Miriam Carey

Please remember in Prayer, all mom’s.
Police Murder Miriam Carey, mom, 34 , at Capitol Hill car chase!!!

“MURDER of innocent mom, on CAPITOL HILL”

SHOT DEAD! Miriam Carey, MURDERED by multiple bullets from Police.
Miriam was stopped, seated in her black infinity, hands up, unarmed.
Yet the racist cowboy cops ripped shot after shot through her car window.
WHY??? This was such a senseless killing?!?! Shoot the tires!
Who trained these monkey cops?! Trained to MURDER an innocent woman?!!!
This is an UGLY statement of Obuma’s Failures to protect innocent people.
One year old BABY GIRL, orphaned from her mother, by MURDERING cops.

Miriam Carey worked as a dental hygienist, and was not armed.
Miriam was dealing with post-partum depression from childbirth.
Miriam was NO threat, NO danger, and was simply scared by threatening cops.
Washington Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy Lanier IS A LYING HEARTLESS WITCH!
Our respects and prayers to family and friends of Miriam Carey.
The MURDERING cops need to be CHARGED and put in PRISION!!