Posted on May 23/2017
SalvationCanada and SalvationUSA both STRONGLY Recommend:
Prepare a Bug Out Bag TODAY!! (Backpack filled with Necessities)
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22 Dead, over 100 Injured, as muslums BOMB teen concert, Manchester

Muslum Terrorists BOMB Manchester Arena: 19 dead, 50 injured.

Ariana Grande. 2 Bombs in tunnels when Concert ended.
Hunt down the Muslum Terrorists! Rid the World of muslum Terror

Hours before muslum Bombing, This posted on Twitter!
When will the STUPID WORLD wake up! WW3 IS HERE!
muslums VS the whole World!! Understand?! Wake Up, Everyone!!

#ManchesterArena bombing happened on the 4 year anniversary of the brutal murder of Lee Rigby. Unlikely to be coincidental. #Manchester

Update: “Nuts and Bolts and Blood seen all around Bombing sites.”

Manchester Police Announce Investigation into…Katie Hopkins and
others who tweeted anti-muslum comments. Really??? Yes, even a
70 year old woman was arrested for “not liking” muslums. Gestapo!

Wake Up, Canada, USA…this is HERE, NOW, In Your City!! Wake Up!!
Do something about the FAKE “religion of peace”, bombing children!

Operation “Temperer” has been enacted in UK, 10,000 Troops Activated.

“CRITICAL” Threat Level Now announced in UK. Terrorist Attack Coming!

Operation Temperer is basically Martial Law, and strips citizens of

ALL Rights and Freedoms and Constitutional/Legal Rights. Gone.
Will other Countries follow suit? USA, Canada, France, Europe?