Sochi Olympics 2014

Corruption from Canada, USA, UK, EU, Australia, NZ, allies.
Corruption and systematic wicked evil LIES, PROPAGANDA!
A TRUE WAR, yes WAR, BY THE “WEST” against Russia!!!
and the systematic strategic DEATH to YOUR RIGHTS/freedoms.
To the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, in the USA, and in
Canada, the DEATH of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. in
the UK/EU, TOTAL AND UTTER DESTRUCTION of not only that, but

against Russia and Sochi Olympics 2014, was beyond belief!
NEVER have we at SalvationCanada been so ashamed of our Countries!

BUT NOW, new information has surfaced, pointing GUILT at those
responsible. Not just the Governments. Not just the Media.
But the Billionaires, like George Soros, pressuring, funding,
raising up an army of followers paid to trash Russia, and Sochi!
From the leaked files hacked from George Soros computers comes this:
and from this Report to George Soros group….read it and weep!

Jeff Yarborough St. Petersburg and Moscow December 2013

I traveled to St. Petersburg and Moscow from December 3rd to December 12th, during which time I met with a wide range of current grantees, prospective partners, academics, and legal practitioners. It was an interesting time to be in Russia: while my visit was initially timed to coincide with International Human Rights Day (and the numerous side events taking place to mark the date) this occasion turned out to be but a minor blip against a much broader range of dynamics and processes taking place in the country at the time of my visit. In the words of Natalia Taubina, the venerable Executive Director of the Public Verdict Foundation, “this is perhaps the most critical moment for Russian civil society since the collapse of the Soviet Union.” She was speaking, of course, about the full range of political and social developments that can be seen at the present time, and this view, while perhaps hyperbolic, was not far off from those which were expressed by a wide range of interlocutors with whom I met during my visit. There was unanimity in the fact that nothing is certain in Russia these days, and Putin’s surprising and apparently sudden decision to close down and reorganize state-run RIA-Novosti only served to emphasize this point during my visit.
Country Context
There were a number of key recurrent themes that emerged during my meetings regarding ongoing developments in Russia:
Sochi and its aftermath: There is broad consensus that the period leading up to the Sochi Olympics could be one of the last remaining windows of opportunity to preserve independent space in the country, with a crackdown and further tightening of state control expected by many as soon as the international community’s gaze has turned elsewhere. The LGBT community has been under exceptional pressure, but other NGOs are feeling the pressure as well. While some legal cases regarding the “Foreign Agents Law” have delivered favorable results, these have almost entirely been based on procedural or administrative grounds. With the Prosecutor’s office failing to obtain its desired outcomes in many instances due to shoddy legal argumentation and procedural irregularities, a new round of civil cases are now being opened on behalf” unnamed citizens” again seeking to compel organizations to register as “foreign agents.”

Most people I spoke with believed that the State was unprepared for the degree of solidarity expressed within civil society against registering as a foreign agent, and moreover, given the unexpected international backlash against this action, has decided for now to put the project on hold, with the potential for renewed inspections and harassment to take place in the middle of next year alongside the deployment of a more diverse range of state tactics. It is clear that many developments in the build up to the Sochi Olympics (i.e. the ballyhooed Amnesty Law) are aimed at burnishing Russia’s tarnished international reputation ahead of intense global attention and media coverage, and are not reflective of a genuine shift in attitudes among the authorities. Legislation on the docket for 2014 promises to further tighten internet freedom, increase restrictions on foreign and domestic crowd sourced funding (i.e. Paypal and other mechanisms of transferring financial resources) while other pernicious laws (i.e. the “Gay Parents Law” as well as proposed amendments to the constitution regarding the establishment of Russian Orthodoxy as a state religion and revising Russia’s constitutional obligation to abide by and implement its international obligations) are also potentially on the table.

EuroMaidan: I arrived in Russia just as the Ukrainian protests were heating up in earnest. “EuroMaidan” had just survived the initial and brutal attempt by security forces to disburse the movement, signaling a staying power and reflection of broad-based social grievance that has put Russia on edge. Television coverage of the events was rife, with Putin himself blaming “foreign provocateurs and agents” seeking to continue their plans first set into motion in 2004. It’s worth noting that it was in response to the first wave of so-called “color revolutions” that more restrictive legislation was first introduced (i.e. reneging on the direct election of governors, increased government interference into the activities of the third sector, for instance) so it is very likely to expect a similar process of tightening in response to current developments in Ukraine. In Russia’s rubber-stamp Duma, draft legislative amendments often get previewed and bandied about, and thus, if one looks at proposed legal changes to gauge the worst case scenario of what could be to come, it is a very worrying picture which emerges. The events in Ukraine make a worst case scenario (which can be envisioned based on the above) more likely in Russia as well, depending on how things develop. Take, for instance, proposed amendments to Article 15 of the Russian Constitution which would negate the necessity of adhering to Russia’s international obligations. Gone then, would be the formal need for the State to follow and implement ECHR rulings. Others spoke of the chilling impact of a concerted use of Russia’s 2012 Treason Law, which broadened the definition of treason to make it vague enough to be selectively applied to almost any inconvenient figure providing information or assistance to international organizations or foreign governments. Many pointed toward the arrest of Mikhail Savva, the Grant Programs Director of the Southern Regional Resource Center in Krasnodar (who was threatened with treason before ultimately being charged with fraud) as having an instructive intent for civil society actors. This coincides with a process already underway in academic circles to limit academics’ free speech, with state institutions recently amending work contracts to prohibit part-time work and requiring any public commentary or provision of expertise in legal proceedings to be approved by the institution’s rector in advance.

Cooperation, Cooptation and Rebranding: While simultaneously attempting to brand many civil society organizations as “foreign agents,” the state has also made a significant amount of funding available to civil society organizations through a series of grant competitions, essentially tripling the amount of government funding available to the third sector in 2013. To the surprise of many observers, a large number of OSF grantees and critical human rights groups, including those battling ongoing legal proceedings, have ended up receiving state funding, with the latest round of recipients announced during my visit. In light of the parallel process to demonize civil society organizations and limit their scope of operations, this development at best presents some nuance in understanding the aims and intent of this government initiative. Anecdotally, the application process was a lengthy one which required extensive information about an organization’s past work and funding, leaving just a paragraph in the application template to elaborate on the proposed project. Grants come with significant administrative requirements, are solely project-based, and often of short (>1 year) duration. One interlocutor mentioned that failure to comply with the strict grant requirements could potentially expose organizations in the future to criminal charges for “misuse of state funds” apparently giving the government significant leverage in the event of a potential future crackdown.

Thus, while it is great to see our partners diversifying their base of funding and increasing their cooperation with the state, this format is less than ideal and is something to watch carefully moving forward. While many groups feel they can accept government funding without compromising their pro-democracy missions, in some meetings I detected a certain towing of the party line/talking points when discussing sensitive issues, though it’s perhaps too soon to infer any causality. Nonetheless, some believe that the state will ultimately force recipients to “choose” between ongoing domestic support and continued foreign financing and the “foreign agent” stigma which this brings. At the same time, while the state dramatically increased its funding for civil society this year (and promises to continue the trend in 2014) the fact remains that for many observers Russia’s economic outlook remains rather bleak, with across the board federal government budget cuts expected in 2014.

Therefore, leaving aside all other issues, it doesn’t appear that current government funding for civil society is likely to be sustainable over the medium to long-term, suggesting instead, that the increase in state funding for civil society is an attempt to realize more short-term objectives. A key development to look towards is the Constitutional Court’s ruling on the “Foreign Agents Law” which is expected to be delivered in early February. There are indications that given the initial and widespread civil society solidarity expressed in reaction to the Foreign Agents Law, the State is now slowly aiming to divide groups that work on “social” issues and/or engage in service provision from those working on more sensitive topics (such as migrant rights, LGBT, high level corruption etc.) with some groups that fall into the former category being portrayed as legitimate and beneficial, while those in the latter will continue to be accused of being “political.” However, it remains to be seen whether such distinctions and divisions can be effectively created and exploited in order to create ruptures within the sector.
Implications for OSF work
Detailed meeting notes can be found in the appendix to this report, but for the sake of brevity I’d like to briefly summarize the main takeaways and issues for our work which emerged from my visit.
Increased State Funding: What does it mean and how to respond? One interesting dynamic which came up throughout my meetings was the question of state funding and conversely, the ongoing use of legal pressure and inspections against a select group of organizations. As it turns out, a rather large number of our grantees have received state funding in the past year, although it’s also clear that certain issue areas remain under intense scrutiny and pressure (for example, LGBT and combatting homophobia; although this has also attracted significant international attention and it seems that other groups and resources appear to be available and ready to support actors in this area) while other forms of civic activism are safer and/or have more potential to develop and grow. It’s somewhat difficult to infer just where this line is drawn, or what other factors may be behind certain state funding decisions While we should continue to support those groups whose work meets our strategic goals, we should also be cognizant of those groups who have been unsuccessful in their attempts and/or who run the potential risk for greater marginalization within the sector. Do we view state support as ultimately buttressing our own efforts and the organizations we support? Or conversely, does it point towards new risks and a potential benefit in broadening our partners? I don’t have a clear answer, but I remain dubious about the potentially positive aspects of this dynamic. Determining our risk tolerance and deciding how and whether to develop our programming into new areas/work with new partners is something that we should carefully consider in the near term.
Financial Instability in the Sector: The 1/3 rule will impact a number of our existing grantees, and as foreign donor funding becomes more difficult for groups to access (and restrictions on crowd sourced domestic funding may come into force even before many groups have attempted to utilize such an approach) the perennial issue of financial sustainability in the sector becomes an even greater and more immediate challenge. The increased availability of government financing (leaving aside the potential problems associated with this) still doesn’t address the lack of institutional support that most organizations are forced to deal with. Reliance on project-based grants can distort a group’s adherence it its core mission, and for the most part doesn’t do anything to help groups strengthen professionally, increase their development/fundraising capacity, or enhance their strategic communication skills. While some groups are thinking creatively about how to address these issues (CISR and the establishment of an endowment, for example) and there are organizations dedicated to capacity building in these areas such as the Donor’s Forum, Charities Aid Foundation, and the NGO Development Center, the fact remains that there is a large deficit in third sector funding (exacerbated by the departure of USAID) which is unlikely to be resolved any time soon. Domestic donors and corporate philanthropy are unlikely to support a majority of our partners and the issues which form our core mission and current strategy. Thus, increased cooperation and coordination with other donors to ensure that key partners have the resources they need is one imperative created by this situation.
Working with the Arts community and urban grassroots activism: The Arts sphere, while clearly not immune from government interference or pressure, is one area of civic engagement that remains somewhat under-explored in our current portfolio, but one which has the potential to engage a broader segment of the Russian public and sensitize people to their potential as citizens to engage policy makers around issues that are of importance in their lives and neighborhood. While the Russian state is clearly engaged in a top-down identity building project (i.e. Russia as an Orthodox Christian society which embraces its own set of “traditional values”) there is the potential to promote horizontal and bottom-up civic engagement which encourages people to establish their own shared values and norms (which may be more nuanced than that which is promoted by the state) in order to challenge, or at least provide an alternative to, the hegemonic discourse propagated throughout the highly-controlled media sphere. The challenge for OSF is to determine how to work with more loosely-affiliated groups which don’t fit into the traditional NGO model, and to identify such movements and regions where this may be a more viable endeavor. Our work which serves to promote local identity, (and in a sense, touches upon “place branding”), such as the ProVladimir website and social marketing projects, addresses some of these themes, but I believe there is more space where this approach could be beneficial and potentially less contentious in a deteriorating environment. More broadly, there is an emergent younger generation of activists who have not been traditionally associated with the NGO sector and more established human rights organizations. Determining if, and how, we can engage these initiatives (particularly in light of the 1/3 rule and new eligibility criteria) is something which warrants further discussion.
Digital and Physical Security: During my visit, I did not feel that I was under any particular scrutiny, save for the one meeting in which everyone became concerned that we were being directly surveilled. However, other meetings, particularly those held in the offices of organizations, gave me the impression that perhaps some interlocutors did feel that the y might be listened in on. Given the recent surveillance of OSF’s convening of LGBT activists and the subsequent use of the surreptitiously-obtained recording on national television, it is worth understanding that our work, and that of our partners, is definitely being watched. The fact that this development caught many of our local partners by surprise indicates that a deeper understanding of digital security risks and measures is something which could be beneficial for our partners and grantees.
This is also important in thinking through our own local presence, and how we integrate the Moscow office into our internal organizational systems, where there is the risk that they could become compromised at the Russian endpoint. At the end of the day, there are likely very few ways of truly keeping information completely secure from a motivated entity (like a government) but there are certainly ways in which organizations could at least take the risks more seriously and follow better guidelines and procedures. One-off trainings are perhaps a less effective model of promoting this than just fostering a practice of more regular checking in and discussion of the risks and mitigation tools with our partners and grantees. One interlocutor mentioned that the Russian authorities appeared to have accessed their internal organizational documents dating back several years, so this is something that we should be aware of, as well as our grantees.
Beyond digital security, there is also the issue of physical security, with perhaps the LGBT community facing the greatest threat. The LGBT groups I met with are definitely thinking through these issues, and were in the process of establishing greater security safeguards (such as a camera outside their office door, as well as a panic room/button to alert the authorities should they come under physical threat) but the risks may not be as acutely felt by other actors, though they may be present as well. To prepare for a worst-case scenario, I recommend that the Russia Project set aside a certain amount of resources to respond to emergency situations, for instance, if someone needs support to quickly leave the country due to threats. The Director’s Reserve could potentially be a pocket of money for this, but given uncertainties across the region, it would be ideal if there could be Russia-specific funds earmarked for this purpose.
Other Areas of Assistance to the Sector: Aside from potentially reserving resources in order to respond to emergency situations, there is also a need across the third sector for increased legal support and capacity. The onerous legal cases which many organizations are dealing with take away time and resources that would otherwise be spent pursuing their core missions and implementing projects. While we have provided emergency legal assistance through the Human Rights Resource Center to support Coming Out and Side by Side, there are numerous other organizations which don’t have the capacity or resources to adequately manage the increased work load. Organizations which have lawyers as permanent staff members (for instance, those which provide legal assistance) have found their ability to adequately manage their case load stretched thin. In the short-term there is a financial need of many organizations to help pay for existing cases, as well as the longer-term need for increased legal trainings and growth in the quantity of skilled lawyers able to effectively argue Foreign Agent/Civil Society related cases. This need could either be met by assisting individual organizations with hiring additional legal staff, or by keeping a pool of lawyers on retainer for a group of organizations—perhaps best determined on a case by case basis.
Others spoke of the benefits of the provision of funds for travel and horizontal peer exchanges with international interlocutors, in the first instance, from an advocacy perspective to ensure that these groups’ voices are represented in international fora and discussions. Beyond this aim, it was also expressed that fostering closer links and ties between grassroots Russian activists and their counterparts in other countries could help maintain enthusiasm and interest in the sector (helping to counter the brain drain that occurs) while exposing them to the work of organizations which operate in relatively-unfettered environments, potentially contributing to more long-term learning and professional development.
Finally, it was expressed on more than one occasion that beyond financial assistance, OSF (and the international community) could support civil society through conducting its own sustained public and high-level advocacy, and by liaising with governments and international institutions to ensure that the international spotlight and pressure doesn’t dissipate once the Olympics have passed.
Methods of Grantmaking: When I joined the Russia Project, it was interesting to me that we currently have no open calls for proposals. Instead, our grantmaking is largely done through renewals/additional grants to existing partners, as well as referrals and targeted solicitations. This allows for our network of partners and grantees to slowly develop and change over time, but also makes it challenging for completely unknown or new groups to apply for funding. Certainly, open calls are more labor-intensive and potentially make it harder to vet applicants (and I can only imagine the number of GONGO proposal we might receive) but it might be useful and interesting to at least make an open call on a specific issue or theme to see what comes in. This could potentially add an element of transparency and openness to our grantmaking and help us to become aware of groups outside of our usual circle of friends and in a more diverse range of regions. Of course, there are also downsides to this approach (for instance, potentially creating a cadre of aggrieved unsuccessful applicants) but after this visit, I wanted to at least flag this question for further discussion as I have the sense that there are potentially worthwhile projects and groups in the regions which are not currently on our radar; and that capital-based coalitions, while their voice often resonates more loudly with donor organizations and the international community, don’t always reflect the voices and views of regional actors.

Interfering with any Nation’s culture, laws, and government, IS AN ACT OF WAR!
Canada, USA, UK, EU, Australia, NZ, ect, all know this.
All these countries are GUILTY.
The COUP in Ukraine, and the evidence of Victoria Newland and “Jeff”,
Ass Secretary of State, USA, and US Ambass to Ukraine, recorded talking about
how they would chop up Ukraine, and who they would put in power….Unreal.
The WEST has become worse than NAZI Germany in WW2!

The above document, verified, adds further support to the body of evidence
against the West. It is a “chilling” realization that the West is NOT
making foolish errors or overreacting. Instead, it is a PLANNED INVASION!
A WAR against the rest of the world!
Russia first.
Then who?
And if they fail, they can nuke everyone. Right? Chilling!

Read the heavy reading of the LEAKS, here:
Read ALL the SalvationCanada website. While you still can!


Crosby and Team Canada celebrate Gold Medal Win, Sochi, Russia!!!


Carey Price vs Henrik Lundqvis for Gold Medal!

Jonathan Toews Scores First Goal for Canada!!

Jonathan Toews Scores First Goal for Canada at 12:55 of First Period!
A Tip In from Carter and Weber, Toews was in the right place at the right time!

Sidney Crosby Scores Second Goal for Canada!!

Sidney Crosby Scores Second Goal for Canada!
At the Canadian blue line, Crosby poke checked the puck and Breakaway!
The Race against the Swedish Players was Intense! Crosby Breaks Away!
Faking out the Swedish Goaltender, LundQvist, Crosby goes backhand,
off the Goalies outstretched Toe, and into the Net. GOAL!!!
As Predicted, Sidney Crosby Scores his only Goal of the Tournament,
7:22 of the Second Period, when Most needed!!! Yea!!! 2-0 Canada!!!

With HALF the Game gone, Sweden Battled like an Angry Ally Cat.
Sweden was Fierce, Speedy, Skillful, Determined, and had Few Mistakes.
Canada had to fend off the Powerfull Sweedish Power Plays too.
At 8:00 minutes of the Third Period, the Tension was Cut!

Chris Kunitz scores Third Goal for Canada!

Chris Kunitz scores Third Goal for Canada!
Chris Kunitz roofs a shot, past a defender, past Lundquist, hits the crossbar,
and somehow, instead of bouncing out, the flat of the puck hit just right,
GOAL!!! The Sweeds could not believe it! A Perfect Shot!! GOAL!!!

To be fair, the Sweedish Team had great Game, even missing 3 Centers,
(where was Backstrom?) and key players. Sweden nearly scored many times, even hitting the post. But, all shots stayed out. (smile)
A Great Game worth watching again. God Bless all at the Olympics!

Canada Played Hard right to the dying seconds. Yea! GOLD MEDAL WIN!!!
CANADA WINS 3-0 against Sweden, GOLD MEDAL Game, Sochi, Russia, 2014!
Congratulations Canada, and ALL Teams, and Thank You Russia,
Thank You President Putin, and Thank You ALL workers, volunteers!

You ALL made this the BEST Winter Olympics, 2014, IN ALL History!!!
Thank you ALL RUSSIA!!! We Love You and Pray for You, And God Bless You!!!
ps. Closing Ceremonies were a Tear Jerker! So Amazing! A Must See!
Buy the entire DVD. Is BBC doing one? Get that!North American Reporters
were horrible, Slandered, and Biased. Untruthfull Government Proaganda.
They also “Cut Out” just to spoil things for viewers, making Americans and Canadians dislike their Governments even more.
Sad that Obuma and Harpy Hate their own citizens so much, spoiling TV.
So as I was reporting, this was the BEST EVER, Start to Finish!!!
And, no major problems, no terrorist attacks (the US can send their two warships home now LOL), and no dying dogs.
What the even BIGGER NEWS, was the reason to spend over
$50,000,000,000 (Billion) Dollars on the Olympic Winter Games:
President Putin Announcing that Russia has a New Face.
A Face of Peace. A Face of Diplomacy. A Face of the Future!
Putin certainly showed the World that Russia means business!
The IOC President even gave Putin a rare compliment on the Games!
So suck it up USA, Can, UK. Russia won more medals, and showed great
gamemanship, and wowed the World with Hospitality.
Russia deserves our Thanks and Praise and Gratitude!!!

God Bless you President Putin, and all Russia!!!

God Bless you!!! Thank you Russia! “To Russia With Love!”

Fireworks Lit up the Sky, a Perfect Close to the Sochi Olympics, 2014.

U.S.A. Stumbles, Falls, Fails, in Face of Finland and Teemu Selanne!
Jonathan (not so) Quick, could Not keep up to Rask and Finland.
Finland WINS Bronze Medal, punishing the U.S.A. 5-0. WOW!!

Finland’s Teemu Selannem Sochi, Russia, Winter Olympics, 2014

Teemu Selanne (43 yrs old)has 23 cars in his garage, and a beautiful Family.
Sidney Crosby predicts a GOAL, and Gold Medal in game against Sweden!

Crosby narrowly misses goal on USA Goalie Jonathan Quick.
Crosby played some of his fastest, best Hockey Ever against Team USA.
Crosby set such a fast pace for everyone, players on Team USA were panting.
And while Team USA was busy trying to keep up to Crosby…Benn Shoots!!…

Benn Shoots, Benn SCORES! Benn SCORES the winning GOAL!

Jamie Benn #22 celebrates with forward Corey Perry #24 and defenseman Jay Bouwmeester #19 after scoring the Game Winning goal, past USA goalie Jonathan Quick #32, in the second period in the Sochi Olympic men’s ice hockey semifinals, 2014.
Canada WINS 1-0, and plays Sweden for GOLD!
Sweden Beat Finland 2-1 hard fought, earlier, losing because Food Poisoning took out Finland’s Perfect Goalie Rask.
(Does anyone else think that is strange?!)
Finland plays USA for Bronze. (USA should win)
Canada plays Sweden for Gold and Silver. (Too close to call).
Hold on tight Hockey Fans!!!

Men’s Ice Hockey, Sochi, Russia, Winter Olympics, 2014!

Ice Hockey Fans, Sochi, Russia 2014


Sweden beats Slovenia 5-0

Tuukka Rask, World’s Best Goalie!
Finland beats Russia 3-1. Russia is OUT! What an upset! More below!

Finland’s Goalie Tuukka Rask shakes hand with Russia’s Alexander Ovechkin.
Russia is Very Angry at Russian Coach, Zinetula Bilyaletdinov,
not the stars – Alex Ovechkin. Pavel Datsyuk. Ilya Kovalchuk. Evgeni Malkin.

“Russian Coach Zinetula Bilyaletdinov failed to make a team.
There was no team during all their games here!”

Sweden plays Finland in the Semi-Finals. Sweden should win.

USA beats Czech Republic 5-2
Canada beats Latvia 2-1. The Shea Weber cannon scored again!

Shea Weber cannon scores again!

Canada plays USA in the Semi-Finals. (But THIS IS THE “GOLD” GAME!)

Winners play each other for Gold/Silver Medals.
Losers of Semi-Finals play each other for Bronze Medal.

The Men’s Ice Hockey has been exceptional! Great Gamemanship!
Great Goaltending by Tuukka Rask!
USA vs Canada is a MUST SEE, as is Sweden vs Finland! Enjoy!!

Oh, it wouldn’t be Hockey without a Picture of Don Cherry.

Don Cherry, Sochi, Russia, Winter Olympics, 2014

Meryl Davis and Charlie White win GOLD!

Meryl Davis and Charlie White win GOLD in Olympic Pairs Figure Skating!

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir win Silver Medal. Outstanding!

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir win Silver Medal in Sublime Skating!
WE appreciate ALL you have done, Tessa and Scott.
Thank You and God Bless You!

Elena Ilinykh and Nikita Katsalapov, from Russia, Battle into Bronze!

Elena Ilinykh and Nikita Katsalapov, win Bronze in Amazing Performance!

Silver, Gold, Bronze Winners, Ice Dancing!

Silver, Gold, Bronze Winners, Ice Dancing Pairs!

The Russians really stole the show with their Brilliant Black Outfits!
They are the Future, as Virtue/Moir and Davis/White are retiring.
This is also a “MUST WATCH” and buy the DVD. Thank you and God Bless! The tears say it all.

Final Scores in Pairs, Olympic Ice Skating:

…….Olympic Ice Dancing———————Country—–Total Score
1…Meryl Davis, Charlie White……………United States..195.52
2…Tessa Virtue, Scott Moir………………Canada………..190.99
3…Elena Ilinykh, Nikita Katsalapov……..Russia…………183.48
4…Nathalie Pechalat, Fabian Bourzat….France…………177.22
5…Ekaterina Bobrova, Dmitri Soloviev..Russia…………172.92
6…Anna Cappellini, Luca Lanotte……….Italy…………….169.50
7…Kaitlyn Weaver, Andrew Poje………..Canada…………169.11
8…Madison Chock, Evan Bates………..United States…..164.64
9…Maia Shibutani, Alex Shibutani……..United States…..155.17
10.Penny Coomes, Nicholas Buckland..Great Britain……151.11

Of note is a “controversy” about American judges and Russian Judges,
“doing favors” for each others skaters by lowering the Canadian Score.
Hmm…Interesting. The judge did knock a Level 4 down to a level 3.
No one can figure out why??? This prevented Gold for Canada. Hmmm.
“Fishy” is the word around Sochi, at the Ice Skating Judging.
As we saw it, It should have been Canada, Gold, Russia Silver, USA Bronze.
All very close.
Judging has forever been plagued by corruption and back-door deals.
I hope President Putin looks into this. We will email him.
Stay tuned for more exciting NEWS4U, at Salvation Canada!!

Jennifer Jones makes Olympic history, goes entire round-robin undefeated

Canada’s Curling Skip Jennifer Jones makes Olympic History!
9-0 Record, undefeated, Record Breaking, History Making, WINS!
Jennifer Jones is a household name in all of Canada.
Everyone knows her, knows her face, and loves her.

Skip Jennifer Jones, Sochi, 2014. Woman’s Curling Team Canada!
Lead-Dawn McEwen, second-Jill Officer, third-Kaitlyn Lawes.
Our hopes and Prayers as the “Jones Team” advances towards Gold!
ps. What everyone really wants to know is: what hair style will they be wearing!

Temperatues Soar, as World Warms Up to Winter Olympics, Sochi, Russia~!

Sochi, Russia, Olympics, 2014, Heat Wave! 18 degrees celsius (64F).
For the Sochi Olympics, daytime temperatures will be above 10C/50F.

Mens Hockey! Latest…
Canada wins 3-2 in poor effort against Finland.
We won’t waste your time on a game that wasted everyone’s time.
It was painful to watch Canada so asleep at the wheel.
Russia and the USA don’t play so pathetic. They give “Olympic” effort!
So why doesn’t Canada?!
(No pic because too embarassing)
Fans and announcers expressed concern about Team Canada Ice Hockey
being “slow”, “asleep”, “very poorly coached”.
LOL I have NEVER seen this EVER, but the Coach yelled for all the players to stop their offence against a very tired Finland line, and to change lines.
The Fins and the Fans could NOT believe it!!!
Fire the Coaches!!! Canada. They will wreck it for you!!!
Stay tuned to Salvation Canada NEWS4U!

OSHI SCORES in OT Shootout in Souchi, Russia!

T J OSHI SCORES for Team USA in OT Shootout in Souchi, Russia!
US beats Russia 3-2 in Overtime Shootout Cliffhanger!! A Must See!

Canada beats Austria 6-0, plays great in every faucet of Game.

Jeff Carter scores a natural hat-trick. Shea Weber cannon scores again.
Ryan GETZLAF scored a short-handed goal, in a much better TEAM Game.
Russia Fights with the USA on Saturday, and Canada Faces Finland on Sunday. Both are “grudge” matches, guaranteed to be exciting!

Canada beats Norway 3-1 in solid game.

Shea Weber and Sid (the kid) Crosby celebrate goal against Norway.
Canada seemed to “take it easy” on Norway, a much less talented team.

The USA resoundingly beat Slovakia, 7-1. “The US never let up.” (coach)

Sochi, Russia, Mens Hockey, USA, Paul Stastny Shoots, He Scores!
USA Goal Scorers: Paul Stastny (2), John Carlson, Ryan Kesler, David Backes, Phil Kessel and Dustin Brown. Way Ta Go, USA!

Russian’s Rocket to 5-2 Win over Slovenia, Ovechkin strong 1G, 1A.

Alex Ovechkin, Varlamov, and Team Russia, Sochi Winter Olympics.
A good start, high in emotion. Russia needs to be solid.

Other Olympic events have turned out to be Very Breath-Taking!
Womans Free-Style Skiing, Shooting, Alpine Skiing, were Crazy Amazing!
Patrick Chan won two Silver Medals in Figure Skating. (Fell twice)
And so far, Canadian Woman are “Out-Performing”, Canadian Men. LOL.

More to come! Watch great Olympic Sports in Russia, Now!
Thank you again and again, President Putin, and ALL Russians, and others,
who are making the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, 2014, the BEST EVER!

Jennifer Jones and Team Canada Women’s Curling WIN Gold Medal!!!

Jennifer Jones and Team Canada Women’s Curling WINS Gold Medal!!!
Sweden makes one late mistake and loses Gold!
Kaitlyn Lawes made many MISTAKES, worries Jennifer Jones.

Kaitlyn Lawes made error after error after error. Almost in tears!
Jennifer Jones bailed out Team Canada as Skip with last two rocks,
in near Perfect, nearly impossible shots. Yea Jennifer!
Sweden goes home with silver and GB goes home with bronze.
Jennifer Jones, young and Beautiful at 41 years old, achieved the impossible.
Jennifer Jones went an Olympic Perfect Historic Record 11-0 in Curling.

Jennifer Jones should be named Canadian MVP (most valuable person),
and given the Honour of “Flag Bearer” for the Closing Ceremonies.
Congratulations, Jennifer Jones, of Winnipeg, Manitoba! You give HOPE!
Canada’s Men’s Curling Team rallied to capture Gold from Strong opponents.
Our Thanks and Prayers are with everyone there. God Bless You!

CANADA WINS Woman’s Ice Hockey Gold Medal! USA suffers Silver.

Canada came alive with HEART at the end of the 3rd, tying the game.
In overtime, Marie-Philip Poulin, #29, scored again for Canada,
winning the GOLD MEDAL!!! WOW! What a comeback, come from behind win!

Marie-Philip Poulin, #29, Team Canada, Sochi, Russia
It is the 4th consecutive Olympic Gold Medal for Canada Woman’s Hockey!
USA had great plays, TEAMWORK, Hard Work, but was not enough.
The mental awareness was lacking on both teams.
Many, many, many unforced errors. LOL. Looked like streethockey!
Down 2-0 with only 4 minutes left in the game, Canada Woke up!
Canada pelted and pelted the USA Goalie until 2 goals went in, forcing OT.
Penalties in Overtime were a surprise from the female referee.
On the Powerplay, Canada controlled the puck, passed it around many times,
then, with the USA Goalie’s head spinning, Poulin saw empty net
and decisively burried the puck hard into the net. GOAL!!! GOLD!!!
Congratulations Canada on a Heart filled Game and the Gold Medal!
Congratulations USA on a supreme effort for Silver Medal!
God Bless you all!

Many Gold Medals arrive in Canada!!!

A Historic “Perfect” undefeated 11-0 curling record for Canada’s Team Jones!
They are even having a Street named after them in Winnipeg, Canada.
(Prostitutes who serviced councilors also have streets named after them.)
Wicked Winnipeg. Will you burn like Sodom? Or Repent?
Unless funding comes in to hold more missions to Winnipeg,
the HIGHLY successfull evangelizing of the Gospel Truth stops.

Men’s Hockey, Sochi, Russia, 2014 Winter Olympics
Celebrate the 2014 Winter Olympics, Sochi, Russia!

Gold and Silver and Bronze Medals! Canada is off to a Great Start!

Men’s Hockey NOW! February 12 – February 23. Sidney Crosby (C)
Appendix MH at very bottom (almost) of Post has Full Schedule and Rosters
for Russia, Canada, and USA. Our Prayers and Blessing to ALL.

Brilliant! Enlightening! Enchanting! Olympic Performance!!!

Opening Ceremonies 2014 Winter Olympics, Sochi, Russia!

President Putin has gone ALL OUT, to welcome the World to Sochi!
Beautiful, Artistic, Moving, Emotional, Incredible, Romantic!

Entering the Opening Ceremonies, Sochi, 2014 Winter Olympics!
Breathtaking, Awestruck, Imaginative, Spectacular, Glamerous!

Canada was well represented, robust, and red!
Every participating Country had wide eyes and big smiles!!

Lazer light show with “floating” heads, Mascots, Athletes Laughing.
A 2 hour Opening Ceremony was the BEST I have ever seen. But More…

Classy, Stunning, Professional, Creative. I am buying the DVD!
President Putin, and ALL the Hard Working/Volunteering Russians,

There is much more to say and do. First, please go watch
the Opening Ceremonies 2014 Winter Olympics. You will be Blessed!
They go through the theme of Russian Culture and History, like a storybook.
It is soooo…..over the Top Awesome! A Must See!

I do have to state, and apologize, on behalf of Canada, the US, and the UK: The reporters and announcers are intentionally slandering Russia
(told to do this by Obama/Harper/David Cameron)
Poor Sports to say the least!
TV channels from the US, Canada, and the UK were unwatchable due to the biggottry, disgusting tone, and slander. I had to go to the “French” Canadian Station for unbiased coverage.
The “others” also Cut Out in the middle of the Ceremony, at the worst time, and left dead space. LOL Idiots in Canada, US. Serves you right. The IOC President even chastized countries that try to turn the Olympics into a Political battlefield on the backs of athletes.
To the Governments in the US, Canada, and UK, Salvation Canada says:
“you cursed youself”, for your terrorism against the Olympics and the World.
Obama and Harper and Cameron did not even have the decency to attend!
Many, Many, other Countries were very represented and cheered on!
Canada and the US have a HUGE number of Athletes there.
So where is Obama? Still Lying and trying to declare Martial Law?
So where is Harper? Hanging out with his Paedophile friends?
So where is Cameron? Still Bribing Scotland to stay in the UK?
Pathetic!!! World class Heels! Shame on each of you!!!

Oh, we found Obama. His attention seems to be elsewhere?!
(Pic was sent from US as joke, to Russian MP:)

The Olympics is NOT a platform for your childish snobbery!
The Olympics rises above Politics and Problems; Unites People!
The Opening Ceremonies 2014 Winter Olympics were a HUGE Success!

Salvation Canada prays for the safety and friendly Spirit of all.
It is about working together and overcoming challenges, the Olympics.
Be Humble, be Kind Hearted, do Good Deeds. Remember, God is Watching!

Maria Sharapova carries the Olympic torch, Sochi 2014 opening ceremony
And Thank you Again, President Putin, and all of Russia, for making the 2014 Winter Olympics the Very Best Ever! We Love You, and God Bless YOU!!

ps. Those Protesters who are Paedophiles – throw away the key!
Thank you for standing up for what is Good and Right and God!

More to come! (and thank you for donating to Salvation Canada!)

Sochi, Russia, Olympic Rings 2014 Sochi, Putin holding Leopard Cub.
Amid the Highest Security Ever, in the World, Russia begins Olympics!
February 6, 2014, Salvation Canada brings U NewsbehindtheNews.!
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