyans to
stay calm as we resolve this matter, and extended his condolences
to the families of those who have perished.

University website:

Our Prayers are with you all. Especially this Easter Weekend.
God Bless you, comfort you, and keep you safe in His arms. In Jesus Name.

Garissa university college 16
ps. Think about starting a “Christian Militia”.
Kenya University Attack: 147 DEAD and 79 wounded, so far.


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