muslum CULT Terrorist Bomb Volgograd, Russia, before Olympic Games!
Cowardly Cult (NOT religion) islam Brainwashed quran deceived!!
moham(mad) muslums murderer innocent, Kill Babies!

MAP of Volgograd and Moscow, RUSSIA!!!!

Volgograd train station at moment of blast (Orange flames!)

Volgograd train station after Cult Quran Islam deceived suicide bomber.
The bomb held 10 kg (22 pounds) of TNT, filled with shrapnel
and was detonated near the train station entrance.
Estimates of about 35 dead, over 100 injured by the suicide bomber.
This could have been hundreds of dead worse, but the bomber
“chickened out”, and detonated early. The Train Station was filled with over 1,000 people. Thank God it was not worse!!

Volgograd train station bombed, and Volgograd Bus bombed.
Brainwashed Islam Cult Koran Suicide bombers murdered over 35 innocent
men, woman, children, babies, in two attacks before the Olympics

Our condolances to the families and friends of the dead, and our Prayers for healing to those injured.
God be with you!!!

President Putin Commands 10,000 more Troops into Volgograd, Russia

Salvation Canada Weeps with the World.
May the muslum CULT fake religion be seen for what it really is:
A CULT of Hate, Fear, Terrorism, and Death.

Under High Security, the Olympic Torch 2014 arrives in Volgograd.

Olympic Torch 2014

Brainwashed islam muslum Cultist Naida Asiyalova, DEAD,
30 yrs, also known as Amaturahman, blew herself up on a bus at 2pm,
in Volgograd, Russia, killing six people and injuring 37. A baby is among the severely injured. The suicide bomber was mentally unstable and deceived into believing the Lies of the Qu’ran.
Deceived to Death and now BURNS IN HELL.

(So much for her getting 99 virgin men in muslum heaven)