The NSA is Hacking, Listening, Recording, Storing, ALL COMMUNICATIONS!
The NSA illegally spies on the entire WORLD, as well as ALL Americans!
The NSA “National Security Agency”, is supposed to be FOR the People!

What went Wrong?! The nsa is out of control!

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Mass Surveillance Program Ruled Illegal, and Exceeds Congressional Directives.
Thanks to the ACLU, this Victory means Major Lawsuits against the NSA!
Republican Senator and Presidential Candidate Rand Paul (R-Kentucky)
who STANDS UP for the Rights of the People, said he was pleased with this
decision, and that our phone calls were None of their _______ business!
Republican Congressman Justin Amash (R-Michigan), Hailed the Legal Decision
as a Victory for the liberty and privacy of all Americans.
Thank you ACLU for kicking President Obuma and the NSA in the ______.