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***DANGER***USA goes to DEFCON 3. USA prepares for First Strike on Russia!
DEFCON 2 is the Actual Threat Level given intel on Troops, Staging, Readiness.
DEFCON 2 people. Do you understand? USA is starting WAR with Syria/Russia!
NUCLEAR WAR! Read this website! The USA reason for Nuclear War is NOT the
cnn propaganda of Russian “hacking”. The reason is entirely POLITICAL GAIN!

This is a ***WARNING*** of imminent WW3 launched by USA to stop 2016 Election!
Hillary Clinton is losing in real Polls, so Plan “B” is to launch WAR on Russia!
Then Obama declares Martial Law, suspends the Constitution, and stays in Office!
All planned. SC warned of this months ago. It is so simple. What will you do?!
This is REAL people! SC has been warning of dangerous signs from God for years!
This is REAL people! SC has been warning of the USA building up for this-years!
The USA has been “hijacked” by foreign bankers and corporations to do their will!
Martial Law Signs are already distributed throughout ALL the United States!
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This is it FOLKS! It’s the REAL THING! Ladies and Gentlemen, we are at WAR!

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“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil
is that good men should do nothing.”
(Burke) (TRUMP)

Putin makes Peace!

US S.S. John Kerry speaks with Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov.
An agreement has been made, suspending all threats of military action.
Syria agreed to account for and number all SARIN GAS, within one week!!
Then, international inspectors from the Organization of the Prevention of Chemical weapons will be given access to Syrian chemical weapon depots.
Then, through 2014, the SARIN GAS will be properly disposed of.
Putin also had Syria agree to the “UN Chemical Weapons Ban” and will sign it.
Prayers brought Peace and Putin brought Peace.!
Obuma just warmongered and Kerry kept on LYING. Shame on YOU, USA.
Interesting how Kerry, the Secretary of State, is initialized SS . Nazi??

Syria Post
Sarin Gas becomes undetectable/unviable in about 7 days.
The time has passed since the Damascus Slaugher by WMD Sarin Gas.
Now, Assad “relents” and agrees to let UN inspectors in.
What a crappy con-artist Assad is. Hang the mass murderer for War Crimes!!
Thousands Dead from SARIN GAS ATTACK, Damascus, Syria

UN Chief demands access to Syria Sarin Gas Attack Site!

UN Secretary General Ban ki-Moon called on a UN investigation team, tasked with probing allegations of use of chemical weapons in Syria, to be granted permission and access to “swiftly investigate” a latest claim that Syrian regime forces had used chemical weapons in suburbs of capital Damascus.
-Speaking at daily press briefing, Ban’s spokesperson Eduardo del Buey said the UN head reiterated his call for a cessation of hostilities so that humanitarian assistance can be urgently delivered. “The Secretary General now calls for the mission, presently in Damascus, to be granted permission and access to swiftly investigate the incident which occurred on the morning of 21 August 2013. A formal request is being sent by the United Nations to the Government of Syria in this regard.
He expects to receive a positive response without delay,” Buey said.

*New: More than 50 Nations, including Significantly, Syria’s key ally Russia have joined international calls for Syria’s President Assad to give United Nations inspectors immediate access to the site of the SARIN GAS SLAUGHTER. At least three victims of the alleged chemical weapons attack in east Damascus on Thursday have been smuggled to Jordan where samples of their blood and urine will help determine which agent was used to gas hundreds of people.

DEAD Cats and Dogs are collected as evidence of Sarin Gas Slaughter.

Sad to see even this cat could not escape the SARIN GAS.


Moscow suggested the attack could be a “premeditated provocation” by opposition forces but urged Mr Assad and the UN to agree to a visit to the site in the Damascus suburbs of Ein Tarma and Zamalka.

Footage distributed by activists, which shows unconscious children, people foaming at the mouth and doctors apparently giving them oxygen to help them breathe, has triggered anger around the world.

The government has denied it used chemical weapons, calling the allegations “absolutely baseless”.

UN figures show about 1 million children had fled the country since the civil war began two years ago, AND about 4 Million fleeing in total from Syria.

Syria Horrifying use of Chemical Weapons against baby children, AGAIN!
Warning: Graphic and Disturbing Pictures.

Thousands of babies, children, men, women, Slaughtered in their sleep!
Syrian President Bashar “Hitler” al-Assad Ordered the Sarin Gas Attack.

The Face of a Murderer and War Crimes Criminal,
Syrian President Bashar “Hitler” al-Assad.

Dead Children. Many Dead Children.
Dead from Sarin Gas used by Syrian Army,
Ordered by Syrian President Bashar “Hitler” al-Assad.

A slow, painfull, terrifying, agonizing, brutal, gruesome, DEATH.
The babies were the first to DIE.

United Nations spokesman Eduardo del Buey said Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is “shocked” to hear reports from Syrian activists that government forces used chemical weapons overnight. Ban Ki-moon said repeatedly that if chemical weapons have been used in Syria, it would constitute a war crime for which the perpetrators must be held accountable.
United Nations Investigators are currently in Syria, compiling evidence from previous Sarin Gas Attacks on civilians.
United Nations Security Council is holding “emergency” talks,
but talks have been stalled for years on the Syrian Civil War Crisis.
Meanwhile, the Body Count of Dead Children continues to climb.

As the images of dead children circulated globally, more than 35 countries, including Canada, demanded UN weapons inspectors abandon their original mandate for an immediate investigation of the chemical attack.
-A two-hour emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council ended with a somewhat more tepid statement, with objections from Russia and China resulting in what the council president described as “strong concern” and “a general sense there must be clarity on what happened.”
-Russian officials spent most of Wednesday backstopping Syrian denials, calling the claims an opposition “provocation” aimed breaking the deadly stalemate that has cost more than 100,000 lives.
-With more than 120 chaotic videos circulating online delivering scenes of men, women and children splayed out and struggling for breath on makeshift hospital floors, the likelihood of a rebel conspiracy theory seemed extremely remote.
-Human Rights Watch, after a review of satellite imagery, said the affected neighbourhoods were “predominantly residential” and held “no apparent chemical, electrical or other industrial facilities.” That evidence, the group said, indicates “the casualties did not result from conventional weapons striking such a facility.”

Entire families, were wiped out in their sleep.
One rescuer described entering houses in the suburb of Erbin and discovering “everything was in its place, every person was in their place.”
“They were lying where they had been,” he said.
“They looked like they were asleep. But they were dead.”
-Many chemical weaponry experts said footage of the aftermath showed strong evidence consistent with the use of a deadly toxic agent.
“You can clearly see the typical signs of asphyxiation, including a pinkish-bluish tinge to the skin colour,” Jean Pascal Zanders, a former analyst with the Stockholm-based Chemical and Biological Warfare Project.

“There is one image of an adult woman where you can see the telltale blackish mark around her mouth,” said Zanders.
“What is also different in this footage is that we are seeing the chaos of the first response to what occurred. We are seeing the emergency services being overwhelmed by the innocent victims. It feels very authentic.”

-In Washington, White House officials struggled to reconcile the latest allegations with the Obama administration’s increasingly strained claim that it will not tolerate the Syrian government crossing the “red line” of using chemical weapons.
Obuma once again DROPS THE BALL!!
And the DEAD keep piling up.

Horrific pictures and video shot by activists in several Damascus suburbs showed clinics swamped with corpses and toddlers struggling to breathe. The broadcast claimed to show scenes recorded after a series of chemical weapons strikes on rebel-held areas.
The evidence is overwhelming.
The Gas Attack was solely against civilians in suburbs,
and was delivered as families were asleep.
There was no warning.
Babies died in their cribs.
All corpses had to be identified and buried hastily.

Rescuers and victims said the shelling of eastern Ghouta started shortly after 2am and targeted three districts, Ein Tarma, Zermalka and Jobar, all rebel strongholds for the past year.
“It was around 2.30am Wednesday when we received calls from Zemalka and Jobar,” said a Free Syria Army (FSA) officer, Captain Alla’a al-Basha, who has documented previous alleged chemical attacks in the area.
“The FSA members were asking for more forces to evacuate the civilians as the shells were coming in at around five per minute. As soon as I and my team arrived at the scene, I saw bodies scattered in the streets. I saw whole houses – none of their residents were alive. When I got there, I could smell what seemed to be burning sulphur and something like cooked eggs. The smoke was not pure white.
“Most of the victims were shivering and they turned yellow. I saw a woman who was tearing at her clothes as she could not breathe. The number of the casualties that we were able to document so far is 1,228 dead. The doctors think that more than 20 shells were fired with fatal gases.
“Most of the victims did not appear to be injured but died out of suffocation. I held a young boy whose body was like a piece of wood and his colour was very blue. He did not have any wound.”
The location of the Sarin Gas Attacks are shown here:

Doctors at makeshift clinics said they were working without oxygen and had been overrun by the number of victims, many of whom needed lifesaving treatment that they could not provide.
-Treatment of victims appeared rudimentary, with water and vinegar among the means of trying to dilute the effects. “We know when we have an area targeted by fatal gases we would take plastic masks and put wet cloths on our noses and mouths,” said Basha. “But most of the civilians do not know that they have to do that.”
-Sergeant Abu Ali, who runs a field hospital in the Nashabiya area of eastern Damascus, said he had received patients who were vomiting and had high temperatures, breathing problems, limb stiffness and were in comas. “We received 60 cases. Most of them were sent to the nearby farms after their situation was stabilised and those with acute symptoms were kept here. I have very few medicines and all the oxygen tubes I have had run out now.

The child (above) was saved, but permanent damage was done.

The toddler in the (below) video, was not so fortunate.
Toddler, a victim of the chemical weapons attack, in his death throes.

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Syria Sarin Gas Attack kills toddler
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First responders to a reported chemical attack in Syria have died after treating victims, providing more evidence that a weapon of mass destruction was indeed used.
Many many nurses have died.
At least six (6) Doctors have died.
Only a Weapon of Mass Destruction, such as Sarin Gas, could do this.