WATER: The giver of LIFE……….OR TAKER!?

TDS Water Chart. buy ZERO Water filters! They are Great!


ONTARIO, CANADA, Water routinely – ROUTINELY! – TESTS ABOVE – ABOVE! 600ppm.

>600ppm!!! Outrageous!!! Over 400ppm is Extreme, and we are over 600ppm?!

This is terrible! This is a disgrace! And that is JUST the ppm!

The USA and Canada STOPPED testing for many heavy and toxic metals, to LIE!

Just look at that city in the States. Everyone knows it. Babies deformed,
Babies retarded for life, Babies Dying!!! It is a Scandal! A Cover-Up!
The water tests were FAKED! They LIED! Who the Hell is letting this Happen?

Take Control of YOUR Water PEOPLE! Take your City Back Before it is too late!

It is NOT Rocket Science People! Too easy!

You can also take control yourself, by using a RO, or a SERO water filter.
Not Britta – Britta LIED! granular charcoal filter takes near nothing out!

Lauren Seitz2Lauren Elisabeth Seitz
12/30/1997 – 06/19/2016. Died too young. Only 18 years old!
How? A water borne amoeba – Naegleria Fowleri – that eats the brain.
Symptoms: Headache, fever, nausea, vomiting, seizures, dementia, coma, death.
Death occurs in days in over 97% of cases. Lauren Seitz Died.
New News: A Whitewater rafting park in NC, USA, is CLOSED
due to the CDC water testing showing the deadly disease in the water!
The majority of 11 water tests showed Positive for the amoeba Naegleria Fowleri.
US National Whitewater Center
US National Whitewater Center, 5000 Whitewater Center Parkway,
Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.A.,zip 28214, phone 704.391.3900, info@usnwc.org
Their website states : “Whitewater activities temporarily suspended” Nothing else. SAD!
The TRUTH is the UV Filters they use to “inactivate” the disease, do not work!
The TRUTH is the UV Filters lose efficiency quickly and FAIL to kill this disease!
The TRUTH is the UV Filters are NOT properly replaced because it costs $$$!
Oh, and it cost Lauren Seitz her LIFE!!!
The UV radiation system FAILS to kill this deadly amoeba 99% of the time!
This has Lawsuit written all over it! SUE to save others!
Salvation Canada grieves at the untimely death of Lauren Seitz and hopes
everyone will read our webpageS and take precautions with ALL water.


WATER should be PURE, NEEDS to be PURE, but can we trust it??
Even Brita Water Filters was caught LYING about LEAD removal!
ONLY 14% of lead is taken out. NOT the “99.0% of Lead at pH 6.3
and 98.0% of Lead at pH 8.4 that Brita advertised!?!” GET ANGRY PEOPLE!!!
Water filters are tested and certified to NSF/ANSI 53 and 58
to ensure they reduce contaminants, especially lead. Brita LIED!!
Instead, buy a “ZERO” water filter and pitcher. ZERO passes the NSF Certification!
ZERO Water Filter Pitchers
Note: ALWAYS replace the Zero Water Filter at 0.006ppm!
A Certified Water Filter is a MUST!!…WAKE UP PEOPLE!**!…WAKE UP!**!
Pay for a R.O. or ZERO. Yes it costs. Zero filter @ $20.00 each and lasting
only 10-15 fills, or about 1 month per one person, is a lot of $$$.
However, how much is you LIFE and Quality of Life, worth???
Uh huh… Whatever it takes, GET THE LEAD OUT!! and buy/grow ORGANIC!

Many people are getting sick, or dying, because of toxic and lead filled Water/food!
USA, Canada, UK, EU, Japan, China, Russia, Middle East, etc. All have toxic water!!!
What can we do about this? What tests are there?? What questions do we ask???
Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottles
Use Stainless Steel water bottles only!!

Note: NEVER use artificial sweeteners! They are more harmful than sugar!
Toxic >>> Activa, Aspartame, Equal, Stevia, Splenda, NutriSweet, TwinSweet,
Sweet’N Low (saccharin), Acesulfame-K potassium, Agave Nectar, Neotame, Xylo.
High Fructose Corn Syrup, Cyclamates, Neohesperdine, Thaumatin, and more.

First, get Educated. Remove the brainwashed mindset that any water is OK.
You are NOT Superman. You are NOT immune to short or long term illness.
We are ALL weak, frail, vulnerable Human beings, who MUST learn the TRUTH!
Get “unbrainwashed”. Get rid of Apathy. Lose the Laziness!
Make a “research project” into WATER. Get Educated!!!
Free water tests are available.
Second, Well water, Ground Water, Lake Water, Artesian Water, Tap Water.
Find out the differences, and what is in the water you consume.
Showering is also a major concern, as we absorb what is in the water.
Immediately, you can purchase a charcoal “shower filter”. Do it!
There are many companies that will do free water analysis, or DIY.
Most water will show toxic levels of lead, chlorine, fluoride, Manganese.
Other toxins and viruses and feces, and chloroform can show up.
Very dangerous. Especially to the young and elderly.
Identify the dangers to be removed!
ZERO 5-Stage  Water Filter
ZERO 5-Stage Water Filter
This is a good start.
ZERO filter is tested and certified by NSF International and
the Water Quality Association (WQA) to meet or exceed NSF/ANSI Standards.
But even ZERO does not take out all of the toxic elements.
Others Toxic elements such as Manganese, Fluoride, are NOT taken out.
To do that, you need a special system: OSMOSIS.
Elements and the Percent R.O. Membranes will remove

Sodium 85 – 94%
Sulfate 96 – 98%
Calcium 94 – 98%
Potassium 85 – 95%
Nitrate 60 –75%
Iron 94 – 98%
Zinc 95 – 98%
Mercury 95 – 98%
Selenium 94 – 96%
Phosphate 96 – 98%
Lead 96 – 98%
Arsenic 95 – 98%
Magnesium 92 – 96%
Nickel 94 – 98%
Fluoride 96 – 98%
Manganese 85 – 92%
Cadmium 94 – 98%
Barium 95 – 98%
Cyanide 95 – 98%
Chloride 84 – 92%

***NOTE***: These toxic metals/elements do NOT help your body,
and in fact are INABSORBABLE!!!
The human body CANNOT absorb these as nutrients.
They are mineral form.
ONLY when Plants/Animals eat-break down these elements, can minerals be eaten -meat-vegetable source,
and then and only then, can minerals be absorbed by the Human Body!!! Understand?!

Also, an “Iron” Frying pan does NOT add more iron to your food!
(Many people used to believe this myth)
The mineral form of iron is inabsorbable. Understand?!

Third, What water treatment system is good for you!
Invest in yourself!!!
Reverse Osmosis Systems, R.O. for short, are all very different/confusing.
You want the higher quality, maximum multi-stage system.
1. Pre-micron filter
2. Pre-charcoal filter
3. Ozone injection
4. Carbon Block filter
5. R.O. Membrane
6. Post-granulated charcoal filter

Ozone injection does two important operations:
One, it kills viruses and parasites.
Two, it removes manganese.
Ozone is a very important operation, if you need these removed.
In addition to being used as a disinfectant, ozone is used for iron and manganese removal because ozone can facilitate their removal. Ozone will oxidize these metals from dissolved forms to particulate (oxidized) forms. Fe to FeO2, Mn to MnO2. Once these metals are oxidized, they can be more easily filtered.
Ozone system
A typical Ozone Injection System
More coming…..
filling in glass of drink water from faucet
Would you let me put Hydrofluosilicic Acid in your glass of water to drink?
come on, just a bit?
Then you have guessed the correct answer. NO to Hydrofluosilicic Acid.
HFSA is added to many communities and cities drinking water, but has not gone through the proper testing.
I am very much not a conspiracy theorist, but I had to dig deeper into this.
HFSA DOES make people in general more docile and controllable.
HFSA is a poison, and can cause death.
HFSA was used back in WW2 on POW’s.
HFSA is used to make Sarin Gas.
HFSA can cause cancer, alzheimers, heart disease, thyroidism, retardation, and more.
Do you know the saying: “An apple a day keeps the Doctor away”?
Guess what?
No? Ya! Fake. Made up by the American Apple Producers to sell more apples.
Did learning that truth ever burst my bubble. But the lies go on.

Read further down the Post about Vitamins, Minerals, Water filters.
And NO, charcoal filters do NOT take out HFSA.
What is this HFSA you ask? Answer: Fluoride.

Our qualified and experienced staff at SalvationCanada confirm this true.
Fluoride does NOT prevent cavities. In fact, most of Europe does not fluoridate their water and their teeth are just fine, or even better than Canadians and Americans.
Just that small amount of toothpaste, contains enough Sodium Fluoride
to cause symptoms. Read the warning label?
“If swallowed, call a Poison Control Center immediately”! AHHH!!
Fluoride Poster:
Fluoride Poisoning needs to be taken seriously.
So just like the apple a day is a LIE, so is adding Fluoride to water, a LIE.

Only osmosis will take it out.

Sorry to burst your bubble everyone. But as we take a look at each issue with our Governments, more and more are evil lies.
Why? Control, Power, Greed, and on and on. Making us slaves.

That is why we need the TRUTH in our lives.
That is why we need the JESUS in our lives.

Read on, wise people. Read on.


Zero water filter:
Aluminum reduction: 100%
Copper reduction: 99.1%
Arsenic reduction: 99.3%
Strontium reduction: 100%
Cadmium reduction: 99.2%
Cesium reduction: 100%
Mercury reduction: 99.4%
Lead reduction: 99.2%
Uranium reduction: 99.1%

Brita water filter:
Aluminum reduction: INCREASE of 33.9%
Copper reduction: 8.6%
Arsenic reduction: 12.1%
Strontium reduction: 3.6%
Cadmium reduction: 6.6%
Cesium reduction: 9.5%
Mercury reduction: 74.6%
Lead reduction: 14.1%
Uranium reduction: 10.0%

Culligan water filter:
Aluminum reduction: INCREASE of 52.4%
Copper reduction: 30.8%
Arsenic reduction: 16.0%
Strontium reduction: 27.8%
Cadmium reduction: 22.6%
Cesium reduction: 30.4%
Mercury reduction: 62.4%
Lead reduction: 30.2%
Uranium reduction: 28.6%

Pur water filter:
Aluminum reduction: INCREASE of 46.8%
Copper reduction: 27.6%
Arsenic reduction: 19.8%
Strontium reduction: 15.4%
Cadmium reduction: 17.4%
Cesium reduction: 27.8%
Mercury reduction: 98.9%
Lead reduction: 34.9%
Uranium reduction: 31.5%

There is so much more to share…so much Ultra Important Information.

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