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DO YOU HAVE A PLAN “B” IF the Dollar Collapses? A group to help YOU?!
Friends in Christ: Join/Form a group immediately! This is NOT a Drill!
Join/Form a group of like-minded Christians who will FIGHT and SURVIVE!
This means different things in different places. In the U.S.A., FIGHT!!
Buy Land and prepare a Survivalist Homestead!  READ this WEBSITE!
Hanging out is a great way to keep safe all night!

The Emergency can be Natural Disaster, Civil Unrest, WAR, ect.
The Question is:  Are you Prepared?!!? Or caught with your pants down?!

Some tents are too exposed, leaving you feeling naked. Pick practical Gear!

Ask questions!  In Canada, Fighting the cold and elements is the biggest battle.
Seeds, greenhouse, vegetables, rabbits. Barely surviving, but alive to Pray!
In the UK, RUN! Come to the West. In AU/NZ, RUN! Come to the West!
A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself;
but the simple pass on, and are punished.
Proverbs 27:12
Or, if in the UK, GO TO RUSSIA! They are very Christian! Free land!
Don’t believe the LIES of the U.S.A., Obama, Hillary, NSA. Obama LIES!!!
OMG, check out WikiLeaks. This is a Disaster! If hillary wins, R.U.N.!!!
Obama is a MUSLIM!!! How could you vote in the Destroyer, U.S.A.???
Mexico is Dangerous, but an option if you speak the language.

In all cases, you MUST find True Christians to group with! Help each other!
Form a “Tribe” Not a Cult! Be on the same page. The SalvationCanada page.
Watch out for gov. infiltrators, but do not be too paranoid.
Learn, Grow, Change. You have NO nationality, except Christian!
Learn: Practical Skills benefiting the group.
Grow: Grow seeds, patience, up. Grow strong, humble, protective. Grow!
Change: Change your heart, mind, ways. Change your “can’t do” to “can do”.




First, is BOB ready to go? You know – B.O.B.
Yes, your Bug Out Bag. AND your 25 year food storage sac.
Also, long term water filterS…Medical Supplies…
What else goes into your BOB?  Study and Choose!
Buying garden SEEDS is a great first step.  Low cost too.
Each year buy a new round of SEEDS!
Learn all you can about growing from seed.  There is MUCH to LEARN!
Books, ebooks, magazines, any literature is great to have
if it is current, up to date, not out of date, ie canning
Ropes and Knots. Fish, Trap, Hunt. Raising rabbits/chicks
It is a lot to learn, which is why you need to take courses,
find friends – make friends, form your GROUP. Each must
have specific skill sets that benefit the whole GROUP.
Learn things that others do not have. Then learn anothers.

Second, what are the top 3 items to fly off the shelf?!
Ok, time’s up.!
One, water, and water filters/purifiers, water containers.
Two, Power bars, granola, rice, dried food. Easy to carry/cook.
Three, weapons of self defense, and ammunition. Speaks for itself.

Third, think about the above things. 99.9% of people fail at this.
If you are reading this, then it is not too late.
Get thinking about scenarios and how to survive. Read Books/ebooks.
Whatever the emergency, it is best to be prepared. Study links above.
Mentally prepare yourself. Run through realistic scenarios.
The Survivalist 1 – Frontier Justice – Arthur T. Bradley Ph.D. ebook
The Survivalist’s Handbook- Rainer Stahlberg [PDF] download pdf.
And there are more books coming out ever week. Pick one or two.
Remember, you want books and knowledge that help YOU prepare!
You can only carry so much in your B.O.B. so study lots.
Store heavy items in a “cache” in an isolated, safe location
that you can access later. Do you have sturdy bicycles? Uh huh.

Fourth, be a “doer”, not a “hearer” only. Like the fool building his
house on sand. When the storms came, what happened? Oh Oh.
A Doer will be logical, calm, practical, and will trust the facts.
A Survivalist is NOT always some alien hunting nut job.
Being Prepared is something that intelligent people do automatically.
This kind of prepared uses that same thinking and applies it to any need.
A “Prepper” is NOT an end of the world fanatic, usually, but is prepared, PREPARING!
Start small. Build up Step by Step. Read on…

more to come….

Unreal! I happened across this and it’s Amazing!
Moon Tent
Pricey and hard to transport, but what a great idea!

ps. Remember that all Governments fear Preppers/Survivalists
and BlackList them. Especially the U.S.A. Keep everything secret.
Tell only one or two people the plans/locations. ie spouse, sibling.
“Loose Lips Sink Ships”.

Prepper’s Networks are on the Internet, but beware.  You will be “blacklisted” by Feds.
Blacklisted as in “TARGETED”!  Buy and Use a VPN to access the Internet Immediately!

Question: What are the most important things, in order of importance?

Answer: There is a good healthy debate about this, which needs to happen in your group.
That is how you learn, grow, change, and bond.
Answer: Water, Food, light, cooking pots, purifier, radio, are considerations.

But the most important thing, is not even a thing.

What is it?

Staying out of the elements.

This does not even mean proper clothing. It means shelter.
Finding a “cave” is not likely, except on a TV show.
You must learn how to construct a properly ventilated heat saving shelter!
It depends on location and time of year. Get to know ALL the types.
Where you build it is of great importance. Life or DEATH! Chose wisely and
with knowledge. Again, read up on this. Talk to people. Practice by going
out and building it yourself! In each season, and even in storms! Fun eh?!
What went wrong here? How many wrongs can you count?

A Survival Tent is a MUST. MUST be part of a Bug Out Bag!
A Tent is also a backup to use if all else goes wrong. Build a tent/shelter
so you don’t have to use your BOB tent. Have you thought this out? What if
strangers find you and you must run for your life? Have you thought of that?
Suddenly, no tent at all. See what I mean? Never stop thinking! Never!!!

A crevice in the rocks works! So do these varied types of shelters.
Lean to shelter and fire. Perfect Survivalist Camp. Wind direction should be
towards the back of the lean to, so it sweeps up and over. Also, the ground
location should be on a mound or gentle slope down but not in a watershed.
You want an open and visible area ahead of you, to see anyone or anything coming.
Back should be rough, treed, bushes, hard to get through area. Of course a Rock
outcrop or back to the wall area is good – unless danger of things falling on you!
If it rains, are you in danger? In the middle of a flask flood flood plain?
Think First! No matter how tired you are, think of your Safety.

What about climbing a tree and tying yourself to it? Can work.
(But have a stick or hunting knife near, as animals/snakes can climb too!)

So many ideas. Submit your own to SC. Become a Member today!

WIND IS YOUR MOST DANGEROUS ENEMY! That is the correct answer!

Before food, or water, or anything, you must stay out of the Wind!
Hypothermia can Kill you in just a few hours. Wind sweeps away
your heat, lowering your core body temperature. You become numb.
You become dumb. Stupid even. Thinking you are too warm, when in fact
you are dying. Any exposed skin can suffer the effects of wind.
Even asleep, you can get hypothermia. It is dangerous, and can KILL!
The opposite is the Wind in Heat. That is called: Heat Exhaustion!
Delirious and unable to care for yourself, if someone doesn’t get your
core body temperature DOWN, then you DIE. Or go brain dead. Ouch!
See how easy it is to DIE out in the elements? Alone? Get a buddy!

Now you can think about lesser things, like water, energy bars, a
flint or lighter or matches for starting a small fire. Read up on the
many types of fires. LED light is a great idea. With both however,
you don’t want to attract the attention of wild animals, wild people,
or the enemy! Just having some warmth and light is a great psychological
pick you up! Tea is a great idea. Pack some. Use willow bark or herbs.
Pack one of those cups you can put directly over the fire. Cooking food
will attract many animals for many miles….even wolves and bears. So it
is best not to cook bacon and eggs and steak. LOL. Have “trail mix”.
Military food packs are so so. You can buy similar from a food storage
company on the internet. Get organic. Make your own! Bag is mylar or
similar so you can place in boiling water over fire to heat. Yahoo!
A hot meal that when eaten quick will not bring savage neighbors. Yea!

So many things to thing about, talk to others about. Go to a Preppers event.
They have tons of kooky ideas, and Crack ideas. Download and watch youtubes.

SALT. Without an intake of SALT, you will die. Didn’t think of that, did you?
SALT is heavy, but one box of Windsor “Iodinized” SALT in a zip-lock bag will do.
In summer, you will sweat much out, so a pinch a day will do. Winter is less.
Remember, without SALT, you can die painfully and in just a few days.

Always pack double strength Vitamins with you. Sealed. Long Expiry date. See:

Have escape routes. Practice them. Car? Bicycle? Roller blades? Cart?
Whatever works for each scenario. Practice with friends. Brainstorm!
Maps? Compass? Stars at night? Read Read Read! Stars to navigate by.
Do you have a Bug Out place in mind? An old campground? Something near water?

Oh ya, you drink a TON of water so you need fresh clean bug free water.
Filter it and boil it anyway, just to be safe. Cryptosporidium parasite and
Gaillardia are NASTY bugs that will dehydrate you in no time. You can die!
Have a buddy at all times if you are so lucky. Know the symptoms. Horrible
cramps, crap yourself, fever, delusional, days of this. Barfing non stop too.


BEWARE, if you thought of it, how many other people thought of it too?
Have items to trade, or to “gift” your new found neighbor. Diplomacy tactics
that you have READ up on will assist you greatly as a Survivalist! Right on!
(As long as you next door neighbor isn’t called “Negan”)

Safety in numbers. Depending on how many you are, there are a number of tactics
you may consider. Attack and Defense. Strategy. Information on your enemy is
your best tool. Hiding and retreating are the first best plan, if possible.
Remember, depending on the situation, world events, you could be thrust into a
scenario like “The Walking Dead” lol. sort of. No zombies, but many enemies.
All needing Water, Food, Medicine, Supplies.
Who would know? Who would care? Who would do anything, if you were killed?
As a Survivalist, there is a good reason you had to head for the hills.
Earthquake, Flood, Famine, Solar EMP, Military Coup, Martial Law, and on and on.
Hopefully temporary, but may be longer. Prepare for both!

Start a Food and supply cache. Drops along the way you are planning to go.
Then your odds of success greatly increase. Plan, Prepare, Pray!

Men, you have little in the way of special supplies needed. However, woman…..
Oral care kit including lots of floss, Toiletry bag, Body wash, Packtowl Personal, Hair and Nail kit,
chapstick or blistex, feminine urination device, Menstrual cup, tampons,
first aid kit, TP, Wipes, sanitizer, polysporin, soap, insect repellent, lotion
(scent free), sunblock, hat and sunglasses, Fucidin, vagisil, scent free deodorant,
razor, foot powder, tourniquet, Q-tips, mouthwash?, comb/brush, scent free shampoo,
Rx, pills – antibiotic, Imodium, T-3, Ibuprofen, The Pill, anti-cramping, anti-nausea,
Glasses, Magnifier, First Aid Book, Book/Booklets on other female topics. Gloves,
mask, quick clot, Kits for bee stings, snake bite, etc., preparation H, safety pins,
Hydrogen Peroxide, Hydro-cortisone, nasal spray, assorted scissors, tweezers, needles,
scalpels, second skin, skin glue, tensor bandages, sling, blister care kit, and more.

A woman’s BOB is very different, and much heavier, than a mans BOB. Therefor, distribute
the items. Men carry the heavy weapons and ammunition and their BOB. Woman, lighter,
and the hundreds of little things so needed when you get a foot blister, or a wound from
falling. Infection is a REAL killer! You can go septic for a number of reasons.
Without the proper care, cleaning of wounds, and sometimes antibiotics, you will DIE!
Each member of the Group relies on each other. Everyone is valuable and indispensable.
Man, woman, child. Everyone has specific needs, and must be provided for. You are ONE
Family now. You eat together, sleep together, defend each other, watch out for each other.

Advice: Men may be able to “Go it Alone”, and do ok for some time.
However, it is very unsafe. You can fall and go unconscious and cannot breathe. You die.
You can have a wild animal attack you, you black out, bleed out. You die.
You can…..and a ton of similar scenarios. Without a “buddy”, life can soon be death.
Besides, it’s not as fun.
Find like minded people. Find or Form a Group. Woman and children welcome.
Should a natural disaster occur, or some Emergency, meet at a pre-planned place and time.
A wind up wrist watch is a good idea to have.
Keep secret your cache, and destination. Only leaders should have all the information.
Like a cell group. Being a Survivalist is serious business. But no matter who you are,
what age or weight or ability, your determination to LIVE and plan to LIVE is Everything!!