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Protests Paralyze U.S.A. Are YOU Ready?!?!!
legal insurrection
A Potent Picture Foreshadowing the FIRE to come!

This new webpage was needed to shout loud against Police Assaulting People!!
This new webpage was needed to shout loud against Police Murdering People!!!

List of Protest Marches YOU should attend or support:

There are already so many websites and news sites which do a great job reporting,
so why add more here?
The reason is so we can all be informed with correct FACTS
and to Pray for Wisdom, Peace, Justice, Change, Accountability,
and the Ending of Racial Prejudices and Profiling.

We must give do diligence to the people, streamers, press,
putting themselves in danger, to give us the FACTS!

This IS the END TIMES!
End Times
The Bible says MUCH about these times. Join SalvationCanada Today!

Salvation Canada reported on Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and now, Freddie Gray. has biography on each with many facts. Some facts are not stated.
Hard Times come for many people. Underprivileged is a common Fact these days.
Instead of helping people, the U.S.A. seeks to use Force to childishly get their way,
using Assault and even Murder against innocent people to get their way.
The WHY of this is obvious.
Obama has signed into effect (illegally) more Presidential Orders
than ALL the U.S.A. Presidents Combined!!! FACT!
Corporate Control of the Presidency, pulling strings, comes down to “GREED”.
Money, Money, Money.
1 Timothy 6:10 King James Version (KJV)
“For the love of money is the root of all evil”

We should Expect Protests, Armed Conflicts, Wars, Violence, Anarchy, and all Evil.
The World is embroiled in injustice and Terrorism. ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Bioko-Hiram.
The Police are being “Militarized” all around the World, especially the “West”.
U.S.A., Canada, U.K., Australia, New Zealand, known as the “Five Eyes”, are
actively and aggressively Expanding their Agenda throughout the World.
Ukraine is a Prime example of this. The TRUTH will Shock you!

Christians need to get their heads out of the sand, and take a good look around!
Protests are a way of life in Canada, the U.S.A., the U.K., and other Countries.
Protests are a way of demonstrating to the populace an injustice or movement.
Protests are Needed, when no one is resolving problems.
The alternative is Bloody. It is called “REVOLUTION”!!!
Anyone remember 1968?

Protests about Police Assaulting and Murdering people, are very needed.
It is the greatest Social Injustice facing Western Nations. Dirty Cops.
It is the greatest Crime against Humanity. Cops on the “Payroll”.
Gone are the days of “To Serve and Protect”.
Here are the days of “Record Everything” and “Travel in groups, never alone”.
It is not thieves we fear anymore. It is the Police Brutality we fear.
Police making False Allegations, False Charges, Beating us up, Planting drugs
or other False evidence. We see this recently on the video of the 50 year old
Black man, Walter Scott. Walter Scott was shot 8 times in the back. Shot Dead!
Then the video shows the Murdering Cop, Michael Slager, planting his Taser
beside the dead body. FACT!

Salvation Canada predicts many Protests in 2015. Curfews, Martial Law,
Military being called in to gas attack people, injure people, kill people.

We have News for everyone: We are all under Slavery these days.
We have absolutely NO Control of our Governments anymore.

It will only get worse, people.

Why do you think Salvation Canada has been speaking for years:
“Do you have a Plan B? and Are You Prepared?”.

The more people Salvation Canada can wake up, the better.
Wake Up to the Social Injustices growing fast near you.
Wake Up to the FACT that YOU need Jesus like never before.
There is much to learn on both points.

Is your Heart open to Learning? Growing? Changing?
Pray the Prayer…

more to come soon…

Baltimore Police arrested over 100 People, Protesters and Journalists,
on trumped up charges. The Police LIED!
NBC and other major News Networks confirmed this, and that Baltimore LAW
requires a court appearance within 24 hours. Many of the arrested were held
without bail, without phone call, for more than TWO DAYS!!
Suddenly, after Civil Liberties Groups made court applications, most were
let go. No charges were laid.
This is a GROSS VIOLATION of our Legal Rights, our Constitutional Rights,
and our Human Rights!!!

VICE Reporter and freelancer, Shawn Carrié, was one of the arrested.
He was never told what charge he was being arrested for.
He showed Police his “Press Pass”, but was arrested without cause anyway.
Shawn suffered a head wound and concussion after Police fired a
rubber bullet directly at his head.
Shawn stated he was refused medical attention.

The over one hundred was actually over 200, when final counts came in.
Again, most were let go without charges after being harassed, humiliated,
and deHumanized. “Is this what Nazi Germany was like”, one arrested said.
Another said “This is F*ing B*llsh*t! I have Rights!”

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan was question about all this.
He said because there was a “State of Emergency”, there rights are suspended.
Civil Liberties Groups say “That is a LIE”. There is NO such Power
to suspend your Constitutional and Legal Rights.

The Revolution seems to be well under way….