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“As for SalvationCanada, we are purchasing some rural land for a “Retreat”!!
Good soil for crops. Isolated water source. Off the Grid. Farmhouse.
There we plan to build many cabins for Members to have use of.
Members who donate $25,000 dollars or more will have an emergency retreat, as well as “Vacation” spot. Sounds restfull and peaceful!
This is a limited time offer, so become a Member of SalvationCanda Today!”

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Donate Today! We will make room for you!!
May Jesus Bless you and Bring you Peace, for your kindness! Thank You!

Meetings and councils are being planned to proceed with Project Retreat!

Over the next days and few weeks, this much talked about idea will be firmly planned and started. Old and Wise Members and Staff of Salvation Canada have already given good advice and promised help. God Bless Them!

We will look at three (3) scenarios.
One, small and basic. Land only, near water.
Two, small home with property, well.
Three, depending on Donations, larger acreage, Farmhouse.

So many end times signs have happened people. Surely this is it!
What really gets me is the “TWO” comets (portents of Doom) in the sky.
(see Post)
If one comet was a Portent of Doom, and Kingdoms went to WAR. What is TWO?

Some will ask, “Well, isn’t Jesus going to snatch us up?”
Well, no. That is not promised. Even Pre-Trib, it doesn’t say exactly when. Seems like the World goes through much upheaval first. Besides, what about loved ones remaining? Where will they go to escape the danger and worse?
We will all need a Safe, Prepared, Planned, Place, to retreat to.
Martial Law will be in every city. Prison Camps for Millions each,
have already been built and staffed in North America.
The Governments have been preparing this for YEARS!!
What do you think is going to Happen??? (read Post and tabs for more)

It is coming, Friend. The only question is, will you join our preparations and have a safe place to retreat to, in time of War or Natural Disaster?

Meanwhile, we live our normal lives, do our normal jobs, read the Bible.
It is helpful to learn simple skills, as a hobby.
First Aid, sewing, hunting, survival techniques, and much more.
The more prepared we are, individually – the more we bless one another.

One thing to practice is a few days OFF TV, Computer, any electronics.
“Fast”, and try not to give in. We don’t know how ADDICTED we are!!
Having found out from Edward Snowden just how illegally SPIED upon we are, we should all be using a paid for, SalvationCanada recommended VPN (see side index). Time is so short. Be Ready!

I have to say this again, every State in the U.S.A. and province in Canada
has “Martial Law” Signs Made and put in storage. Why is that?
They just did this in 2013. We are at Peace. Aren’t we?
Well, we see now what the Feds were planning all along.
WAR with Russia. That means WAR with China. That means WW3!!!
Which means, Martial Law, and Slavery in the Work Factories, OR,
it’s off to Prison Camp and drugged water and drugged food scraps.

I am sure that most people reading this, and most people in North America
have No Real Idea, and cannot imagine, what life will be like.

Unless you have lived in War, which a number of us at Salvation Canada
have, then it is going to be very traumatic for you. Shock!
So do some reading, some youtube, and get unshocked.
People get a cut, get and infection, and die.
People get sick, get sicker, and die
People suffer, and starve, and when they cannot work, they die.

Less than one lifetime ago, WW2 happened, and we see it.
But do we believe it? Or do we believe Hollywood instead?
A bunch of Christian Science Sinners who hold ritualistic murders?!
Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and so many sickos more, I won’t list them.
Taking the world into complacency, and stupidity. Switching our brain OFF

Switch your Brain, and Reasoning, ON, friends. Switch it ON!!!

Become a Member of SalvationCanada, right now. Help us fight the good fight.
Donate, even a little, and help us make a difference.
Here, You Find Truth, Light, Life.
The World holds Heresy, and Sin, and Death
Churches are so far into Heresy, there is no turning back.
Radio and TV are entirely Heretics. Do not be deceived!
One show, the “JimBakkerShow”, looks great, sounds great, and even sticks to the KJV Bible and quotes scripture from there. But…
oh, and they are “warning” people”, selling survival food, selling survival this and that. It all sounds so good!….Until…
The Hammer comes down!
We at SalvationCanada fight the Heretics, and have a long list of them.
Most ARE O.S.A.S., but hide it, or now, LIE about it. Too Late.
Once Saved Always Saved, meaning you can never lose your salvation no matter what, and you never have to repent – you always go to Heaven,
THAT smart friends, is a “Christian Killer Doctrine” (more in POST).
It is current trying to sweep the World. And in our stupidity, it will.
Too lazy to be Berean. Too Stupid to read the Scripture. Right?
Break free Friends! Read your KJV Bible Daily, with Strongs Concordance.
Start Today!!!
Do NOT be deceived by these snake oil salesmen!!
Do NOT watch the JimBakkerShow! It is a den of Vipers!! All going to Hell!
The guests include Heroes of Heretics, and Heads of Heretic Cults!
This we know, at SalvationCanada, after many Decades of observing, remembering.
They cannot fool us. Don’t let them fool you! Read the Bible for yourself!

Contact us, and please donate. There is so much to do…
We Love you and Pray for You. God Bless You!

more to come.

Russia is more Christian and more UNcommunist, than Canada!!!
How Shocking is that?!?!?!
It’s true. The PROOF is everywhere.
Who knows how much time we have?
As a servant of God, we must all be prepared.
“Watch and Pray” the Bible says. (KJV) Watch and Pray!

Contact us. We will pray for you daily! We are here for you!

God Bless.