Water Baptism

!Jesus Christ in the Holy Bible (KJV) Commands Water Baptism.
We should all be Baptized in water!!!

“If thou believest with all thine heart…”, (Acts 8:37),
then jump on in.

This is an essential requirement in your new life
God commands it!!
Read our Statement of Faith thoroughly, especially #10.
Contact us.
Be blessed!
Now let’s hear that splash! FULL IMMERSION!
Water Baptism: See Statement of Faith. Only you and God truly know your heart.
Water Baptism means nothing if you do not Believe in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
The person in this picture has “a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof”.
2 Timothy 3:5-7 Maybe it will Don upon him. Demons visit the half-hearted.
And for the Lukewarm: “So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot,
I will spew thee out of my mouth.”
God Says in Revelation 3:16

This is a REAL Relationship, people! Real and Serious!! Understand?
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Read our Teaching in the Statement of Faith. Become a member of SalvationCanada.

ps. Yes, you can get water baptised, full immersion, more than once.

Water Baptism is Always done
“In the Name of The Father, The Son (Jesus), and The Holy Spirit.”
(Not “jesus only” False Heretic Cult Teaching) This is Important!
[One Immersion Only. Not dunking repeatedly up and down. lol]
Water Baptisim is NOT Salvation, nor forgiveness of sin.
Water Baptisim is our public confession of Faith in Jesus, and our
Faith/Obedience/Commitment to the Holy Bible (King James Version only)