Top Secret

Top Secret!
Updated 2017

USA Government caught spying on ALL of strongest Allies!!
Britain, France, and now, Italy!!
Canada does all of the illegal USA spying because Canada has NO spying laws!
Doh! The ONLY civilized Nation to NOT have spying laws.
New Leaks too sensitive for here are sent to Anonymous.

Food shortages, Viruses, economic collapse, civil unrest, are coming!

Are you prepared? Read this website!

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This agreement between NSA and The Israeli SIGINT National Unit (ISNU) prescribes
procedures and responsibilities for ensuring that ISNU handling of materials provided by NSA — including, but
not limited to. Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) technology and equipment and raw SIGINT data signals
intelligence information that has not been reviewed for foreign intelligence purposes or minimized) — is
consistent with the requirements placed upon NSA by U.S. law and Executive Order to establish safeguards
protecting the rights of U.S. persons under the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

This agreement will apply to any SIGINT raw traffic, technology, or enabling that NSA may
provide to ISNU. This agreement applies only to materials provided by NSA and shall not be construed to
apply to materials collected independently by ISNU.

ISNU also recognizes that NSA has agreements with Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the
United Kingdom that require it to protect information associated with UK. persons, Australian persons,
Canadian persons and New Zealand persons using procedures and safeguards similar to those applied for U.S.
persons. For this reason, in all uses of raw material provided by NSA, ISNU agrees to apply the procedures
outlined in this agreement to persons of these countries.

(U) This agreement is not intended to create any legally enforceable rights and shall not be construed to be
either an intemational agreement or a legally binding instrument according to intemational law.


REL) Raw SIGINT is any SIGINT acquired either as a result of search and development, or targeted
collection operations against a particular foreign intelligence target before the information has been evaluated
for foreign intelligence and minimized. Raw SIGINT includes, but is not limited to, unevaluated and
unminimized transcripts, gists. facsimiles, telex, voice and Digital Network Intelligence (DNI) metadata and
content. –

Minimization is the process used to determine whether U.S. person information encountered in
raw SIGINT is essential to assess or understand the significance of the foreign intelligence. The NSA Special
US Liaison Advisor Israel (SUSLAIS) should be consulted any time U.S. person information is found in raw
SIGINT data supplied by NSA.

(U) A U.S. Person is:
l) (U) a citizen of the United States;

2) (U) an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the United States (informally referred to as a
“green card” holder);


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(U) an unincorporated group or association. a substantial number of the members of which constitute (1)
or (2) above: or

4) (U) a company incorporated within the United States, including U.S.–flagged non-governmental aircraft
or vessels. but not including those entities which are openly acknowledged by a foreign government or
to be directed and controlled by them.

5) (U) Additionally, a person known to be currently in the United States will be treated as a person”
unless that person is reasonably identified as an alien who has not been admitted for permanent
residence. or if the nature of the person’s communications or other information in the contents or
circumstances of such communications give rise to a reasonable belief that such person is not a U.S.
person. Any person located outside the United States will be treated a non-U.S. person unless there is
a reasonable belief that such person is a U.S. person.


a. NSA routinely sends ISNU minimized and unminimized raw collection associated with
selectors from multiple Target Office Primary Interest (TOPI) offices in Analysis and Production, S2 as part of
the SIGINT relationship between the two organizations. This mutually agreed upon exchange has been
beneficial to both NSA’s and mission and intelligence requirements.

b. NSA and ISNU have previously discussed the protection of U.S. Person information, in relation
to tasking joint collection operations. and agreed in principle to not task communications of U.S. citizens. The
proposal to share unminimized raw collection requires additional procedures to meet formal requirements.

In March 2009. ISNU was given an overview briefing during the Raw Material conference and agreed. in
principal to protect U.S. Person information. It was determined that more formalized training is needed. The
date of this training is TBD.

a. (U) NSA shall:
1) Provide an annual review and training of these procedures with ISNU.

2) Regularly review a sample of files transferred to ISNU to validate the absence of U.S.
Persons identities.

b. (U) ISNU shall:

1) Not use any technology or equipment that is furnished under the accommodation
procurement process to intentionally target communications to, from, or about U.S. Persons
anywhere in the world or intentionally target any person meeting the definition ofa U.S. Person
provided in Section II above.

Not use any infonnation provided by NSA. as raw material or otherwise, to intentionally

intercept the communications to, from or about a LI .S. person. “lntercept” means the use of words or
phrases. such as a name, tclex number or answerback. address. telephone number, email address or any


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combination of such terms, to acquire non–public communications. It applies to both electronic and
manual acquisition, including follow-on queries of stored communications.

Strictly limit access to storage Systems containing raw SIGINT provided by NSA
exclusively to properly cleared ISNU personnel and to properly cleared members of Israeli lntelligence
services who ISNU has determined have a strict need to know. Access will be limited to those
individuals who have been trained in the aforementioned procedures.

Disseminate foreign intelligence information concerning U.S. persons derived from raw
SIGINT provided by NSA — to include any release outside ISNU in the form of reports, transcripts.
gists. memoranda, or any other fomi of written or oral document or transmission only in a manner
that does not identify the U.S. person. ISNU agrees that it will shield the identities of persons both
by name and by context. i.e. its disseminations shall be in such a way that a reasonably
person cannot identify the .S. person from the other contents of the dissemination.

Ensure that any files containing the identities of US. persons withheld from dissemination
are retained for no more than one year.

Ensure that any requests from outside parties, including all ISNU customers, for release
ofsuch identities are referred to NSA. and that same is not released without written permission from

(U Destroy upon recognition any communication contained in raw SIGINT provided by NSA
that is either to or from an official of the U.S. Government. Government officials” include
officials of the Executive Branch (including the White House, Cabinet Departments. and independent
agencies); the House of Representatives and Senate (members and staff); and the U.S. Federal
Court system (including, but not limited to. the Supreme Court). “Officials” include civilian and
military members and employees performing the official business of these branches of govemment, and
is independent of seniority or position.

Process only for purposes unrelated to intelligence against the U.S any communications
contained in raw SIGINT provided by NSA that include references to activities. policies, and views of
U.S. officials.



ISNU must inform NSA iiriinediately upon detection, via the SUSLAIS. when the identity ofa
US. person is found in the raw SIGINT provided to ISNU. Additionally, ISNU must provide a written report.
via the SUSLAIS and CHIPPEWA on a quarterly basis. detailing the circumstances ofthose instances.

ISNU must inform NSA immediately upon via the SUSLAIS. ofinadvertent
intercept of U.S. person communications where a selector that is believed to belong to a valid foreign target is
subsequently found to belong to a US. person. ISNU further agrees to detask any and all such selectors. and to
destroy any intercept collected as a result of such selectors. whether processed or not.



ISNU agrees to put in place appropriate management controls to ensure adherence to the above
policies. and to provide NSA with an annual report describing these controls and enumerating any and all


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violations of the above policies regarding access. collection, and dissemination. This report will be filed with
the SUSLAIS. who will send it to NSA HQS Office General and ISNU Oversight and

NSA agrees to assist with the implementation of appropriate management controls. NSA
will also provide an annual review and training ofthese procedures to ISNU.


(U) This MOU is effective immediately upon execution and shall remain valid until modified or rescinded by
mutual agreement. It may be terminated unilaterally upon written notice by either party to the other.

(U) The terms and conditions of this MOU shall be reviewed at least every two years or upon request by any of
the parties.

Amendments to this MOU will be in writing, mutually agreed to by both Parties. and executed
by authorized delegates for the Israeli and US. Government. A copy of all amendments will be appended to
each copy ofthis document. dated, and consecutively numbered.

(U) Any disputes or disagreements with regard to the interpretation of this MOU will be resolved through
discussion by all parties. The parties agree that they will not attempt to enforce the terms of the MOLZ in any
domestic. third party. or international court or tribunal.


This agreement is executed in the English language.


(U) Except as provided herein, this agreement does not sanction the transfer or exchange of appropriated funds
or authorized manpower between the parties.

(U) No appropriated funds are obligated by this agreement. Funding is subject to availability of appropriated
funds. and must comply with the Anti-Deficiency Act, 21 1341 and l5l7.



The NSA HQS point of contact for this MOU is the Country Desk Officer (CDO) for Israel,
Foreign Affairs Directorate.

The NSA representative to Israel is the Special US. Special Liaison Advisor Israel

The ISNU point of contact is the Head of ISNU Foreign Relations.


For the Israeli SIGINT National Unit (ISNU)


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Signature: “BLACKED OUT”

Title: Communder Israel SIGINT National Unit

Date of Signature:______________________

For the Government of the United States of America
National Security Agency/Central Security Service (NSA/CSS)


Title: Director. National Security Agency

Date of Signature:

Apendix A-2

Anonymous US Manifesto:

As of now, we declare independence from the United States government. From this date on we will be rebuilding the system, a system that will be created by the people not for the people.
We “The people” will no longer comply with your unjust laws, your spying, your violations of our Human Rights. Police Brutality,Central Banking, Taxation without representation.
The lying politicians who are bought through “donations” and controlled by private interests…and let’s not forget, the two party puppet systems that are stimulated by choice leading to the same thing.
We will no longer by slaves to the system. Henceforth, we, “The people”will not comply with any “gun bans”, manditory gun registrations, or government “buy back” plans.

This includes Executive Orders or any unconstitutional bills that may make it through congress. Violating the 4th and 2nd amendment. We no longer have faith in our illegally
elected officials or the people that they put into power without vote. As such, we are willing to comply with the Bill of Rights and the Constitution ONLY.

This includes Executive Orders or any unconstitutional bills that may make it through congress. These would be violations of our 4th Amendment right, as well as our 2nd.

To uncover any corruption, it will be required that all laws are written legibly and simply. This will prevent loopholes and hidden agendas that may be cleverly phrased.

The Central Banking system is as of now, rejected by “The People”. We will not comply with your interest rates that do not truly exist. No longer will you print money without backing, destroying our economy and driving us into the dust. This current system is devaluing the dollar and is unsustainable. As such, a new monetary system will be developed by “The People” and will consist of INTEREST-FREE MONEY. The bankers will be held accountable for bankrupting our nation’s economy and will face trial. It is not acceptable that they have been stealing our wealth for centuries. These individuals will be charged with crimes against humanity as well as fraud – and at the higher levels of command, treason.

Surveillance is an UNCONSTITUTIONAL ACT. The Patriot Act, HR-347, The National Defense Authorization Acts of 2012 and 2013, and Obama’s new Cybersecurity Executive Order are just a few examples of the current government attempting to strip away our Constitutionally guaranteed rights. We will not comply with these laws and henceforth will do everything in our power to stop unconstitutional surveillance and the policing of citizens.

This great nation was founded on the principalities of freedom. The first Revolution was fought over taxation. This time, the taxation was hidden within your Banking system and the Unconstitutional Corporation: The I.R.S. We are still taxed without representation, as our government does not truly represent “The People” anymore. Our politician’s main concerns are to line their pockets with taxpayer money and bribes cleverly called “donations”. No Longer! This administration has the nerve to call great men such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson terrorists! The idea that we all love so much was fought & died for by men such as those. These are things that have been bled for before, and if need be, will be bled for again. The individuals in power disrespect our forefathers’ memories and ruin our image. These people will be brought to justice and held accountable in a tribunal according to Constitutional law, and then in a world court for crimes against humanity.

From this day forward, we will strive to be a truly free nation as our forefathers wanted. This means no more political corruption. In this, we demand all politicians and power holders step down for a re-election process on November 5, 2013. During said election process, the media WILL NOT participate in any coverage. This will allow for an unbiased election based on people true beliefs & ideals instead of what they hear on TV.

The date that we march on Washington, you will try to arrest us and charge us with felonies via Executive Order: HR-347; maybe even treason. This is an Unconstitutional order and it violates our FIRST AMENDMENT! We will take this as an act of TREASON and WAR towards The People. This will violate our duty as Americans to remain true to our Constitution. This constant barrage of our rights is the cause for this declaration. If on before stated date, arrests are attempted in such a fashion, we will see it as an act of treason and war. If you harm one citizen, even with non-lethal force, it will be seen as an act of treason and war against “The People”. If you refuse to comply with our peaceful demands, then we will force them on you via the power of the People. You will be charged with treason for violating constitutional law and your oath.

We the people are the taxpayers; we the People are the ones who own this country. As such, when we the people are unhappy with the establishment, due to corruption, it is our duty to destroy said establishment and rebuild one that is fit for the people. Politicians are not going to get paid for what people who truly care, would do for free. Politics were never created to be a career.

This document is not meant to replace our Declaration of Independence, it is simply an addition by Anonymous. This was demanded by the People and should be taken as a declaration that we will be free. Give us Liberty, or give us Death!

We are Anonymous.
We are the People… we are the doctors, lawyers, soldiers, military veterans, students, teachers, police, the homeless, the mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers of this country.

We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.
On November 5, 2013,
Expect us.